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It’s been a minute since I last wrote down a list of things I’d like to receive for Christmas. I usually can’t really name anything. But this year around I kept a file and wrote down a few things I would love to unwrap. Not that the gift thing is the main event on Christmas in my book but it sure is nice to be pampered. And I do love sitting fully stuffed with Christmas dinner and take turns unwrapping. It is always such a nice atmosphere. The candles burning a hot drink at hand. You get the picture. So here are my humble wishes:

Always and forever the perfect present for me. Current list of books I want to own and not just read as an ebook include:

Craft Course.
I have been gifted craft courses by my sisters before. I remember a screen printing one that was so very fun. Also I received a cosmetic one which I couldn’t cash in yet due to Covid. I am hoping there is a time. I think it is a lovely thing to try your hand in a new thing. But I would most likely not get it for myself. So it’s a very appreciated gift. I am currently eying the following:

Kneipp Candle.
I am usually not liking hating scented candles because the more often than not trigger a migraine with their intensity. But just recently I gifted this Goodby Stress Candle with water mint and rosemary to a friend of mine and I was a bit jealous I couldn’t relaxe in my bath tub with it. Apparently scented candles are ok if they are with natural aroma oils.

Needle Gin.
I hardly drink alcohol. Again my migraines are the reason. So all things like champagne, wine, sparkling wine and many others are on my “avoid” list. What I do tolerate and what has become my go to choice is gin. I am not very good in picking different kinds but I would like to. Somewhere in the internet a person recommended this Needle Gin. It is made in Germany and induced with pine needles. I think I’d like to try.

Another gift I have received previously from my sister and I wouldn’t mind getting again. Last year I even wrote a whole blog post about my puzzle love which includes some fun and difficult options. Recently I was eying this houseplant jungle one or this artsy world map. Any other good recommendations?

Wrist band
I never thought I like my Apple Watch this much. But I do. Mainly because it tracks my steps and for the monthly activity challenges. I have the standard wrist band and I think I would like a more fancy one. Currently I am eying the following:

Gitti nail polish
I love nail polish. But we all know by now that healthy is a different story. But there are innovative companies on the rise. Currently I am eying this set Plant Trio + Remover. With all the color choices I think I would go with No. 119 sky white, No. 129 gray violet and No. 139 fiery orange-red.

Skipping rope.
Since it looks like I am not getting this hula hoop thing down I figured maybe I should do the stuff I knew and was actually pretty good at previously in my life. And that is rope skipping. I have no idea what kind of rope I would want I used to do it with a regular rope but when you google now its all fancy high tech.

Alright I think that is enough wishes. Just seeing this I start thinking again that I do not need any of it really. But that defies the purpose of a which list. Nothing on such a list is something you need. So I leave it at that. How about your Christmas wishes? Anything we have in common?

Happy Christmas shopping


6 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist

  1. How fun! I was thinking of doing a little Christmas wishlist sometime. I always like to see what other people have on theirs.

    That plant puzzle looks amazing (I wouldn’t mind getting that!). I also think books are ALWAYS a good idea… although I have mostly switched to borrowing books from the library.
    Craft courses are also a great gift – I’d like to do a pottery class sometime.

    As you said, nothing on a wish a list is something we really need, but it’s still fun to put together.

    1. Oh puzzles are so great. I would spend an afternoon doing one together. Also books of course. Pottery class sounds fun. I used to have a friend who’s mom made pottery so I did a lot in my younger years. Now my aunt has her own kilt and I could do some with her if I wanted to. We never found time though. I’d love to read your wish list.

  2. Your list is fun! I agree, gifts are not the main thing but it sure is fun to get some. I haven’t made a list yet, but I want lots of books this year. I would love to lie on the cough on Christmas Day and read all day!

    1. I love getting books. For some reason I rarely do even though I read so so much. Spending time on the couch reading a new book is the best Christmas thing, right?

    1. Oh that sounds great. I am secretly hoping someone will get me that kit. I have had kombucha before mainly when I am at a spa.
      And I do love my Apple Watch too. I went with the regular fitness band and its fine for everyday but then I have only spend it in the home office. Its not so fancy when being out and about.

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