Corona Diaries – Month 20

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I haven’t written my corona diaries for quite some time. To be exact for the last 6 months. I just lived more or less in ignorance of the pandemic because it was the new normal. I was finally vaccinated and so were the people around me. It was summer and life was easy. But, we are still in it. Month 20 or 1 year and 8 months of Covid in our lives. And there have been new developments – at least here in Germany. And I feel like this needs documenting. So here it is the Corona dairies – month 20.

Number of days at home? Current situation.

It has been a while since I really stayed at home and put myself in lockdown. I do not think I will or need to do so anytime soon. However if the government issues another lockdown – and it would be justified in my opinion – I will of course hibernate in my home once again.

The situation in Germany is not good at at all. We have the highest number of new covid cases since the pandemic started.
Here are a few numbers for better understanding.

7-day incidents in Germany: 249.1
7-day incidents in Berlin: 263.4
Number of active covid cases: 364.400
Number of total cases: 4.894.250
Number of total death: 97.198
Number of people vaccinated: 58.103.317 ( out of 83.1 Mio. people that makes around 70% vaccinated folks)

source: RKI and RKi Corona Dashboard

How is the political situation?

Not sure we have a political situation. We had national elections end of September. The old government is still somewhat in charge. The new one is still negotiating about the how’s and who’s and we are basically in limbo. It’s common practice and all fine but with a pandemic and the unique federal system – meaning all federal states are still having power to decide on their own – nothing is really unified. To make you understand: I could leave Berlin ( one of the 16 federal states) and go to the neighboring state Brandenburg and the rules would be totally different. Now imagine a ton of people commuting and not just here. It’s a mess. Even worse is the school system because there nothing is really moving forward. I have never been so glad to not have kids as within the last 20 month. The stress, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the ignorance…. I believe there is no revolt because every parent I this country is right at the edge of burn out. Who can blame them.

How is the work situation?

I can not really report anything new here. I am still working for my client in Hamburg. I have been traveling there a few times in September and October. But we have canceled team meetings again and I also decided to not join for the informal Christmas Market meet-up. It would have been nice and open air but I need to get there (2 x 3 hours of train ride). And I need to go to Hamburg in the beginning of December at least for one week in order to do the onboarding of the new team member. So yes, skipping the fun things.

Besides that job I have 3 more clients I am working for. And they all extended the contracts to next year. At the same time I am getting a lot of inquires I need to turn down. The whole pandemic has been a career booster for any Social Media Manager it seems. I can not complain. But I do look forward when things quiet down a bit. I miss my slow morning routine.

How is the mood?

Mhm, I am personally doing alright. We are headed into my favorite season. We are staying indoors more anyway. I am not so fond of many people. I have been to restaurants a bit but probably less than I used to be.

However there are situations I am really not to fond of. Train rides for example. They used to be ok since the trains were really empty. Now they are much more populated. I am not able to get seat by myself ans sit next to a stranger for 3 hours. Of course its mandatory to wear a mask. But if you need/want to drink and eat… Well. I have tried not to take any food into the train so I am not even tempted but I need a drink some times. It’s a weird feeling. And then there are the people you just don’t give a f**** and don’t wear a mask. Since we had violent attacks and even murder after people said its mandatory to wear a mask no-one is really calling those idiots out anymore. I am not doing it either. But it makes me angry.

And then there are the 30% of people who are apparently not vaccinated. Of course a good number are children who can not yet get the stab. But there are a lot of people who have some sort of hesitation. I am not meaning the once with medical issues that are not able to. I am meaning the people who are “not trusting” science. Who do not understand that about any other medication is probably less widely tested. It drives me crazy that every one know best. Frustrating.

But luckily I know almost no such people. And I don’t need to interact with them too often. Its mainly work related and as you know by now I am a home office worker for the last 4,5 years. So I can deal.

Any favorite moments?

  • getting vaccinated
  • a vacation at the Baltic Sea with Mr. ♡
  • a couple days at the country home with my best friend and her kids
  • meeting friends for dinner
  • a book club meeting with a best seller author thanks to @heybooklovers
  • buying a reading chair because I could finally get to the store to test sit (and having it delivered while I type this!)
  • birthday dinners with family and friends
  • dinner with my sisters – something we never done before, just the three of us

Looks like all those favorite moments include people. Who would have thought.

What was the worst moment?

The moment when I had a nice conversation with someone and then she saids in a little side note that she and her family are not getting vaccinated and that it is all not so serious and annoying and mask are a nuisance. It shocked more than I care to admit. Not really about the issue of not getting vaccinated probably more the fact that I would have never guessed she was “one of them”. I tried to ask why and listened. Trying to understand. I can not though.

What is stressful right now?

Nothing Covid related. It is time get presents and that always stresses me out. I have the intention to give nice, meaningful gifts and my perfectionist mind is convinced every idea is crap. I am whining so much that hopeful the husband will take care of getting the gifts. Not very nice, I know.

Any makes/DIYs the last months?

Oh I have to think back here. Six months something must have been made…

  • some client photoshoots that require creativity
  • creating a new calendar freebie – I know you are waiting I am almost done
  • finished my #the100dayproject
  • baked a few times and improvised recipes
  • tried some idea I have but can’t get it to work – tool fail was the last issue
  • made candles

What’s for lunch/dinner?

Same old same old. Staples and more ordering in

  • fish fingers / salmon with cucumber salad and mashed potatoes
  • potatoes in the skin with quark and linseed oil
  • homemade burgers
  • salads in many shapes and variations with grilled cheese and pizza rolls
  • pizza
  • Asian take out
  • Sushi take out
  • Kebab take out
  • pasta with pesto
  • Frankfurter sausages with sauerkraut and potatoes
  • lots of my favorite summer dish “Schmorgurken”
  • soups in all shapes and variations

So much for the last few months. How has it been with the virus where you live? Anything to talk about or is it done and over?

Take care and stay safe


4 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 20

  1. I haven’t written a Corona-update in a while either but I feel like I should…. things here in CA are not so bad, in fact, our case rate is 15 right now (although there are lots of people still protesting vaccine mandates and refusing to get vaccinated). I really don’t understand the logic behind it (other than that they don’t want to be “told what to do”… statistically, it’s a no-brainer to get vaccinated when you look at the cases/hospitalization.
    And I am horrified that things have gotten worse again in Germany. Why do so many people not care? And I agree, the political limbo is probably not helping right now.

    I hope we can make the best of this holiday season somehow. So thrilled you’re participating in the Secret Santa Swap this year :)

    1. That is so great that your numbers are so low. Thinking back at how high the were last year the US really managed to change course. Not sure why the organized Germans are failing here big time.

  2. Well…I live in Florida, which has a lot of weird people (and a questionable governor.) We went through two different phases where we had the most Covid cases in the country, but now we have the least! Probably because everyone has already had it… or been vaccinated. Or both! My husband was vaccinated and then got Covid as well- it was crazy.
    When you go out here, about 50% of people are no longer wearing masks. I don’t know what to think- like everyone else, I’m hoping that Covid is dying down. It will never be gone forever, but hopefully soon it will be under control and we can go back to normal.
    It was interesting reading about what’s going on in another country! Sounds like you’re where we were a few months ago. But you should be through the worst of it soon. Glad you are vaccinated- good luck!
    Jenny recently posted…Shockwave Therapy- A Christmas Miracle?My Profile

    1. I guess there are always weird people. What I don’t get is that a minority of crazies hold everyone else hostage. Get them vaccination and we have a chance to get used to living with this virus. When you husband caught Covid even though vaccinated was it still. Wry bad or comparable to a nasty cold? I am sure sooner or later I’ll catch it but at least it won’t (hopefully) be lethal.

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