It’s been a while since I shared my favorite Instagram accounts. Let’s be honest we are all spending enough time there already but there is just so much inspiration and beauty. You just need to find it. Today I feel like sharing my current favorite accounts with you:

Ricky Guevarra | ricky_guevarry
He writes the most wonderful love letters in a square, thoughts and poems. It’s truly a blessing when they pop up in my feed. Go read it it will give you smiles and food for thought.

Sabine Scheer |sabine.scheer
I try to improve in my product shooting and this account is very inspiring for me. So many great ideas and lovely execution. I would start an internship there in a heartbeat.

Carina Hagen | fictionfaery
I think one of the first bookstagrams I started following. Wonderful feed and every images oozes coziness. Also a plus she is from Norway and I do have thing for the colder regions.

Sylvie Bonne | bonnesilvie
I connected with Silvia through this years 100 Day project. Hers was walking all streeets of NYC and you truly got to discover the city. Now she moved to Berlin and it’s even more fun seeing my city through her eyes. One of those days we also meet for coffee.

Warren Keenan | warrenkeelan
He takes the most gorgeous ocean images you can imagine. They look like silk and the colors… I am seriously considering getting myself an image – I just wished I had a huge space to put it because I believe those images need room to breath.

Stephanie Hühllmann | stephaniehuellmann
Amazing art made of natural ingredients like rice corns or flower seeds. Truly mesmerizing and I always wonder how that art holds together.

Andrea David | filmtourismus
Ever wondered where a certain movie scene was shot? Look no more! Just follow Andrea and you will be amazed.

Birgit Fazit | zeit_statt_zeug
Working hard on minimizing my clutter – this account helps (only in German though). Little challenges throughout the year and a good reminder on what needs to be looked at.

Niilo Isotalo | niiloi
Ever since my honeymoon a piece of my heart is still in Finland. Niilo is supplying lots of images and I am really amazed by his beautiful nature images.

Nicole Baumann | golden_freckles
Colorful und fun art with everyday objects. I have met Nicole at my last Blogst outing and she is such a sweet person. She also just started being self-employed. Really fun are her “Mitmachen-Instagram-Story” prompt where she gives one object and e everyone is invited to create with her.

I know it is quite a few photography accounts but I love looking at images that make me feel good. Now drop one account you love looking at. You can never get too much inspiration and pretty things to look at.

Happy scrolling


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