New Month Resolution :: May Edition

Hey y’all,

pff this month was weird. With Easter and a trip to London I felt like  I wasn’t home that much and then I got sick and was all home. Hubby got sick too and we suddenly spend five full days together. So due to this sickness I managed a few things on my list (like last day…)

2015 goals

Contribution to goal #1

♥ my year goal plan tells 2 kg in April. Adding the goal from March I need to loose 5 kg this month. A bit unrealistic I know. Specially with Easter around the corner and a vacation weekend in London. Feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. But I keep trying.
Let’s just say 😢.

♥ This “walking more” thing seems to be the only thing working for me right now. So I keep doing that as much as possible and now that the weather gets better I might increase my daily steps. I also want to do something about this really bad and annoying back pain. I will give the Thera band a chance.
Thanks to a trip to London I have some high high walking peaks. But then being sick and staying home… I did use the Thera Band a couple times.

♥ get back to less chocolate, cake and candy and trying to catch up on the weight thing. I am a bit disappointed with myself after such a strong start.
♥ I know I need exercise… Maybe I’ll start one of those challenges because that might do the trick.

Contribution to goal #2

♥ keep going

♥ There is always room to improve…

Contribution to goal #3

♥ I will clean the insides of the bathroom drawers and shelfs. Oh that means jewelry and make up… Oh no!
I did clean one but not the big one. Boo me.

♥ finish the February goal.
What now?!

♥ Cleaning the windows. (And just when I did it’s probably raining like the last couple years…)
I at least cleaned the one with winter decorations. That’s 1/7. Yeah me – not… (By the way 10 hours later – rain…)

♥ I planned on cleaning all the kitchen cupboards. But I am scared to actually mention it here. I am still trying to do Februar… I am just not the traditional neat housewife. I hate cleaning and tying up… What a waste of time.

Contribution to goal #4

♥ I just realized I need to do 2-3 recipes a months to finish this challenge… So I better get going.
I guess it’s more now.

Ah lets skip this…

Contribution to goal #5

being realistic, not gonna make it this month

Contribution to goal #6

Another April skip-a-do
Ha not really. I ditched this boring book I read and got a recommended book for just 0,49€ and had to buy it. It was a trilogy and I ended up reading the whole All Souls series. It was great.

♥ skipping or maybe no who knows

Contribution to goal #7

♥ 3 Birthdays coming up.
I wrote 2 cards, was too late for the third one.

♥ I can only think of one birthday… 1 card it is!

Contribution to goal #8

♥ Always planned April and May to be my blogging month and to get things going for the Blogtacular conference. So I will try to get this CSS thing figured out, read more blogs, comment more, clean up my space…

I updated everything in the back end, tried to get back to blog reading and commenting. Had a sneak at CSS and hubby agreed to help a bit. So on my way.
Edit: Yesterday I changed a bunch of stuff – can you tell?!

♥ keep going and tackle this technical-blog-to-do list
♥ comment on more blogs
♥ maybe write a few more posts… who knows

Contribution to goal #9

♥ sew the dress and the blouse and I also need to shorten some curtains.
I’ve sewn the dress for my godchild and gave it to her for her second birthday. I finished my blouse the last day and also trimmed the curtain. Big yeah yeah!!!

♥ I participate in Fee’s ABC photo challenge on Instagram and that should spark some creativity.
I started out strong but then being in London kinda stopped me. Weirded huh. You could still Tobia @ instagram.

♥ Trying to put my creative energy in some home improving.

As always what a long list. Hope I keep up. Bt now lets visit Elisa and have a sneak at the other lovely people who are up for the challenge…

Happy goal catching


4 thoughts on “New Month Resolution :: May Edition

  1. Hi, Tobia! I think it’s great how you are very realistic about certain goals and just say, “Skip!” sometimes that’s just half the battle… Also, I am with you on the whole I hate cleaning thing. My problem is, I love how everything looks when it’s all neat and tidy. It motivates me to do other more productive things I enjoying doing with my time… and then 5 minutes later my 2 year old comes along and everything is a mess again! I just think, what’s the point!?
    Amanda recently posted…Inspirational Books for MomMy Profile

    1. Well, I don’t have kids but I feel like the mess is the same. And I a with you about how it is productive when it’s all clean and you have space to lay out projects.
      And yes skipping a goal or task gives me the freedom to think what’s really important and to not take things too seriously. And ones I decided I don’t need to do it it’s actually easier to just do it – it’s like a bonus check on the list.

  2. gaaaah – one thing I hate about spring is that I need to start cleaning my windows again. Why does it feel like such a waste of time? So much more to do and clean in the house! Like you, I a not a newt housewife either.

    Good for you for ditching the goals that were not realistic and focusing on tackling the ones you want to focus on! Sometimes we ask so much of ourselves. We can do anything we set our minds to, but not all at once ;-)
    Elisa recently posted…Pinspiration: desk and office corner organizationMy Profile

    1. Yeah ditching sounds good. But the dirty windows really suck, so I think I tackle two today… Just to feel better and its actually a task you see when its done.

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