Catching Up or is it Hustling Along?!

Hey and hello,

it’s been somewhat quiet here. That’s ok if anyone else feels as overwhelmed as I am with the number of unread posts in my feed reader. So I am doing us a favor in not adding more…

No seriously, how do you handle the load of interesting posts and thoughts and ideas and recipes? I sometimes feel like I am just hustling along but missing out on life while doing so.

Do you have a good strategy on how to read up on blogposts? Do you organizing them in files as to know what to read when you feel like food or DIY topics? I do use bloglovin however I do have an account at feedly too. I think bloglovin is easier on the eyes though.

I have a lists of Favorites with 10 blogs and I try to read those always first and I try to comment.

Then I have a few lists for topics such as DIY, Food, Baking, Photography, WordPress & Blog Tips/Help and the overall group Lifestyle.

And then I have lists for certain happenings like Blog Conferences I attended (The Hive) or will attend (Blogtacular), blog events (Adventskalender, Monthly Resolutions, Twitter chats, etc.).

That all leaves me with over 200 blogs I follow. Is that a lot? I know  a few need to go because I dread opening my reader. But than I think there’s been a reason the made it in the reader the first time. Ah what a nightmare…

Ok, so when is a blog out of the picture for you? Spill the beans I am listening. I need to tackle this “problem”.

See y’all later,


4 thoughts on “Catching Up or is it Hustling Along?!

  1. Keeping up with blogs is hard. I subscribe to twice the amount of blogs (almost 400) and always feel behind. I usually have certain times during the day (or weekend) where I skim my reader and delete out the posts that don’t interest me (I have stopped feeling bad for not reading every single post of every single blog that I subscribe too). Then the rest, I read when I can… on my lunch break, during dedicated time slots on the weekends and I bookmark the ones that I want to come back to.

    I find Feedly much easier on the eyes (font and layout) than Bloglovin though. Same goes for the apps.
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    1. Wow 400…
      I know I should be more radical about deleting uninteresting blog posts.
      And I might have another look into feedly. Thanks ;-)

  2. I am constantly behind on reading too! I have some favorites listed in my regular reads column in my blog footer, then follow a whole bunch through Feedly, and the ones for which I really don’t want to miss a beat, I also “like” on facebook. I have over 1000 blogs saved on feedly, and I only ever manae to get some blog reading done once or twice a week most weeks, if that. have I mentioned that I’m always behind?

    I call it quits on reading a blog if I’m bored or if the author rubs me the wrong way, otherwise I am pretty faithful, but I woulnd’t say regular!
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    1. Holy c*** are you serious with 1.000? How do you manage your busy life?
      I guess I am just spending too much time going through them. I have a hard time just putting everything on “all read”.

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