New Month Resolutions :: February Edition

Hey there,

are you ready to set some new month resolution for February? I’ve big plans but lets have a look at my January list first and see how I did.

new month resolution

#1 I will loose 3 kg of my current weight!
→ I really did make this one. Quite proud. Without planning I passed on every candy, cake and chocolate coming my way – except dad’s birthday.

#2 I will be walking parts of my commute bus ride home at least once a week.
→ I did walk parts every week however I thought I would be walking more.

#3 I will declutter my closet and move only wearable clothes into my new wall closet.
→ yep, done! Threw out lots of stuff, donated one ikea bag and another one is ready to get sold.

#4 I will clean stuff in the apartment twice a week for 30 minutes right when coming home.
→ *ggrrrr* really didn’t do it once even though I felt like I only clean and put things away…

#5 I will start sewing myself a purse or start knitting the hat.
→ done. See result here.

#6 I will bite my tongue and not be bitchy.
→ mhm I really don’t know. I feel like I wasn’t so grumpy but I still can name a few stations where I could have been nicer…


So let’s seen what I will do in February:

sketch note February resolution

Contribution to goal #1
♥ Keep on walking parts of my way home
♥ Loosing 2 kg of weight
♥ Exercising by dancing at least once a week


sketch notes February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #3
♥ After the bedroom I will move to the hallway, clean out shoes and my “junk drawer”, reorganize and hopefully get rid of stuff.


sketch noting February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #5
♥ Add a few more items to the store. Some are half done so just get down to it.


sketch notes February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #6
♥ keep on reading. In January I read 4 books, 3 being a classic. I will read at least one in February. Thinking Dracula or the Wizard of Oz.


sketch noting February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #7
♥ A few birthdays coming up in February and the will get a card!

Well I think it is again quite a long list. But I like doing it this way. Sometimes I add a few things I am not listing. How are you coming along with your resolutions? Let me hear.

Lots of energy,


10 thoughts on “New Month Resolutions :: February Edition

  1. oh I love your graphic New Month’s Resolutions, how cool! It seems that we share some decluttering in our goals :-)

    And wow, you did really amazing with your January goals, well done! Where do you sell your old clothes? I tend to just toss mine in the Red Cross donation bag, but I am starting to think that I should sell the ones that are pretty new or unworn… not sure I have the patience for it, which is what has kept me from it so far :-)

    Happy February T! Huge hug.
    Elisa recently posted…New Month’s Resolutions: what does February have in store?My Profile

    1. Hey Elisa,
      yes I am quite surprised myself for doing so good. I hope I can keep it up throughout the rest of the year.

      I sell the cloth on all channels: eBay, eBay kleinanzeigen, Kleiderkreisel and Mädchenflohmarkt. It is very time-consuming and not really satisfying but I feel like I can let go easier when I sell. But everything not gone by March I will donate. My mom works right next to an asylum seekers hostel (is that the word?) so I fell like it gets where its needed.

      I’ll hop over to see what you are up too.
      Cheers, Tobia

  2. You did awesome!!! Congrats. I tried to bite my tongue last month. It worked but there were moments I just couldn’t hold back. I had to give my five cents to whatever situation was bringing the beautifully pronounced curse words out…seriously.

    Good luck this month!

  3. I am glad I wrote my post before reading yours because if I had read yours first, my list would be quite long! I am trying to limit my goals to 3/month to make it more manageable. I like the idea of tidying up as soon as you get home, but then it does feel like cleaning constantly. The worst is the kitchen… if we would just wash each dish after it gets used… ugh, so much easier said than done. Good luck this month!

    1. haha yeah I tend do it all at once and than wonder why it doesn’t work out. I’m sure the number of the goals will be reduced as the year gets older but as I kong as I have stamina I pull through.

  4. Good going on your goals! Baby steps are just fine, at least you are moving forward right? I need to do some decluttering as well I’m hoping for April/May I can do some serious spring cleaning! One trick for cleaning right when you get home is that I don’t let myself sit. I also plan what I’m going to clean/declutter while at work. So when I get home I know I’m going right to tackle the mess that’s been bothering me all day.

    Hope that helps!
    Jai recently posted…Hair and Age StereotypesMy Profile

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