New Month Resolutions :: February Edition

Hey there,

are you ready to set some new month resolution for February? I’ve big plans but lets have a look at my January list first and see how I did.

new month resolution

#1 I will loose 3 kg of my current weight!
→ I really did make this one. Quite proud. Without planning I passed on every candy, cake and chocolate coming my way – except dad’s birthday.

#2 I will be walking parts of my commute bus ride home at least once a week.
→ I did walk parts every week however I thought I would be walking more.

#3 I will declutter my closet and move only wearable clothes into my new wall closet.
→ yep, done! Threw out lots of stuff, donated one ikea bag and another one is ready to get sold.

#4 I will clean stuff in the apartment twice a week for 30 minutes right when coming home.
→ *ggrrrr* really didn’t do it once even though I felt like I only clean and put things away…

#5 I will start sewing myself a purse or start knitting the hat.
→ done. See result here.

#6 I will bite my tongue and not be bitchy.
→ mhm I really don’t know. I feel like I wasn’t so grumpy but I still can name a few stations where I could have been nicer…


So let’s seen what I will do in February:

sketch note February resolution

Contribution to goal #1
♥ Keep on walking parts of my way home
♥ Loosing 2 kg of weight
♥ Exercising by dancing at least once a week


sketch notes February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #3
♥ After the bedroom I will move to the hallway, clean out shoes and my “junk drawer”, reorganize and hopefully get rid of stuff.


sketch noting February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #5
♥ Add a few more items to the store. Some are half done so just get down to it.


sketch notes February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #6
♥ keep on reading. In January I read 4 books, 3 being a classic. I will read at least one in February. Thinking Dracula or the Wizard of Oz.


sketch noting February Resolutions

Contribution to goal #7
♥ A few birthdays coming up in February and the will get a card!

Well I think it is again quite a long list. But I like doing it this way. Sometimes I add a few things I am not listing. How are you coming along with your resolutions? Let me hear.

Lots of energy,