At the Moment #8/2021

at the moment inn 2022

For my birthday I document a current snapshot of feelings, thoughts and emotion. And even though I am two days late I will not break the tradition. I have been living inn the moment the past weekend and I enjoyed every moment and soaked up all the love and moments to cherish for the next decade. So writing this post after my actual birthday and such a full heart my color it a bit but so it is:

.I feel:
… loved. Blessed. Emotional.


Goal Check-in to my 101 things 1000 days bucket list – final report

photo of lighthouse in evening sun for my goal check in for the 101 in 1000 project also called project zero

April is in the book and so my bucket list of 101 things in 1000 days has officially ended by April 10th. Let me tell you its crazy that 1000 days have past by. It feels like I just started the list. And I had hoped to have more time to cross off a few more things. Well, of course not and so I have not finished nearly enough on the list. Spoiler Alert: I am writing on a new version. But I have done a few things the past year after my last check in and let’s do a bit of a wrap-up before getting into the crafting of a new list.

Checked goals on the bucket list

Let’s start with all the goals that have successfully been crossed of the list.

➢ Keep on Reading

Book Talk Februar-April 2022 – What I read

Books I read February April

With everything going on here in the past month there wasn’t a lot of reading done in February and March. And of course not much blogging either. Then after the surgery I had a bit more time again and in April my reading time spiked and I was able to catch up on my yearly reading goal. I decided to make a post of the last three months to catch up. Hopefully following a monthly schedule of my read books after that.


A new home – a story that is to be continued

new home the island

I mentioned in my latest posts that we have moved. But its not only story of joyfulness topped with stress of packing up a household. It is more a continuing struggle and some legal issues on the horizon. So what happened you may wonder. Well, grab a coffee of coffee or tea and continue reading.

When we returned from our vacation in summer 2021 from the Baltic Sea we were hit with a loud city, a real reality check. Within just a few hours I had developed a migraine, Mr. ♡ was anxious because of the noise and we fled the city around dinner time to enjoy the evening at the lake. It made us think and we figured it’s time for a change.


Currently in the past months 2022

currently April

I skipped the last two month of the currently. Life got in the way and so much as has been going on. But I am slowly getting back some sort of routine and so I decided to put my book aside and get the laptop out to join in Annes currently. And since I missed some of the prompts I pepper some older ones in. Hoping to get back into the flow and also a little update on what’s happened.

A lot of social media content lately. Well since easter to be precise. After the surgery its recovery and you can only read so much. Only listen some hours of the day to an audio book and you can only see sleep so much. And scrolling social media and playing mindless games on the phone is my escape as of now. I know there will be other times again but right now it is ok. But still when I do put away the phone – finally – I wonder what the heck I just spend the last hours with. I could have finished that book. But apparently my mind was not able to. So I am wondering: do you allow yourself phases of high social media consumption or are you strict with your time?