This is how I blog {BLOGLIEBE VOL4}

Let’s chat about the blogging workflow today. Bine has put up 15 questions for Aprils blog love topic and they are really fun. Even if you are not blogging yourself it might be interesting to have peek behind the scenes. Let’s get started:

Blogger Type.

I would say I am a mood blogger. When I feel like it I blog. When I don’t it’s rather quiet here. Sometimes there are a lot of thoughts and random stuff here. Sometimes more recipes and not as often as I like DIY – meaning no time to be crafty. Overall though there is never really a editorial calendar. I have a few dates set where I really want to blog. I try to blog more before Christmas time but that’s about it.

Digital Tools.

MacBook, iPhone, camera. Can’t blog without them. I’ve never owned anything else but an Apple laptop. However I often write blogpost on my phone. I actually like the WordPress app. Lying in bed with insomnia or waiting for people I find myself typing snippets of future posts.

Analogue Tools.

I have a whole drawer of notebooks. Another one for pens. However I often use waste paper to plan out my weekly tasks and I divide them up into “business” and “private” or “have-tos” and “want-tos” and blogging lands on the fun side. Every day has a slip of paper and I throw it out when done. For more permanent brainstorming lists I use a notebook. One of the “not so good ones” and then I throw that out too. I call that cleaning up by the way. Slow process…

What tools do you use for blogging, research and bookmarking?

I am not so sure if I actually save and research in advance. I have only a few links I find worth bookmarking and they are all copied into a draft post in WordPress. Other then that I do it when writing.

Where do you collect blog ideas?

Currently I have 33 drafts in my WordPress backend. That is were I usually keep the more advanced post ideas, the ones that “need” to make it to life. For planning out the long term projects like I did with my “star advent calendar” or the NaBloPoMo posts I have a note in Evernote to keep track of ideas and check off what posts are done and where I still need photos. I also have a couple iCal calendars for blogging. Here I track link-ups, events, and posts I really want to publish. I used to include published posts because then I could see in an overview the distribution of posts. I like visualization of analytics. However I gave that up. Other then that I love my Pinterest. But it’s more a collection of DIY projects and what I personally want to do. This doesn’t necessarily reflect what needs to be blogged about. I just recently started using Trello and testing if setting up an editorial calendar there would work for me.

Your best timesaving trick or shortcut for blogging or in the Internet?

Setting up shortcuts for typing on the phone was one of the best tricks I ever came across. This really helps when leaving comments on blogs. I don’t have to type my name, my email, my blog url all the time. Because that takes out all the fun in commenting, right? This also can help setting up hashtag clusters for Social Media.
Other then that I am still looking for better workflows in getting images from my Lightroom to Social Media. I hate all this copy, pasting, air dropping back and forth. Ideas?

Do you use a To-Do-List App?

As mentioned above I do use Evernote quite often for a lot of this. Collecting quotes, making checklists, collecting data. Not only for blogging. However it’s not perfect but close. I recently started working with Trello. Unfortunately I am missing a calendar overview to see what is coming up. Both apps can’t provide that (in the free version).

Is there another tool besides computer and phone you can’t live without?

Camera. With a few exceptions (in guest posts) all images in my blog have been made by me. So if I don’t have the right image the blog post can’t be published.
Other then that I do like to have a hot beverage while writing so coffee machine or water boiler. And the tv. Not to watch anything but to start the fire place app. I would prefer a real fireplace but I don’t have one. In the summer time I might switch to a candle on the balcony.
And if we drift of from blogging I don’t won’t to trade in my kindle. Ever since I started using that I have been reading so much more.

What can you do better than others?

I am not sure… Maybe plan and not follow through?! Absorbing knowledge for the fun of it?! Or maybe not being discouraged for not receiving lots of feedback here and still continuing? Oh maybe it is answering very comment I every received? I really don’t know, you tell me…

What do you listen to while blogging?

Nothing. Which is hard in a city like Berlin. But I enjoy tranquility and music only bothers me. The only sound I enjoy is a crackling of fire.

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Depends. I think it’s an odd thing and how comfortable I feel around people. In places I have been before with people I am familiar with no one would guess I am introverted or shy. But I enjoy being on my own and lots of people do suck energy from me and I need time to recharge. On the other hand it can be quite motivating and engerizing being with likeminded peeps. I guess it’s all about balance as so much in life.

How is your sleeping routine?

Bad?! Could be better? But I sometimes occupy my insomnia by writing and editing blogposts. Probably not the best thing to get back to sleep.

Who should answer those questions?

Please, feel free to answer. I’d love to read about your routine. And then leave a comment so I find your post.

Best advice you ever received?

This questions been the hardest to answer. I can’t pick out one advice that’s stuck with me or which one I religiously follow. I am loving quotes and have collected them from a very young age. So there are a few ones that keep popping up. I believe any advise can be the best when it hits home and helps in the given moment. You might have heard it a hundred times before but suddenly it makes total sense.

Anything else?

Thank you for stopping by and reading my site. I really appreciate it.

Happy day to you



How I’ve been looking forward to our monthly coffee date. I really enjoy our chats and I want to dive right in.

I want to…
meet up in a co-working space where I recently did get quite a bit of work done. I’ll grab us a cup of coffee and would want to know where you get your best work done. Does it need to be buzzing or rather quiet? I usually like my home office but every once in a while I need a change of scenery.

I want to…
know if you have also been so terrible tired lately? I’ve such a hard time focusing and concentrating even though my schedule is quite packed.

I want to…
tell you about all the exciting things on my spring bucket list. Do you have anything fun planned?

I also want to…
share my enthusiasm about this years #100dayproject. I decided to do a photography themed one. Oh boy does it challenge me. But it did push me to try new things, keep my eyes open and get to know my equipment better. Also I spent about 30-90 min daily on it. That’s a lot. How is your project going?

I want to…
tell you about my writing pen pal. My niece and god child – not yet in school yet – started writing me letters. Of course I reply. And so we started a little back and forth correspondence. It is really fun. It was her birthday yesterday and we chatted on the phone for a bit about books and cakes. Made my day.

I want to…
know if you remember the book I talked about last time? I finally finished it and had a lot of thoughts about it. I did write a blogpost about it and the main questions I have for you is: “How would you act if you are forgettable?” A question that’s been on my mind while reading the book and something I would really like an opinion on. Also did you read “The Sudden Appearance of Hope” yet?.

In the end I want to…
hear what your plans for Easter are going to be? I am not sure yet but I believe we will visit my family for lunch and “Plinse” (a regional dish aka yeast pancakes eaten over coffee in the afternoon). It’s a bit much currently but I would be able to meet my sister boyfriend and I am excited and curious.

How time flies when having fun. Will I see you next month for our coffee date? For now I head over to Lecy to see how she is doing. Also I will stop by at Denise.

Happy weekend to you


Spring Bucket List 2019

I went for a walk and found spring. That reminded me I could write a new bucket list. But let’s have a quick look at the winter bucket list and how I did:

  1. ✔️Read a Christmas Book – I read “The Cricket on the Hearth” from Charles Dickens Christmas Books. It was ok but nothing tops a “Christmas Carol”
  2. ✔️Spread Random Acts of Kindness – I hope I did but then you can always do more.
  3. ✖️Ice Skating – no winter in this part of the globe
  4. ✔️Christmas Movies – I did however I feel like there is nothing new out…
  5. ✔️Cancel all appointments in December – so liberating
  6. ✖️Planning next years Christmas – did not and have a feeling it’s not gonna happen
  7. ✔️Taking a photo walk – I did and found spring
  8. ✔️Crafting – I made stuff for the advent calendar swapping but nothing else
  9. ✔️Christmas Concert – I went by myself as my own Christmas party
  10. ✔️Celebrate Dads 60th – we sure did. Twice.
  11. ✔️Find a word 2019 – my word ist Trust. Read more about why.

I am a bit surprised that almost all got checked of the list. Throughout winter I felt like I didn’t manage to cross anything off. Perception is a weird thing.

spring bucket list seeking creative life blue sky with magnolia blossom

Okay enough let’s dive in and start Spring. I mean officially. Because it only does when there is a list, right? Here we go:

1. Enjoy the first ice cream/sundae of the season.
Nothing better than being outside, enjoying the sunshine and diving into some ice cream.

2. Have a family reunion.
We’ll meet up again at my family home with my family, cousins and all for a weekend together. We are planning on visiting a chocolate factory. Do you want to tag along?

3. Start the 100DayProject.
It starts tomorrow April 2nd. I’ll be trying to improve my photography by drawing daily challenges for myself. You can follow on my Instagram and the #100daysofcraftaliciousimages.

4. Have a Spa Day with a friend.
We had to postpone twice but hopefully we can enjoy that day soon.

5. Doing some more Easter Eggs.
I’ve already started saving blown out eggs from last meals and I’ll be doing a few more of my beloved Sorbian Easter Eggs and this modern Ukrainian folklore ones.

6. Start BBQ season at our friends house.
Nothing more needs to be said unless you’ve got good recipes. I want to have those.

7. Do a detox week.
It’s time. Always feel better afterwards.Maybe before the spa day.

8. Pretty up the balcony.
And opening up the outdoor home office. so looking forward to it.

9. Check of a few more books on my Reading List.
I realised that a few books on this list don’t intrigue me as much anymore then beginning of the year. Anyone else feeling that shifty? Still so many good books on my TBR. What’s you next one?

10. Plan a vacation.
Recently got a wedding invite to Australia. Unfortunately it’s already beginning of May. Not sure if we will manage. But besides that I want and need a vacay.

11. Find a birthday present for Mr. ♡
And a good one as we are having a round one to celebrate. Suggestions are welcome.

Do you have anything fun planned for this spring season? Share away and leave a comment or visit on Instagram.
Happy spring season


How would you act if you are forgettable?

I have just finished reading “The Sudden Appearance of Hope” and I have many thoughts about this book. It’s been a while that a book as stirred up so much within. I figured that would be a good way to sort it out by just writing about it.
I don’t want to take away much of the storyline and I hope I’ll not spoiler anything by saying that the main character “Hope” has a condition of being forgotten after stepping out of peoples eyesight. This brings along a lot of difficulties for her to handle life in general but also stirs up thoughts about existence and behavior.

Now right here is the first question that I have had while reading this book. How would I feel when people keep forgetting me. Like for real – forgetting I exist. How complicated would life get. Imagine having dinner in a restaurant never being served. Imagine being at the doctors and no one tending to you.

The other more important questions are though: How would I act if no one remembers me?
How would I act if my actions can not be traced back to me? Of course I would like to think I am a good human. Does that mean I would only act fairly? It must be very tempting to do something and not suffer any consequences. Have an argument and say whatever you really want because the other person will not remember and things go back to the way they were. Or taking the last piece of cake everyone wants to have. Maybe spill someones coffee because that person was mean to me. It is tempting…
Also this would be the perfect cover for any spy. Imagine how many crimes could be solved. How many information gathered without killing. Or any journalist trying to uncover unfairness. One could do a lot of good too. So the question remains: What would my conscience be like? Because it could go the other way too…

I would like to think I will not harm anyone. But how much can a person take if only rejection, confusion and denial is around one? If you are lonely all the time, if there is no human connection. If your own conscience and your own believes are the sole bar for judgement. Will that judgement be fair? Will I favour certain things? Would I slowly resolve into criminal activities just because I could. I really hope I’d act the way I believe I would act. I am glad I will never be tested.

So if you asked me how I liked that book. Honestly I don’t know. It took me 5 weeks to read and had barely 500 pages. This is very long for me. I had a hard time with the writing style not because it wasn’t good – it fitted the book. But there was no flow to it. And then made it extremely difficult for me to stay focused and have (at times) a positive reading experience. However this book contains so many snippets of knowledge, thoughts, ideas and philosophical sparks that I am pretty sure I only scratched the surface. It is one of those books I believe where you’ll find a new angle every time you pick it up. So it’s already on my “read again” list. For now I’ll give it 3,5*.

If you read the book I am really interested what you have been thinking. Leave a comment here (or on Goodreads) I would love to discuss.

Happy reading



It’s time to meet for our virtual coffee date and I am so thankful for you to join me again.

First of I would…

pour us a cup of coffee and add a spoon of coconut oil. It’s my current favorite and perfect way to flavor the coffee without adding any sugar. It’s also quite filling. Did you ever try it?

I would…

then like to tell you about my struggle to finish my current book “The sudden appearance of Hope”. I have started it over three weeks ago and for some reason it takes forever to get through. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of other stuff going on and I am regularly reading something else, but still. I’ve a lot of thoughts about this book and think I need to sort this out in a separate post. Have you read this book yet?

I would…

want to tell you about the new car we finally picked up last weekend. It’s been ordered in June and was supposed to be delivered end of November. So it’s high time we finally got to pick it up. Unfortunately all the delay is just taking the fun out of it… Weird way the human mind works.

I would…

like to let you know that my photo job I mentioned last time went really well. The client was more than happy and I have been able to pick up a few more tricks. But I love learning so I booked myself a portrait workshop at the community college. I’ve been waiting for this course two years. The professor was on maternity leave and I happy she’s back so I can finally take the class.

Also I would…

want to know if you are joining #the100dayproject. I will participate for the fourth time. I successfully finished in year one with #100daysofcraftaliciouspatterns and in year three with #100daysofcraftaliciousdrops. Currently I have a list of five ideas. The whole fun starts on April 2. Let me know if you join so we can motivate each other when it gets tough.

And finally I would…

let you know that my godchild will come visit over the weekend. She is already over twenty. The weather will be poor so it will be lots of movies (our favourite) with some Gin Tonics and just hanging out and enjoy our time together. I always cherish those weekends.

Now I need to run and get everything in order for the weekend, catch up on some work, run a few errands…

Later I’ll take a break and jump in for a coffee with Lecy and Denise and see how she is doing this time around. Who will I meet?

Have a wonderful day