As much as I love my digital devices I can not live without a visual calendar by my desk. Last hear I had a wonderful watercolor version with motivational quotes by my desk. This year I am not sure yet. On my hunt for the perfect one I came across quite a few lovely freebies and I would love to share my collection of wall calendars for 2019. What do you think. Ok, lets get started:

Typography calendar by

Last years watercolour calendar was from the sister from Puerto Rico. This year they have more simplistic black and white typogrpgrahy version. Still lovely.

Minimalist DIY calendar by paulsvera

Here is another minimalist typography calendar you may download for free and add a bit of own colouring if you like.

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(Werbung) Juhu es ist endlich wieder soweit: ein neuer Kalender auf dem Blog und ihr dürft ihn euch kostenlos ausdrucken 👍 Das schöne an dem minimalistischen Design, ihr könnt es nach Belieben noch aufpeppen, z.B. mit den Stiften aus dem riesigen Sortiment von @pilot_pen_deutschland 🙋🏼 Die Filzstifte und Fineliner der Frixion-Serie eignen sich auch hervorragend zum Beschreiben des Kalenders, denn sie sind alle radierbar 😍 einfach der Knüller! Hüpft mal rüber auf den Blog, da zeig ich euch mehr davon und den Kalender könnt ihr euch dann auch gleich Downloaden 😊 #pilotpen #Werbung #kalender2018 #printables #freebie #diyblogger #diyblogger_de #diyhome #handmademodernhome #solebich #germaninteriorbloggers #atmine #papierliebe #stationary #workspace #kleinerfeinerfeed

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Zodiac Calendar by

Fee actually has four different calendar for download but I like this zodiac one this year the best.

Coloring Calendar by Audrey Chanal

If you like colouring this one might be for you.

Watercolor & Mindfulness Calendar by my mirrorworld 

After looking through all options I decided to go with this calendar for my analog version of 2019. I can add “things I look forward to” and a “focus goal” per months. Thinking about how that ties in with my Word of the Year.

Please let me know if you come across any other lovely ones I should know about and share in the comments or leave me a note on Instagram. More inspiration can also be found on my Pinterest Board.
Happy planning,


TRUST 2019 – Time for those resolutions

I love writing this annual post. Setting goals and intentions is something I look forward to all through the December hustle.

2018 my goal was to BEAUTIFY life in four main areas: relationships, business, home and me. I did pretty good and achieved some good things in all areas while there is room for improvement in all areas as well. While I loved this word it was not as strong and present as the previous one. But it was always in the back of my mind nudging me.

Of course I planned to choose another word for 2019. It didn’t come to me as easily and don’t feel the tingling I’ve felt for previous words. For 2019 TRUST will be my companion.

TRUST new years resolution 2019

After many years of struggle I am currently happy and content with how life is unfolding. I don’t want much to change but there are always things to tweak. So I will trust that I will continue on this path. I will trust that good things continue coming my way. I will trust that heartaches will have a reason to be in life. I will trust that being kind to people, caring and helping will one day come back to me. In German the word “trust” translates to “trauen” and has another layer which can be roughly translated to “daring” in English. So I embark on this too. I will dare to tip my toes in new adventures. I will dare to try new things.

I have hard time coming up with an approachable list of goals one can cross off. I’ve again set four areas as this seems to work for me. Here is my attempt:

People & Relationships
  • trusting that kind gestures will come back
    • be kinder to stressed people like at the cashier, the call center agent, the mail man, etc.
    • writing cards to friends & family throughout the year
  • trusting that people don’t want to hurt me or intend to exploit me
  • trusting that I will make time to see friends, connect with old ones and maybe make a new one
  • trusting that I will provide time to enjoy my hobbies
    • read 40 books (I’ll have a separate post in the works here)
    • craft more, blog more, create more
    • start another 100 day project (already having two ideas)
  • trusting that tough situations are here for a reason and we come out stronger
  • trusting that I will have interesting & challenging work projects coming my way
  • trusting in new endeavours
    • seeing if the photography love can be professionalized a bit more
  • trusting in developing new skills
    • learning about image retouching
    • discover more options Lightroom and use it’s potential
    • dabble in video making
Body & Mind
  • trusting my body that it knows what it needs
  • trusting this year will be the year I establish a yoga routine
  • trusting I will continue to grow as a human
  • trusting I will again be able to spend 4 Spa Days with myself

I am sure I will add more things to the list during the year but for now I believe it is a good guideline. I wonder, do you pick a word to guide you through the year? Anyone ever had TRUST? Or what is yours.
Happy New Year


My 2018: six years of Blogging

It’s the last day of the year. All the world is partying the evening away. I reflect on 2018 – it’s my kind of party (check out 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). Compared to the last couple of years 2018 has been good to me. I’ve stayed busy. And so my sixth year into blogging was a bit slow. But let’s have a look, shall we?


I did write 37 blog posts. This is the year with the least posts so far and of course November (24 posts) has been the strongest again with the attempt to finish the NaBloPoMo. I took a break in April and May but otherwise I was pretty constant. My favorite post this year was the list of favorite architectural buildings. As always your favorite is the mood board one but we have a new second: the tutorial on the Sorbian Easter Eggs followed by this Christmas DIY. Thank you everyone for coming by and reading along and a special thank you for everyone who is still taking time to comment on a blog. I know this is so out-dated nowadays.

Social Media

As you can imagine I have been a bit more active on Instagram (319) – who hasn’t. I uploaded 181 photos there. Mainly of course I have participated in #the100daychallenge again. See all about that experience in my post about the #100daysofcraftaliicousdrops. In the end I also started using my photography account streetcrops (59) again. Of course Pinterest (395) has been getting lots of my time again. However I only use it to save stuff for myself. I hardly ever post any blog stuff there. Is anyone using it for blogging? Twitter (227) seems to be dying. I am happy with using Feedly (12) as my reader but it seems like bloglovin (64) is still were most people are following me.

To be honest I am a bit ambivalent about blogging lately. I feel like it is getting rather lonely in this space or in the blogosphere in general. However I also believe it is a phase and people will come back. But will there ever be the connection and engagement we had when starting out? I am not quite sure. But as I say every year: I never started to get famous, rich or something. It always was to document my projects so I guess it doesn’t really matter if I am the only one reading my posts. But still it’s a bit weird.

For now I will end this year with those thoughts. But tomorrow I will post my new years resolutions. So come by if you like those posts. Until then happy celebrating


Fun and Random Christmas Q&A

Are you in the Holiday Spirit yet? While I was all hyped end of September when I started this article I have a hard time getting into the right mood now. So music is playing, candles are burning and I finally finish up this post. By the end I hope I will be ready.

I came across this little game last year on Emily’s blog (or was it somewhere else?) and already knew I had to go ahead and share some version of it with you.

Real or Fake Tree? Always and forever a real Christmas tree. I take it even further and say only real candles too. Who is with me?

craftaliciousme seeking creative life Christmas survey
Favorite Christmas cookie? 
Oh this one is a tough one. But I believe the one recipe I have been doing the last years is the one I posted here: Spicy Chai Cookies . Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to making some this year. Maybe I find time to do so today.

Home or Travel for Christmas?
 Home-Travel. I have only spend 2 Christmas away from family: 1999 when I was in the USA and 2006 when I spend Christmas Eve with my new Boyfriend (now husband). After that we always spend it with my parents t my grandpas estate. So it’s kinda travel home.
But I feel like we should start our own little thing.

White or Multi-color lights? 
Never ever coloured. But electrical lights are rare in this household. As I said I am a real candle kinda girl.

Christmas cards? 
Yes. I always take time to make and write cards. Usually about 20-30 cards depending a bit. I love sitting down and doing this. It gives me time to reflect but I also see it as a tiny Christmas gift to people I otherwise wouldn’t stay in touch with.

Favorite gift received and/or given? Oh man, this is hard. I really don’t know. I guess all photo-related stuff is good. For over 10 yers I am making a calendar to give to my parents. And one of my favorite presents was a lens i got by Mr. 🖤.

Stockings or No stockings? 
No stockings. However we do have some stocking decorations we sometimes put up.

Christmas pajamas?
Is that a thing? Thinking about it I now want one.

Favorite Christmas song?
“Joy to the World” and “Hark the Herald Angel Sing” This will be on repeat throughout the season and I might sing a long very loudly when no one is a round. One song I can not stand is “Silent Night” – no matter if German or English.

Favorite holiday tradition?
Check out last years post where I wrote all about it. On top of that I also like the entire Christmas Eve tradition at my parents house.

Early shopper or last minute?
No shopper – if I have a say in it. To be honest Mr. ♥ is the better shopper so I hope he does it. And he does it online and slightly in advance. I pick stuff up in between if I am totally certain someone love this. But usually I am not certain. I don’t like giving gifts.

Favorite Christmas movie? 
Oh this is tough. Mhm probably “Love Actually” but I am always on the look out for new ones so please spill.

Favorite holiday beverage?
Hot Elderberry Juice.

Now join the fun and let me know your answers.
Happy holidays, Tobia

Winter Bucket List 2018

I have said it before and I do so again: For me winter starts with Advent. Screw the metrological calendar and the date December 21. Lets start right now and compile a Winter Bucket List. They are fun. But be before we dive head on in lets have a quick look on my fall list and how I did there.

  1. Making apple sauce. with my friend and it was fun
  2. Sewing a maxi skirt. A picture of me wearing it ended up on this blogpost.
  3. Make a tassel necklace. Do you want to see a picture?
  4. Try a new pumpkin recipe.
  5. Drink lots of tea.
  6. Read even more books. Read about my favorite books 2018 here & here.
  7. Taking walks in the park and cemetery and observe the leaves changing. See here.
  8. Go mushroom picking.
  9. Celebrate my mothers 60th birthday.
  10. Participating in a charity. Here is my blogpost about the experience.
  11. Going to BLOGST a blogging conference. Read about my experience and what I learnt about networking here.
  12. Work on my craft lab. Well, this is semi done I’d say. Not as far as I would like but you can see progress. However I won’t manage my yearly goal I am afraid.
  13. Making a floral arrangement for Sunday of the Dead. I made two arrangements however only for my grandparents grave.
  14. Sitting on the balcony listening to the rain.
  15. Reading more blogs and commenting. Definitely did that and commented almost daily.
  16. ✔ Enjoying a spa day with myself.

Wow I did not expect to have this much crossed of my list. craftaliciousme seeking creative life winter list 2018

Now lets get on with the most happiest season of the years WINTER

  1. Read a Christmas Book
    suggestions welcome, could be a classic too. If I can’t find a new one I might just re-read a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
  2. Spread Random Acts of Kindness
    It’s been on my list last year but it doesn’t hurt to re-activate: smiling to the cashier, meeting the postman half way, let an old lady in front of the line in the post office, etc. something like that.
  3. Ice Skating
    another one that keeps re-appearing on my list but it just hasn’t been cold enough to go on the lake. And no I don’t do ice rinks. This girl doesn’t like going in circles…
  4. Christmas Movies
    I’ve got 5 weeks to watch them all. Already put some on the watchlist. Suggestions welcome.
  5. Cancel all appointments in December
    Last year I read on someones blog that she never schedules doctors appointments or any “friends” meet-up in December. Because why, if you haven’t got time to do so all year why squeeze it in last minute. So I won’t do it. Instead have already planned it in January. If people ask to meet who are not too close – next year. Only things I do is stuff I like – spa days, hair cut, etc.
  6. Planning next years Christmas
    Mr. 🖤 and I want to spend a snowy Christmas in Lapland and trying to convince my family to join for two years now. Cabins are booked early so if we want to make it happen we need to book like right now.
  7. Taking a photo walk
    I love being out and seeing things when I have camera in hand. Somehow the view is different and I start hunting pretty scenes. The focus shifts.
  8. Crafting
    I want to sew, make jewellery and paint. But I set a goal to only use materials I have already at hand and not buy new stuff. It’s kind of cleaning up and making something pretty.
  9. Christmas Concert
    I would love to go to a concert maybe even the Christmas Oratorio. Maybe I can get my Mom to join.
  10. Celebrate Dads 60th
    It’s going to be a big celebration with it’s annual tradition.
  11. Find a word 2019
    I love to Unravel my Year and then set goals for the new one. For many years now I do so by setting a Word of the Year. Who else is doing that?

I am excited for the last month of 2018 however also a bit sad as it means I have only 4 more weeks to get everything done I set out to achieve in 2018. Now let me know if you compiled a winter list so I can steal a few items.

Happy December,