Things I always wanted and decided not to pursue

Every once in a while I am sitting by the fire wondering about life. About the what ifs… How would life look if I’d had a different friend in high school, what may my path be, had I taken this other job offer. What if I bought the thing I wanted but don’t miss at all today… Let’s those thoughts simmer for a while… I realized I don’t have many regrets. Sure I could have spared myself some heartache but would I really be better off? I don’t think so. It would just be different with other heartaches.

I always wanted my own library room.

While I love books and read a lot I have reduced the books I own immensely. I still do. I decided about seven years ago that I will only own fiction books I’ve red more than once or that I will definitely read again. Then there are those book that have a inspirational character – like DIY books, craft books, photo and art books. Those stay in the collection and I actually bought some on purpose. I feel like if I own those I will look at them multiple times. For me that is worth investing money. Fiction is somewhat for entertainment. Once I read them I am happy and can move on. That is why I read most of them on kindle and don’t need to own them.

I always wanted to study at university

Well this didn’t really work out for me. After high school I wasn’t accepted for the majors I wanted to study (North American Studies and History) and I accepted an apprenticeship in advertising figuring I could do that while waiting to get into university. Once I finished my apprenticeship I didn’t feel like going back to study. I had matured so much in the past years it didn’t feel right and also I wanted to earn my first money. And I wasn’t convinced my choices were that smart. Today I am glad I decided to take the route of night classes. This way I had it all – degree, earning money, being with like minded people. However I can see myself as one of the senior guest visitors in future years.

I always wanted to own a tortoise

My first contact with a tortoise was in the 80s. I was pre-school and I was visiting some people my parents knew. They had one and all I could do was watch it. I even got to feed her lettuce and have her fall asleep on my belly. I was smitten. My mom actually wanted to give me one but sales were banned in 1989/90 as they were on the endangered species list. I got a guinea pig instead – I was not that thrilled at first. My love didn’t day. I started collecting figurines as a teen. I can spot them I the craziest places – the market square in Acco or the wanter ways of Spreewald. When visiting the hardware store I go to the pet area and spend a couple many minutes in front of the terrarium. But I decided to not get one. I could not give her a home sufficient for the species. They need to hibernate during winter and I don’t want to put her in the fridge. Also they need space to roam – not possible in a city apartment. But I will forever love seeing them wherever I can. Just this weekend my sister send me picture from the zoo.

I always wanted curly hair

For a very long time I was rather unhappy with my fine blond boring hair. I wanted curls. So I tried the papilottes and curlers, the braided hair over night version and the curling iron. I even had a perm at one time. For some reason though my hair just doesn’t want to be curled. The perm didn’t stay in for more than 30 minutes. I was a model in a hairdressers exam and we had some trouble there. After the exam everyone asked me what part of the exam I was modeling for and no one could believe I just had a perm done. After that, I decided to just give it up. Some things are just not meant to be.

Are there things you always wanted, even saved money for or fought to get? And then suddenly they lost their spark? I’d be curious to know.

Have a good afternoon


Homemade Coffee Cinnamon Scrub { RECYCLE QUICK TIP #13 }

craftaliciousme seeking creative life homemade cinnamon coffee scrub

Do you like coffee in the morning? I certainly do. If you are a coffee lover you will love this homemade coffee cinnamon scrub. It’s like having coffee under the shower. And lets be honest that’s one invention we could use…

Besides tasting amazing coffee is also said to have a few benefits when it comes to beauty and skin care. Studies by a new Danish biorefinary have shown, that only 1% of coffees bioactive compounds of coffee have been taking advantage of when brewing it. Meaning the caffein is diluted but the rest is just going to waste. Seriously what a waste? They re-purpose the left over coffee grounds so they can be used in cosmetic products and the food industry. So interesting.

It’s not new that coffee is used in anti-cellulites products. The coffeid acid may boost collagen which is helping the skin to look fresh and healthy and stores water. So it comes as no surprise that coffee asl exfoliate scrub is pretty awesome.

But let’s get to making some homemade coffee cinnamon scrub so you can experience all this yourself. Here is what you need:

  • 1/2 ground coffee – you can recycle your used coffee
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 5 tbs olive oil
  • 3 tbs jojoba oil
  • 4 tbs almond oil
  1. Let coffee dry a bit when using recycled coffee.
  2. Mix oils.
  3. In separate bowl mix sugar and coffee grinds.
  4. Mix together and put into jar.
  5. Enjoy scrub.

So simple isn’t it? I really don’t know why I ever bothered to by scrubs and peelings. And since I am mixing it myself I actually use it more often too. Have you ever done any skin care products at home? I am always pondering going more in depth here but you need so many ingredients. Well not for all as you can see at the vegan bath bombs I did. But facial cream…

Not much of a coffee lover you might find the Avocado Sugar Scrub more to your liking.

Happy beautifying


Living with migraines – tips and tricks I learnt along the way

In September I have shared my migraine story and the latest research I came across and found rather interesting. I also mentioned I’ll do a separate post on what kind of tips and tricks I discovered while battling yet another attack. Or which ones didn’t do anything for me at all. Well let’s see what I have learnt so far.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life living with maigrains tips and tricks

When you suffer from migraines you most likely know all the common things about battling an attack. Some may help but some may not. While you never really manage to avoid it, it may help with some of the symptoms.
Here are a few tricks and tips I figured out to get through an attack. Maybe they will be helpful for you too:

Become a detective

First of you should definitely start tracking your migraines or headaches. Either have a cute notebook or use an app but take the time to write it down. You’ll see patterns and you see re-occuring situations. Once you have a bit of data you will get a chance to understand your individual migraine and how to handle it. If you look for tools check out part I in this series.

Secondly you might read up on some studies. For me that was helpful in realizing and accepting this is a real disease. It’s not something I made up I my had because I didn’t want to be bothered by people. It’s nothing to be ashamed off when having a migraine and not functioning.

Reduce Stimuli

As I have mentioned in the previous post the brain is overheating with too many stimuli. So easiest to do to have the brain recover – give it a break. This could be by staying in a dark room or wearing sunglasses (even in the office – yes I have done that!)

Also helpful is to reduce noise. Wear earplugs or put on headphone with music that is soothing to you. By drowning out background noise your brain only has to focus on one sound. This is something I often do as it is a huge trigger for me.

The perfect way to shut down your brain is sleep off the attack. This one is actually working well. However I could only start doing this once I was self employed. Being an employee I often had to be in the office at certain times so it was not possible. However if you get the chance to get in on your own time, taking two more hours to kill the attack when its starting will have a huge impact . Most of all though don’t feel guilty – it’s very counter productive and yes I am speaking from experience.


This one is a big part for me. Not only did I analyze more triggers in food that I care for (sugar, wine, etc….) I also realized that I am craving certain foods and dishes when being within an attack. Here is a list of all time favorite migraine foods:

  • Dark bread with butter and salt
  • Rise bowls
  • Spaghetti aglio olio
  • Spaghetti with tuna and capers
  • Fried potatoes or French fries
  • Salted popcorn
  • Oranges
  • Salted cucumber
  • Mainly vegetarian dishes

As you can see high on calories and minerals. I’ve read somewhere (unfortunately don’t know where) that your body holds too much acid when a migraine attack takes place. To reduce the acid the body needs salt to level back to normal acid-base-balance. For me this seems true with all the foods I am craving. Also the nerv cells can only use carbs as energy supply. I found this helpful list (in German) for recommended and not recommended food for migraineurs.

Lately I have heard that magnesium supplements can help reducing migraines as 20% if patients have a deficit.. I have not done that but am intrigued. I will discuss this with my neurologist and hear her thoughts. Do you have any experience with that?

Physical Exercise

Some people are not able to move during an attack. And believe me I know those days. On other occasion however I felt it comforting to do a bit of yoga to get rid or at least minimize the pain. Also helping is taking a walk – preferably in nature with as quiet as possible. The fresh air also helps. If that’s not possible at least open a window or sit on the porch or balcony.

Professional opinion is that you should learn the art of progressive muscle relaxation. I am not patient enough to do this (starting with arms, and legs and toes…) and trying doing it was counter productive to me. I was getting aggressive by the slowness of the progress. But give it a try. However I use parts of the method to mindfully relaxing my neck muscles when I have an attack. I can even hear the muscles crackle when relaxing. Does anyone else has that experience?

Another strong recommendation by professionals is to start doing some sort of endurance exercise to prevent and minimize attacks. Again, I am not big into that. Or maybe my pain is not strong enough yet… This is definitely a part I am struggling with. But I have a lifetime to work on it I guess.


Yes you need medication. In the early years I always thought I can just bear this attack without pills. I didn’t want to take to many so I rationed myself. This is so wrong! Seriously if you are on triptans it is better to take them as early as possible when a migraine is sending it’s signals. If you are not sure check out this app the have a questionnaire integrated to help you. However if you are using ibuprofen or aspirin it’s another story. For example with ibuprofen you shouldn’t take more than 10 pills a months and never more than 3 days in a row. My experience now even tells me what kind of medication would be best for this attack. Sometimes I use the triptans and other ibuprofen. My doctor even told me I could mix the too if one doesn’t work as they are working differently. (Please check with your doctor if you do that because every medication is different and what works for me can not be adapted!)


It’s all in your head – quite literally. Once you accept you’ll live with a migraine it becomes easier. No more guilt of missed get-togethers, low work performance and unhealthy food choices. You can not control a migraine and if you work against it it will control you. It really is true. When I pity myself and believe the entire universe in conspiring against me the migraine dances in my head. If I decide to not give it a second thought and try to get on with my life it isn’t that bad.

I hope you could find some helpful nuggets here. I would love to hear what you are doing to live with your migraines. Please share in the comment so we all have a good list of tips and tricks.

Painless day to you



It’s been a while since I shared my favorite Instagram accounts. Let’s be honest we are all spending enough time there already but there is just so much inspiration and beauty. You just need to find it. Today I feel like sharing my current favorite accounts with you:

Ricky Guevarra | ricky_guevarry
He writes the most wonderful love letters in a square, thoughts and poems. It’s truly a blessing when they pop up in my feed. Go read it it will give you smiles and food for thought.

Sabine Scheer |sabine.scheer
I try to improve in my product shooting and this account is very inspiring for me. So many great ideas and lovely execution. I would start an internship there in a heartbeat.

Carina Hagen | fictionfaery
I think one of the first bookstagrams I started following. Wonderful feed and every images oozes coziness. Also a plus she is from Norway and I do have thing for the colder regions.

Sylvie Bonne | bonnesilvie
I connected with Silvia through this years 100 Day project. Hers was walking all streeets of NYC and you truly got to discover the city. Now she moved to Berlin and it’s even more fun seeing my city through her eyes. One of those days we also meet for coffee.

Warren Keenan | warrenkeelan
He takes the most gorgeous ocean images you can imagine. They look like silk and the colors… I am seriously considering getting myself an image – I just wished I had a huge space to put it because I believe those images need room to breath.

Stephanie Hühllmann | stephaniehuellmann
Amazing art made of natural ingredients like rice corns or flower seeds. Truly mesmerizing and I always wonder how that art holds together.

Andrea David | filmtourismus
Ever wondered where a certain movie scene was shot? Look no more! Just follow Andrea and you will be amazed.

Birgit Fazit | zeit_statt_zeug
Working hard on minimizing my clutter – this account helps (only in German though). Little challenges throughout the year and a good reminder on what needs to be looked at.

Niilo Isotalo | niiloi
Ever since my honeymoon a piece of my heart is still in Finland. Niilo is supplying lots of images and I am really amazed by his beautiful nature images.

Nicole Baumann | golden_freckles
Colorful und fun art with everyday objects. I have met Nicole at my last Blogst outing and she is such a sweet person. She also just started being self-employed. Really fun are her “Mitmachen-Instagram-Story” prompt where she gives one object and e everyone is invited to create with her.

I know it is quite a few photography accounts but I love looking at images that make me feel good. Now drop one account you love looking at. You can never get too much inspiration and pretty things to look at.

Happy scrolling


10 things you don’t know about me :: part v

Today marks the start of yet another attempt in doing a whole months of blogging. Also known as NaBloPoMo. It will be my third time doing it (read about 2017 and 2018). It’s always fun to come across new blogs, engage more and spent more time writing. So if you want to join let me know. And as tradition has it I kick of my NaBloPo month with a fun post about 10 things you don’t know about me. Here we go:

1. I am voice conscious

Meaning if I can’t listen to a voice I can not bear to be in it’s vicinity – if I can help it. It makes me aggressive and unpleasant to be a round. This is one reason why I never watched Sex in the City. For the life of me I can not listen to Sarah Jessica Parker. Same thing with Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy. Also a couple podcast are just not for me even though the content would be so interesting.

2. I fell off a chair lift

Unfortunately this is no joke. It was my second or third year skiing and the first time using a chairlift. Before that I’ve only used platter lifts. I was nervous how to get on or even off. So was my mom who was riding with me. I ended up only sitting on the edge and once the ascent started I was lifted of the ground , well I dropped. It was already high like two or three meters. Lucky for me there was a snow pile so it was a soft landing. But it took me a couple years to give it another try. Later on I managed to take chairlifts with a snowboard. So I guess no matter how deep you fall always get a back up.

3. I always open my mail right away

Most likely you’ll find me ripping open envelopes while walking up to my apartment. Unless it’s some very important mail. Like a letter from a person and I really want to have time reading. The other thing I don’t open is invoice mail that arrives monthly. Other then that I need to know what it says right away. Curious much… Might be!

4. I can’t wear beanies, hats or such things

While I often love the look unfortunately I always look like I am just coming from chemotherapy. However I do look pretty good with glasses – don’t need any though.

5. I find everything with zombies rather annoying

Once I realize a movie has zombies in I am bored. It’s just stupid. I find aliens much more believable. Or any sort of super hero, wizard or magical creature. Or vampires – well you could argue they are some sort of zombies … but at least they usually look good.

6. I snuggle my hot water bottle most nights

Yep, true thing. I actually have scars from hugging it too tight and burning myself during the night. But it’s so cozy and warm…

7. I  have never stayed in a hospital.

Lucky me I’ve never needed to stay in a hospital over night. Not saying I haven’t spent a night in a hospital but it was sitting beside a bed. I honestly hope I didn’t jinx it by writing it down.

8. I only eat salted popcorn

There used to be a time when I had no idea salty popcorn excists. That was pre-1999. Then I took a trip to the U.S. to spent an exchange year. First time having popcorn I was utterly confused as it was salty. After the initial shock of not eating what you expect I never went back to sugared popcorn. Unfortunately it still isn’t much common in Germany.

9. I recognize people by their hair

I guess everyone has some sort of key features to differentiate people when meeting them for the first time. For me it’s hair. I usually know how it looks and what style it was. So when we would meet a second time and in between a color change happened or just ponytail to open style … uhhh I might not recognize you again. Sorry…

10. I don’t peel potatoes

I remember a lunch with my grandparents and my grandma didn’t take of the peel from her potatoes. When I asked her why she explained you could eat it and during the time of war they always did. So for me it was a challenge to give it a try. I was pre-school back then I think. I believed I did something cool by not peeling them anymore. Ever since then I resist peeling potatoes. It’s just boring and such a waste of time. And it really doesn’t taste that different.

Well, that’s it for this year. If you liked this kind of post you might be interested to read part I, part II, part III and part IV version of this post. I’d also love to hear one fun fact about you in the comments. Looking forward meeting you.