Printable Circle Calendar 2023 {Freebie}

printable circle calender 2023 freebie

For the past couple of years I have been giving a way some of the art I created. And I will not stop this tradition and so today I share my free printable circle calendar 2023. A very loved creation and I hope it will cheer up your day for the next coming year if you decide to download it. Print it. And hang it up.

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Holiday Craft Ideas

house lantern for christmas craftaliciousme seeking creative life

I love me some holiday crafts. Over the years I have done a lot and shared a few on my blog here. And since we are few new people here this time around I figured it is time to dig deep and show you some of the hidden gems on the blog. Maybe I can inspire you with these holiday craft ideas to get the glitter, glue and paper out and have yourself a little craft session. I am still dreaming about hosting a crafter noon with friends. One day. Ohhh I just had the craziest random idea. Maybe next year I put that in moment. (sorry for that teaser but that is how my ideas come and go).


Hot Orange Punch for cold days

hot orange punch for cold days in stylish whiskey mugs

Today I am only quickly dropping in with a recipe for hot orange punch. We had snow the last few days. My favorite time of the year is here. Hello winter. Time to get cozy. The to get warm. Time to drink hot things while reading a book, watching a game or just looking through the window.

But before I share the recipe let me say thank you to all the heartfelt comments on my recent post. I had not anticipated such a flood of encouraging comments and empathy. Thank you for that. This little community is such a wonderful group of friends (is that already friends or are we acquaintances?) I hope we would be somewhat like friends.


My Christmas Book Collection

my christmas book collection

I have had an other post planned but I don’t feel like writing that. For some reason I feel like talking about books today. I know lot of you reading a long are also avid readers. Last year I talked about 25 things about me as a reader. I enjoyed writing that post. Back then I mentioned that I kind of collect Christmas books. The other day I walked by my book shelf and tipped all the one a bit so I could see them and know what to read in December. So why not share my Christmas Book Collection. Maybe you find some gem you would like to read or gift to someone.