Currently in May

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May is here and somehow that makes me quite happy. May is a nice months. Don’t you agree. I have a few intentions for May. Today though, let’s celebrate May by writing a Currently in May post for Anne’s monthly blog meet up.

The husband as discovered the best ice cream ever call Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. It is really this good. I can’t quite compare it to any other one I previously had. all the salted caramel versions don’t quite compare. And yesterday I have bought a vegan peanut butter cookie one and it is also so good. I guess the ice cream season is in full swing now. However I have not had the first store bought one this year yet. Looking forward to that.


April Books – What I read

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This post “March Books” contains affiliate links.

I am very excited to share my April Books with you. It has been a really good reading month – quality wise and quantity wise as well. I was able to cross some books off of my reading goals für 2021 and also on my long term project to read around the world. So lets dive into the April Books – What I read:


April Reflections and May Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Maybe today isn’t the best day to write my April reflections and May intentions after having a crappy day yesterday. But then, what if it is the perfect day? What if, picking yourself up and starting out again is actually the biggest achievement we can do. Not only at the beginning of the month but daily.

As alway here is a quote that hit close to the heart in April.


Corona Diaries – Month 13

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So here we are. Already four weeks into the second year of the pandemic. This is crazy. Back in March 2020 I knew it will not be over in a few weeks. And compared to others around me I knew that no vacation should be booked anytime soon. However I have to admit I thought we are handling things better by now. While I do not want to have the responsibility of any of our politicians and am usually supportive in their general role of running a country I am admitting I having some doubt as why we are not further along in certain things. As I have already concluded in my master thesis many moons ago – in times of crises too many opinions are not helpful. For documentation reason and because maybe in five or ten years times this is all funny or we feel heroic having survived the pandemic, let’s keep the corona diaries going. Here is to month 13.


Currently in April

currently in April seeking creative life craftaliciousme

Wednesday night and I have just finished dinner at a reasonable time (9pm) and there is no onset of fatigue knocking me out right away. I am still alert enough to type up a blogpost about the currently in April prompts that Anne has suggested.

New furniture. We decided to swap out the living room furniture with new one. It used to be a dark ikea wood and we are done looking at it. It all looks a bit dated and we are more into whites, more light and just an overall more friendly look. So when all this 20 packages arrived we took three nights to assemble. Mr. ♡ still has a lot of re-wiring to do for all the technical equipment, new speaker system set up and all but we are getting there and I can not remember why we ever had a black-brown lowbord to begin with.