Three Things – a tiny questionnaire just for the fun of it

Hey there,

I was inspired by San’s post and figured why not share my version of those answers.

creative_pattern berlin

Three foods I hate and refuse to eat.
Plain milk ( I cook/bake with it or drink in my coffee if I can’t change it but otherwise go away), pizza (once a year and then I realize, yep don’t like it much), Panna Cotta (no, just no)

Three foods I love and eat more of than I should.
ice cream, cake, salted butter

Three things/chores I avoid until absolutely necessary.
vacuuming (thanks to my little irobot it doesn’t feel too dirty but still he doesn’t get every spot), dusting (ah this dust in a city), changing bed sheets (I blame it on my small arm span, its a pain in the a***)

Three chores I always do.
bring out trash, put dishes in dish washer, decalcify my appliances

Three wardrobe staples.
tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves

Three things I don’t spend money on.
hair cuts (only every 12-18 months), clothes (not really I hate shopping), public transport (I usually ride my bike everywhere)

Three things I do spend money on.
craft supplies, spa days, vacations

Three TV shows I frequently watch in reruns.
Gilmore Girls, Friends, … but to be honest I rather watch new ones

Three movies I love (that might surprise you).
Remember the Titans (but generally all kind of Sports movies), Tomorrow Never Dies (and all other James Bond movies), Harry Potter

Three genres I generally don’t read.
Newspapers, Horror, Biographies

Three things I’m looking forward to this year.
Hopefully a vacation/trip somewhere, family reunion in May, getting some things crossed of my to-do list

While writing those posts I remembered a time some 10 years or so ago. Back then we exchanged emails with those questionnaires. Anyone else do this? I saved them somewhere. It was like the new cooler thing than friendship books. Haha I must be getting old…

Anyway, if you pick this up leave a link so i can read along.

Happy Friday,


The art of doing nothing

It is Sunday evening and I can proudly say – I did nothing this weekend.

A couple years ago – and even many days today – I would have feel like a total looser wasting my time away, having nothing accomplished.

creative_whimsical weekend weekend of nothing

I had big plans for this weekend. On Friday I didn’t finish up my to-do list. I “cheated” myself by saying I will just quickly finish it Saturday morning before Mr. ♥︎ would be awake. Then I wanted to drive to the recycling yard to finally get some chunk out of the craft lab and start on my most daunting project this year. Than I also wanted to finish sewing my sweater I started before Christmas. Well, and then there are all the household chores that pile up during the week.

When I went to bed on Friday night around midnight I received a message from my mom asking my sister and I if we would spontaneously are game for a spa day tomorrow. We were. So after sleeping in and leading the washer (ok I admit to reduce the guilty feeling) I went to pick them up and then we spent 12 hours in the spa. And we didn’t even hit the sauna that often because we just relaxed, slept, read and most of the times talked. It was so really nice and relaxing. When I came home I spent another couple ours slacking away on the couch visiting with Mr. ♥︎ before I went to bed. What a great Saturday.

And you know what. I just kept going on Sunday. I enjoyed a long coffee and watched all Instagram stories. We have breakfast and watched a movie “The Great Wall” which was pretty cool. I then played a few games, read a lot of blogs today and actually took the time to comment on many posts. I read in my Flow magazine and just sat next to Mr. ♥︎ surfing the day away, telling each other what we are reading and relaxing while some nice tunes were playing. And suddenly it is 7.30 pm and the day is gone. But you know what – it was wonderful. A great weekend and it felt like I actually spent more quality time with Mr. ♥︎ then just binge-watching the next best tv show.

And so without realizing it I actually managed to chalk some things on my New Years Resolutions list: beautify my relationships (visiting with my family, spending time with my Mr. ♥︎) and also beautify me because this whole weekend relaxed me immensely and contentment and happiness make me a kinder person.

So you might wonder why am I balling about all this? Well, I guess I want to let you know that it is ok to just step out of busy life and watch it go by. It will be there tomorrow and you can join in any time you feel like it But there is nothing wrong with not participating all the time. This was a really long road for me to lean and I have not mastered it. But today I have.

Happy Sunday,


Beautify 2018 – Time for those resolutions

Good morning,

another year is in front of us – so pure, so innocent, so promising. All the possibilities, all the wonders, all the adventures. A blank slate. What will it be? I have a few ideas…

new years resolutions 2018_

But as always I like to check in and see how my resolutions turned out from 2017. You might remember that I had a word “become” and oriented my goals on that and only took a different approach for personal and business.

The more personal focused one was to “become more lighthearted” and was a bit tougher to achieve for me. I only went to the spa twice, I didn’t meet my friends as often as I’d liked and didn’t manage to write cards as I used back in 2014. One goal I didn’t tackle is my craft lab aka home office. But overall most of the times I felt more lightsome and lighthearted than in the past years. So think I can say this part of the word served me well.

As for the career part it was “become venturous”. And boy did this one fly. I started freelancing in March and business picked up really fast. I didn’t get to have a slow month to set up slowly and get settled in. I took a project across country and travel back and forth. So I say I am way out of my comfort zone here. And it feels good. I could not have though for a better word. My Dawanda shop and this blog fell a bit short though. However I managed to finish my photo class and ended that one with my first exhibition.

This was my strongest word yet and it served me very well. I had a really hard time finding a word for 2018 even though I started really early on Susannah’s email course and pondered all contenders for a day. And then it just snug up on me when I had my coffee: BEAUTIFY. I want to spread beauty through acting kind and giving back to the people who have supported me in the last years. The years that were not easy for me and that were a struggle. I want to make life, my relationships and my new business beautiful.

I came up with some tackle-able goals to achieve that.

1. Beautify Relationships

  • listening first and more before trying to say something
  • meet some friends I haven’t seen for so long
  • write a birthday card to every person
  • take some time to comment on blogs every week

2. Beautify Life

  • have a real vacation with hubby
  • laugh more and continue to be lighthearted
  • look for daily beauty – I am going to continue the gratitude journal and I am thinking about another 100dayproject probably some image or sketch related one
  • continue to create and learn and be amazed

3. Beautify Home

  • transform the craft lab into a working space and not a weird undefined in-between dwelling
  • declutter more more more, maybe do one of those 30 day declutter challenges?! Any suggestions?
  • make some apartment updates (new bed, some changes in the living room), etc.

4. Beautify Me

  • include more nature and outdoor activities and move more e.g. increase steps
  • treat myself to a spa day quarterly
  • reminding myself that beauty comes from within and that anger and negativity shows
  • living healthier

I am sure I will find many more small tasks & goals to fit under the big topics. And I like that because it makes it so approachable. And easier to actually get one step closer to the main goal. Maybe I check in with a monthly update once in a while because that really helped back in 2015.

But now lets get 2018 started – to a year of to BEAUTIFY!





My 2017: Five years of blogging

You are probably all busy with New Years Eve preparations and no one has time reading along. That is ok. This post is probably more to my entertainment than yours. But I don’t like to break the chain and so here is my recap of blogging for year five! And if you find this interesting I am happy (and if being a numbers nerd read about 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

For me year five is a big achievement on this blog. It has never been a source of income or has never been stated to be that one day. I always set out to blog to be more creative and engage with people in the internet. Did I achieve those things in 2017… maybe parts.

creative blog growing

My biggest blogging achievement this year is no doubt my participation on NaBloPoMo and therefore my blogposts have almost doubled this year to a total of 48. Besides November (obviously) January was my strongest blogging month. My favorite article this year was my tribute to my grandparents while you loved this DIY one the most. The most comments got this post though. And your over all all-time favorite are moodboards, wreath ideas and cake pops.

Thank you for everyone stopping by and leaving a comment. I know we are all busy and coming to a blog and then writing something is taking a special effort. Special thanks to my most active commentators San and Rea. I made a conscious effort to leave three comments a day but after the first 5 months was a bit too busy to catch up on all my reading.

I have been hanging around a lot on Instagram (202) lately and also started a mere photography account (62), Pinterest (371) is always a nice way to spend some extra minutes hours so make sure to say hi. And is there anyone on Twitter (237) still? I used to love it so much but nothing happens there anymore… I switch my feedreader from bloglovin (43) to Feedly (10) and was wondering how do you read your blogs?

As a frequent reader you might know I am not to fond of this last day of the year and the ongoing celebrations that have more and more war zones resemblance than cozy fireworks. So I will hide in my nook and write up some resolutions for 2018. Stop by tomorrow to read my annual post.

Happy last day of 2017,


Collection of Wall Calendar 2018 {Freebies}

In recent years I have come to appreciate having an analoge calendar hanging above my desk again. Sometimes it is just necessary to have a quick glance at what date the next Friday will have or how many weeks there are until June. Don’t you think?

A couple years ago I won a Annette’s calendar. Last year I found one on the inter webs. This year I was looking for another inspiring one and figured why not share a few of the calendar 2018 freebies I came across (just click the headline for the downloads).

Typography calendar by

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Sofia and it was so fun. This year she is giving away her typography calendar for free and only asks for a donation for the red cross. I really like that – the calendar and the concept. And when you print it you learn a tiny bit of Swedish throughout the year.

#Letteringkalender2018 Varsågod att ladda ner den gratis detta år! ❤️ Och istället för att betala mig hoppas jag att du kan tänka dig ge en peng till #RödaKorsets insamling för människor på flykt! Via länken i min profil @fialottajanssondesign eller på hittar du både nedladdningslänk och länk till min insamling på Röda Korset. Jag hoppas vi kunde få ihop 2000kr för att hjälpa andra som fått lämna allt och inget har! Kalendern är enkel med enbart datum och veckonummer. Rutorna är så stora att du kan få rum med både viktigheter, vardagsprogram och festligheter. Slit kalenderns med hälsan, endera själv eller ge bort den som julgåva. Ge en inbetalning + utprintad kalender åt den som redan har allt! 😊👍🏻❤️ Tips: skriv ut på ett lite finare papper. Paketera i ett snyggt eller enkelt kuvert i A4-storlek. Lägg med pappersklämmor så de kan hängas på väggen. Har du klämmor med magnet blir det perfekt att hänga på kylskåpet! #kalender #calendar #2018 #livet #life #almanacka #lettering #handlettering #freedownload #give #gratisnedladdning #gratis #praktiskjulklapp #donate #ge #julklapp #julgåva #hjälp #help #julfrid #free #åretsjulklapp #julklapptilldensomharallt #bokstavsillustratör #letteringdesigner #sofiebjörkgrennäse #fialottajanssondesign

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Minimalistic calendar by

Filiz shares a new calendar every year. This years version is a minimalistic one.


Botanical calendar by

Jenn actually shares three calendars: one blank one where you can draw something yourself or leave it very minimalistic, one is a botanical print calendar and one is watercolor flower calendar. I might use the blank one and draw something.

Blotchy calendar by

Here is another cute calendar. I love the blotches all over. Looks cute and messy but oh so sophisticated… If it is too much there is a minimalistic version too.

Puh, es war nicht immer einfach aber es ist geschafft 😊 Mein Kalender 2016 Freebie ging heute online (und kurz wieder offline weil ich noch einen Fehler gefunden hab 🙈) Jetzt muss ich mich auf meinen morgigen Workshop vorbereiten – da kam heute ganz spontan was rein geflattert – ich werde euch morgen Abend mehr berichten 🙋💕 schreibt ihr auch noch in Kalender oder verlasst ihr euch lieber auf die Technik @julesmoody @mohntage_blog ? ____________________________________ #Kalender2017 #printables #grafikdesign #sprenkel #interior123 ##MadetoCreate #craftsposure #abmcrafty #creativelifehappylife #creativityfound #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #diyblogger #lifestyleblog #blogger_de #germanblogger #pursuepretty

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Watercolor calendar with quotes by

I came across this fun watercolor calendar and while I do not speak Spanish the blog seems fun. And the quotes are in English.

Monthly Printable Calendar 2018

Colorful calendar by notiezblock

This is a very colorful calendar and while it will not be hanging in my office I still think it is cute and wanted to share with you.

Free Calendar Printable for 2018 – Wonderful Illustrations by Notietzblock

Ohh so many out there. Do you have a favorite one? Lets see it. I haven’t printed one yet but I will before the year is over.

Happy calendar hunting,


P.S. If you are looking for more calendars Claudia’s collection (in German) might be of interest to you!