Change and moving forward

change and moving forward skyline over Berlin with fall foliage

So this post is going to be some rambling. I have no idea what I am going to write for the next minutes and where it will take us. But I have the feeling there are some thought in my mind that need some structure. And it usually helps if I write it down. In a journal, a letter or on this blog. I have done so with my post about blank spaces. This one feels connected. Today I want to talk about change and moving forward.

Previously I have mentioned here that I lived in the same apartment for the past 16 years. And that change might be in the future. We have been thinking about moving and looking for another place to live a few times over the years. For me it never really was all that serious. It was ok. I had a few things that bothered me but they haven’t been too annoying. And the comfort zone is really comfortable when you think about it.


DIY House Lantern for Christmas {Recycle Quick Tip #15}

house lantern for christmas craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Are you ready for the best season of the year? Christmas is just around the corner and decorations are pulled from storage. New things bought. Recipe books are being looked at the planing started. I am reiht there with you. For the last couple years I have been looking at the cute little Christmas villages made of house lanterns. I love how they cast a cozy light to the house. Such a fun way to decorate. And you can start a bit earlier than Christmas too. I decided to make my own DIY House Lantern for Christmas. And as you know I like to recycle materials and so this another fun craft for my ongoing series “Recycle Quick Tip“.


Printable LineArt Calendar 2022 {Freebie}

free printable lineart calendar craftaliciousme

This was a long time in the making and I am so happy I finally finished the printable lineart calendar 2022. It is my way of thanking all you lovely online friends for stopping by on this blog and commenting, reading and following along. I really appreciate it. I really love writing here. And it is a wonderful thing that you seem to like it enough to stop by and read. If you are new here please feel welcome. Maybe you stay a while. I’d love that.

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Homemade Tea Blends

homemade tea blends herbs in glasses

I am one of the many people who picked up a new hobby during corona. It started in the spring of 2020 when we were in lock-down or coming out of (who knows…) and all we were able to do is spend time walking around. Preferably in places where no other people were met. During my walks I started to identify and later on gathering herbs. My goal was to make homemade tea blends. I knew about certain herbs that are good when having a cold. My grandma used to collect coltsfoot and I loved coltsfoot tea. But she always kept it locked up so we could only have it when being sick.


Foods of the year

foods of the year colelction of different dishes

I love eating. I love to try out different things. I rarely order the same things when I go to restaurants. But I still eat a lot of the same foods too. I mean with 365 days and then 3 meals a day it makes over 1,000 dishes. Imagine you had to actually cook them all. I didn’t that is for sure. We order a lot this year. But I also cooked. When we go on vacation we realized we always want to remember what we ate. We consciously try to take pictured or our meas. Because it is fun to look at and remember the taste, the texture and all the memories with it. So why not do it for the food we eat at home. Here are some of the foods this year.