Saturday Morning Coffee Thoughts

Good Morning,

I just checked the calendar. Next week we already celebrate First of Advent. Seriously, where did the time go? This year is a blur.

How fitting that Susannah send her newsletter announcing the prompts for her December reflections last night. If you are not familiar with her work I highly recommend checking her out and have done so before. And will do so again soon.

Anyhow, all through December she invites us to follow along and thinking back on the past year. Either by taking a picture and sharing it on Instagram #DecemberReflections, sharing a blogpost, painting a picture or just privately writing a journal entry. I tried to follow along last year but was too caught up in day life. I really hope to be a bit more considerate and take more “me-time” this time around. Maybe I should put a 30 minutes appointment with myself in my calendar each morning.


This also made me think of all things I wanted to do in December. My big plan was to take off work the entire month. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I have to work until the 15th. I had so many craft projects lined up. Now I am thinking about only doing half days of work. I hope I can follow through. And I haven’t even started on my Christmas cards or my annual calendar (a christmas gift my parents get every year) yet. Last year I had already ordered by this time.

On one blog (sorry, can’t remember where) I read a really good tip. Do not take on any appointments. So no doctors appointments that are not necessary and can’t wait ’til January. Not meeting friends you didn’t meet regularly anyways. Not accept invites you would otherwise decline. I will take those advices to heart and I am sure I will have a bit more time to relax. Because especially the first two sound very familiar.

Now let me know if you consider being part of December reflections and if you find this concept intriguing.

Happy Saturday,


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee Thoughts

  1. Hi Tobia,

    looking back to the past year could be a good thing. Most time I wrote a post at the last day of the year, and passing by what happened. I am not sure if I did it last year. But should do it this year. I also planed to lower my monthly to-do-plan for December. Even if there is written, that I should do handicrafts. But I don’t want to be in a hurry for finishing x handicrafts during December. It’s the time of slow down. I want to take out the stress of my everyday life in these 31 days.

    Have a great rest weekend.

    Lovely greetings,

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