September Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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And just like that we are heading into the last quarter of the year. I could moan about how time flies, how life gets so busy, how to-do lists get longer – and honestly I would not be far off from the truth. But let’s not. I am having a hard time handling life as of right now. And my year of celebration is walking a fine line between being adequate and mocking me. So it’s even more important that I do find the nuggets of September Celebrations.

September was a month of celebration – at least what all the official dates in the calendar say. And I did hit them all. So I have got that under the belt when it comes to celebrating. However there are also the smaller things. The invisible things. And maybe those are the more important ones. The ones that don’t shine as brightly but are consistently shining. So let see those celebrations.

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in September

Lots of time for adulting, troubles but also fun memories, appreciation and family ties.

  • I celebrated my sisters birthday with a “French Party” even though I had a mean migraine.
  • I celebrated my mothers birthday with an overnight party at the country home.
  • I celebrated the housewarming of my penpal Jana from Prague who now lives in Berlin.
  • I celebrated finally signing up to the local library and realizing almost all the books I want to read are listed.
  • I celebrated getting back to drawing and I loved it very much.
  • I celebrated the first checked goals on my new 101 goals in 1000 days list.
  • I celebrated sorting through a few more things in my office and this feeling of achievement.
  • I celebrated a few mindful breathes of fresh and cold morning air.
  • I celebrated sitting in the sun for 20 minutes doing absolutely nothing but listening.
  • I celebrated creating a recipe from memory of family favorite sweets from the closed down bakery.
  • I celebrate going through hard times with Mr. ♡ and not struggling along alone.
  • I celebrate that despise everything going on that I never feel the need to drown my sorrow’s in alcohol.
  • I celebrated appreciation by my clients with new offers, new projects and more work (than I currently know how to handle).
  • I celebrated a fun day out with the team during content production and the opportunity to learn and look into areas most people won’t be able to see.
  • I celebrate (or maybe I am more grateful here) to not have a money problem (yet) and having to budget everything. Not that I am not conscious and concerned…
  • I celebrate my family and the values we have knowing in times of need there is always someone to listen, to help, to support. I know it’s not a default setting.
  • I celebrated an impromptu dinner with my mom.
  • I celebrated a Social Media free Sunday and hopefully many more to come.
  • I celebrated my fellow bloggers by leaving 16 comments.
  • I celebrated 17 migraine free days.

My goals and intentions for October

September is another months of lost of celebration and so this will be a big part of it again. After that is getting a bit more quiet. Promise.

  • I will celebrate this season by spending some time in nature.
  • I will celebrate a dinner date with my cousin and her longtime bf.
  • I will celebrate an afternoon with my parents.
  • I will celebrate the visit of my niece and nephew to Berlin and some fun days to explore the city.
  • I will celebrate our next book club meeting.
  • I will celebrate a spa getaway with my mom.
  • I will celebrate when we have a decision on the whole apartment situation.
  • I will celebrate harvesting the last herbs on my balcony.
  • I will celebrate the change of light this season.
  • I will celebrate a hot bath.
  • I will celebrate a new client to work for. Maybe even two.
  • I will celebrate good sleep because I know it’s rare.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you.

I have to admit I neglected saving the good things this month. Hopefully more to share next time.

And last bit not least I am celebrating that we are heading into a three day weekend. It is much needed.

Happy October everyone


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