10 things you don’t know about me :: part VIII

10 things about me standing at the see looking out

Yeahhhh, I was anticipating this month since November 30th of last year. Because November is NaBloPoMo – meaning I am planning to blog daily throughout the month of November. I am not sure how far I will make it this year as life is a bit unsteady as of now but here is to starting. And as tradition has it I am starting with a 10 things you don’t know about me post. I admit it is not getting easier to find things my long time readers haven’t heard about – and that I am willing to share on the internet. But here it is.

1. I did a cartwheels on roller blades.

For some time in my early teens I was obsessed with roller blades. I was able to ice skate early in my life before school for sure and I was always sad that it was a seasonal sport. So when roller blades became a thing it was something I needed to have. And I have lived in these things. I took care of them oiling and greasing and switching out the wheels so that they would wear out equally. And I tried to to do all sorts of tricks and moves. The farthest I got was doing cartwheels in skates. First time I did I hit the ground – of course. Because you land on wheels and there is a lot of momentum… But I managed eventually to stay upright. I also always wanted to go to a skate park and hit the ramps but I was scared. Mainly because of all the cool boys and the large groups hanging out. And being a girl – there just weren’t any… So I never did. I still have the skates. And maybe its time to get them out again.

2. I was served an entire cauliflower

Every once in a while I have mentioned that I have been a vegetarian previously. When I was in sixth grade I decide from one moment to the next that I will be. I had never eaten that much meat and I’ve heard that many people where starting to eat vegetarian and – I have to be honest here – I thought it was cool. I never so much did it because of the animals. It was more I wanted to proof – to myself and others – that it is possible. And so I did for the five or six years. Until I lived a year in Idaho. I caved on thanksgiving day. I knew its a life time experience and I wanted to make the most of my stay. So I did eat a piece of turkey. But even though I tried some other meat dishes I didn’t really eat this much.

Ok, but what about the cauliflower, right? Well, in the mid 90s being a vegetarian was something people haven’t even hear about. Let alone knew how to cater for. So when I was at a family gathering and we ate out in a restaurant – a traditional Sunday meal with potatoes, gravy, meat and some vegetables – I informed the restaurant beforehand that I (and another girl) where eating vegetarian. Well, since they had no clue what to serve us they ended up serving us an entire cooked cauliflower that they served on a plate. Well, it was vegetarian. It is save to say I don’t eat much cauliflower any more.

3. I have had a pierced belly button.

I am a kid of the 90s and back then you had either a piercing in your belly or eyebrow or you had a tramp stamp. Well I wanted a tattoo but was scared and thought ahead wondering if I will always love it. So I opted to get a piercing. I was thinking about it very very long. Also knowing my parents wouldn’t approve so I was only able to do so with 18 and that was not in the 90s anymore. However I have lived with that piercing for more than have my life – 22 years. Until this spring. Due to my surgery I had to take it out. When I came back home I immediately checked if I can still push it through. I did. But since I had a stitch in my belly button I had to leave it out. And I wasn’t too attentive. When all was healed and I wanted to get it in it just didn’t happen. For several days I tried, it was bloody at times and I was close to cutting myself but my senses prevailed and I didn’t. But I mourn my belly button piecing. I really do and it does feel a bit silly but it is the truth. I am sad it’s gone.

4. I own an Oak Tree

At our country home there is an oak tree that my dad planted when I was born. A tradition he kept for all his children and continued to do with his grandchildren. My oak tree is getting big. I had my 40th birthday celebration underneath its branches that were decorated with twinkle lights and paper stars. I love this tree and in the center of the property. But it does also creates a lot of work – specially in fall when the leaves and acorns are everywhere. And its so big now that the gutters of the buildings are always stuffed with leaves.

In case you also want to know the other trees planted. My sisters have a beech tree and a silver fir. My niece and nephew have fruit trees – plum and pear.

5. My first job was ironing.

Everyone had a first job. I vividly remember mine. There used to be a time when my dad had to wear a ton of dress shirts for work. At times 3 different a day. My mom at one point capitulated because she was not even able to lug them all to the cleaners. So she offered to pay us we ironed them. And we did. It was becoming a sport of who managed the most in an hour. Who was able to snatch up the freshly washed the fastest. I enjoyed this work actually. It was somewhat meditative. My record was ten shirts in an hour. I still like to iron however I don’t need to. My husband has a) always ironed his own shirts and b) he now only owns iron free ones.

10 things about me smiling at the sea

6. Roibush tea is a no no.

I love tea. Very much. So much so that I started to gather my own teas. I even may give up coffee for tea. You would probably have to force me. But I would not enjoy a cup of roibush. I just hate that flavor.

7. I am not afraid of spiders.

Since we live at the water I have become the exterminator of our household. I am just not afraid of spiders. Ok, half truth. I am not afraid of spiders until a certain size. I am sure I wouldn’t enjoy an encounter with a tarantula. Or if I knew it’s a very poisonous one. But the ones we have here are manageable. And we did get some really big ones – like thumbnail size plus legs. I didn’t particular enjoy removing them from the house but I can do it. And I never kill them if I can help it. We have this snappy device that lets you look closely. These creatures are interesting in a goosebumpy way…

8. I suffer from insomnia.

If you are a frequent reader you know it. I have written about it during NaBloPo 2017. I and feel like an update is coming later this months. But yes, I wished I was one of those people going to bed and then waking up 8 hours later. What am I saying, even 6 hours of sleep without interruption would probably change my life. But right now I suffer from insomnia and looking back I think I always have.

9. I am a certified incontinence consultant

HA. I bet you didn’t know that. I’ve had many weird jobs in my life. After I left the event business I became a product manager for medical and health products for wholesaler. And the main products we sold was incontinence and accompanying products. I was still in communications and marketing but to really understand what is going on I took a course and became a certified incontinence consultant and also a medical device advisor – however the last one expires after two years of no further training. What’s been your weirdest certificate?

10. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now.

As of today I have been blogging for 3,592 days. That leaves me shy of 59 days until I hit my tenth year anniversary of a blogger. When I started out I surely didn’t expect it to be this kind of hobby that carries me through a decade. And will probably continue so for as long as I can imagine today. Here is my very first post – back then I was still blogging I German but later added a translation. And I started a series back then called “Soup Sunday” – I miss it and should reactivate it.

I hope you enjoyed these random facts and my babbling. I am glad you are here. If you also participate in NaBloPoMo let me now in the comments so I can visit and cheer you on. And if you want to read more things about me check out the previous posts: part I in 2014 , part II in 2016, part III in 2017, part IV in 2018, part V in 2019, part VI in 2020, 2021 was accidentally deleted.

Now let me one thing about yourself in the comments!

Happy November


14 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about me :: part VIII

  1. Tobia, my NaBloPoMo friend! Yes, I’m participating again this year. It will be nice to connect again.
    You came up with some good facts here- you once did a cartwheel on rollerblades??? I’m impressed! You should definitely get them out again, although I beg you not to do any more cartwheels.
    I’m with you on the spiders and the roiboos tea- I love tea other than roiboos. And I always try to usher a spider gently out of the house. I still think they’re kind of creepy, but I won’t kill them.
    I think there’s probably a way to cook a whole cauliflower that would make it taste really good- I’m guessing yours wasn’t cooked that way!
    Looking forward to more of NaBloPoMo…

    1. Yea I agree about the reconnecting. I always try to stay on top buys it’s tough. Great there is another non-roiboos tea lover out here. I am sure cauliflower can be cooked nicely but this one was indeed bland.

  2. This is so fun – I laughed so hard at the WHOLE COOKED CAULIFLOWER. I can imagine you don’t eat much cauliflower these days.

    I can’t think of anything remotely interesting to write down! Hmmm. I’ll have to think on this one.

    And I AM doing NaBloPoMo this year. I’m excited <3
    Elisabeth recently posted…What’s Your Idea of Luxury?My Profile

    1. No cauliflower is not high on my list of veggies anymore. The entire situation was just so comical when they came out to serve with a whole one on a plate.

  3. Oh, I have a navel piercing, too! I have had it for about half my life and I sometimes forget it’s something not everyone has. You could get it redone, couldn’t you? Or is there a lot of scarring?

    This made me laugh: 2021 was accidentally deleted. Ha! If only I could accidentally delete all my memories of 2020 and 2021 that easily!

    One thing about me: I had a cat named Frisky when I was pretty young and I secretly think all cats should look and act like Frisky and I’m half-disappointed when they aren’t.
    NGS recently posted…October 2022 Book ListMy Profile

    1. I could probably get it redone but I don’t think I will. It has some sort of meaning for me and that kinda would be lost I guess. But I am still adjusting. And it’s true I haven’t felt it for years. HA yeah who wouldn’t like to delete some of 2021…

  4. I love these “random facts”-post and I always learn something new about you, my friend. I chuckled about the whole head of cauliflower (mostly, because my mom would make a cauliflower casserole – including ground-meat though – where the cauliflower was baked as a whole… and that just popped in my mind when you said you were served a whole head of cauliflower LOL).

    This is so cool that your dad planted a tree when you were born and now that oak tree is fully grown and almost 40 years old. Amazing!
    Will you still be my friend if I tell you that I love rooibos tea?

    I think it’s awesome that you’ve stuck with it and have been such a long-time blogger as well :) I don’t remember when we were “matched” to give feedback on each other’s blogs, but I feel like we’ve known each other almost as long, right?

    P.S. BTW, that second picture of you is stunning. I love your smile :)
    San recently posted…1: It’s NaBloPoMo 2022My Profile

    1. Thank you my friend. I will continue to call you that and even serve you rooibos tea…
      And I just had to look when we got matched. It was in 2014 and we did the blog face lift during that summer. So it’s been a while.
      What fun memories and so many stories we’ve read from each other. Blogging is so fun.

  5. Wow, a cartwheel on roller skates sounds pretty awesome! I never made it th atfar but I do own a pair of roller skates (again) even though I never made it much further than being able to move on them without breaking my bones ;)

  6. I am a kid of the 90s who does NOT have a navel piercing and I always wanted one! But my mom would have never let me get one, so I live vicariously through other people. Wah!

    Excited to follow along during NaBloPoMo! Yay! So excited that so many of us are doing this together. :)
    Stephany recently posted…Monthly Goals | November 2022My Profile

    1. HaHa my parents didnt approve either so I had to wait until I am 18 and the hid it for years. Oh the times. So glad we get to connect to new people through NaBloPoMo. Looking forward to reading all the great posts.

  7. These area all very interesting! I do not like spiders at all. I remember owning a pair of roller skates but now cannot do it. I thought it was like riding a bike (you never forget to do it).

    1. Well, I am not sure How good I would be on skates these days. But I am intrigued to find out. I just fear my feet have swollen and they won’t fit. Guess I just have to try. No excuses.

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