Snack Time – The Egg Sandwich or Eierbrötchen

What do you eat when running errands or traveling and needing a snack? Are you more the sweet tooth or the sandwich girl?

I love me a muffin but I equally enjoy an egg sandwich or as we call them here “Eierbrötchen”. I never really thought much about it… But I guess it is kind of unique. Every bakery store in Germany offers those kind of sandwiches. Also every snack store in train stations and such. It is the most common one next to cheese, salami and ham.

egg sandwich eierbrötchen

They come in all sizes and shapes. Dark bread, wheat bread, baguette style or simple size. Some are made with way too much butter and others with remoulade. And they usually all have a leaf of lettuce too.

Also they are mostly the cheapest snack in the house.

It is funny. As much as I like having this snack when being out and about I would never really attempt to do that at home. Why is that? Do you have a snack that falls in this category?

egg sandwich eierbrötchen_1

I remember we used to have “Eierschnittchen” at every birthday party when we were kids. And usually they were the first to be gone. But I guess scarceness makes them more special. Or maybe I am just too lazy to boil eggs and slice them up… I think I only ever eat this at home if I have some easter eggs left over. But that’s about it.

Now happy munching,


4 thoughts on “Snack Time – The Egg Sandwich or Eierbrötchen

  1. OMG. I love Eierbrötchen and just looking at this roll makes my mouth water… :) (time to make them at home, because you won’t find these type of sandwiche here in the US – the land of sandwiches. Oh the irony!).
    San recently posted…2: Thinking Out Loud #10My Profile

  2. What a great idea to make an Eierbrötchen!! I love eggs! And the roll in your picture looks amazing. Where did you get it? I actually love a sandwich with eggs and avocado even more, but I rarely make it for lunch because the avocado tends to get mushy and brown. My co-worker has a great solution though: He brings the ingredients separately and makes the sandwich fresh. Glad I found your blog and I love the style of your sidebar! How did you design that?

    1. Hey Kathrin, thank you for stopping by. Oh with avocado sounds good too but I agree I would make it fresh then. I found those in a little bakery on my way to work.
      As for the sidebar it is actually a template. I am no coding wiz so I can only do so much. It is called Aimee I think.
      Best, Tobia

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