Snowy Winter Walk

Every one of you who has read more than one post here knows I am winter crazy.

So it should not surprise that I am beyond excited when I see the tiniest snowflake.

fluffy plant

A couple weekends ago I woke up and snowflakes were dancing in the air. After having a quick coffee I grabbed my camera and went to the park.

snowy stair patternMy mission: catching the untampered winter wonderland. Unfortunately I was not the only one with this idea. The park was filled with morning joggers, dog walkers and excited kids sledding down every available rise in the ground.

greenery and blueI craved for some quietness and alone time but obviously that wasn’t going to happen… the perks of living in a city.

Snowy BenchAnyhow I went some lonelier pathes, and came a across a few birds feeding on seeds someone had left.

Feeding Sparrows in SnowI am usually not so much into birds and animals but I found it interesting and challenging to try to snap a good picture. It was tough. These are my best shots.

feeding great tit in snow

After two hours or so the park became even busier, my stomach louder and my feet colder so I headed back home for breakfast.


I want to repeat my snow walk in the park on a weekday hoping for more solitude. So please snow, come and delight us again.

Have you taken a snowy winter walk? What’s your favorite place to go?

Happy snow wandering


3 thoughts on “Snowy Winter Walk

  1. Oh Tobia,

    you make me so, so, … Thanks for sharing that photos with us. It is so lightening my heart. Give me an inner warmth. I miss the winter here so much. And ironicle, yesterday I read an article, that it just start snowing at the Algarve. Which is the warmest part of the country.

    Lovely snowing greetings

    Rea recently posted…[Challenge] gelesene Bücher 2017My Profile

      1. Oh, it will snow in the winter, in the north, near to the border of Spain… But it usually doesn’t in the middle or in the south. Therefor the south have a every year issue because of fire. Most of them are men made and with a lot of eucalyptus woods… Here you have a big camp fire.

        Thanks again, for sharing your photos with us.

        Happy weekend to you too. Or bom fim de semana as we say here. ;)

        Rea recently posted…[Rezension] Wer glaubt schon an Vampire von Sabineee BergerMy Profile

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