Starry Night #10 * Copper Star * DIY Advent Calendar

I told you already about my grandparents house and the fair tale forest.

What I didn’t tell you is, that behind the house is an original 1930s wood shop. My great grandpa was a carpenter and was big in business. This place has always been a favorite space as a kid. (To show you around would be an entire post on it’s own and once I get some good pictures I’ll do that.)
It’s a place to discover, experiment and work. I spent lot of time in there with my dad who taught me how to work with wood and I have made one or two things in there.

So it comes with no surprise that I will roam this place every time I am there because to this day I still discover stuff!

One of the things I discovered was copper wire! Say what?! So this idea was originally planned with old hangers from the cleaners but copper is just so much better! Let’s do a Copper Star!

copper star

I found myself an old tree trunk probably used for chopping wood (mhm quite low though). I came prepared with a star shape in hand (my free drawing is improveable as you know).

copper star

For each star corner and peak bring in a nail. Then start wrapping your wire. Go outside of the nails when doing the tips and inside for inner nails. I recommend to wrap the wire around itself when doing more than one round. Otherwise it will be quite loosely and won’t stay in such a great shape.

I hang mine at my grandpas door so he has some Christmas spirit when looking at the thermometer.

Where would you hang yours?

Happy crafting, Tobia

PS And since I do like my copper star (not only but also) on Wednesdays I’ll brag about it at Frollein Pfau’s.

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