Every one following along here for a bit knows I am more drawn to the colder season than the warmer one. Nevertheless I do like summer too.

This summer will be different. Not bad but different. I wanted change I got change.

summer vibes

But I don’t want to change making a list of fun summer things to do:

  1. Exploring Dusseldorf. I will be spending a couple months working here and I really don’t know this part of Germany too well. I’ll start with the city and maybe venture out.
  2. Doing a bit more yoga. I do it every once in a while and I like it but I like to start a habit.
  3. Check of the summer goal from last year and go to the “car movies”.
  4. Take pictures, practice photography and keep on discovering.
  5. Eating ice cream. Nothing more to add!
  6. Reading. Please leave a recommendation for a fun summer adventure read.
  7. Dancing on my cousins wedding. It’s gonna be a (semi-)Ukrainian affair and I am exited to visit a) the country and b) party with them knowing very well I will be loosing this contest.
  8. Having a chilled beer on my pretty cool balcony.
  9. Going swimming. I am not a huge fan of swimming but I somehow feel like doing it…
  10. Picking berries. My new way to work is lined with bushes of blackberries. Also I want to pick blueberries again.

Do you have a summer list? Let me know will ya? I feel like my list is not yet complete and I need a few more items to cross of.

Happy summer to you,




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