Book Talk May 2022 – What I read

what i read may

We are already way into the month of June and I haven’t shared my readings of May was a very good months with 10 books. As I was still having a few hours on my demo subscription of bookbeat – an audiobook platform I was able to get through more book this past month. But at the same time audiobooks just don’t do it for me. This is probably why I pick titles I don’t need to like or want to buy but am interested to hear what the hype is all about.


Book Talk Februar-April 2022 – What I read

Books I read February April

With everything going on here in the past month there wasn’t a lot of reading done in February and March. And of course not much blogging either. Then after the surgery I had a bit more time again and in April my reading time spiked and I was able to catch up on my yearly reading goal. I decided to make a post of the last three months to catch up. Hopefully following a monthly schedule of my read books after that.


Book Talk January 2022 – What I read

book talk january what i read

After sharing all my read book in the previous year I decided to continue doing so in 2022 too. There are just so many great books out and I for one love reading what other people read because it presents me with books I would have otherwise never came across. Not all of them are my jam – and I am sure not all of my picks are up your alley either – but it does open my eyes and lets me venture out to discover new authors, new topics and new book loves. And it also keeps my TBR fully stocked. HA. So welcome to Book Talk January where we talk about my reads.


November & December Books – What I read

books I read November December

This post “November & December Books” contains affiliate links.

It’s been a while since I talked about the books I read. Maybe you haven’t missed it maybe you did.There was a lot going on in the last two month of 2021, mainly work and I wasn’t able to read as much as I would have liked. I picked up a lot of easy reads that I abandoned hard way through. But I also found some really nuggets in the mix and those are worth mentioned. Even if we are already well


Reading Goals for 2022

reading goals 2022 me lying inn bed reading craftaliciousme seeking creative life

The year is still fresh and I can feel the excitement flood my veins. All the motivation. All the grand plans. All the possibilities. I know it will not last forever this feeling of giddiness. That feeling that everything is possible, that I have all the time to tackle my ambitious goals. There will be a time when I wonder what I was thinking shouting my plans out to the world. Telling everyone and making myself vulnerable when not being able to achieve those goals. But for me personally it actually helps to have a list. A guideline that gives some clarity when all is foggy with everyday chores, demands and tasks other unload on me. That is the times I come back to my lists. And this is why I write down my reading goals for 2022. When I feel like I do not know what to read – I check in. When I feel overwhelmed with all the options – I check in and pick one from the list. When I feel like the last books have been crappy – I check in a choose one I was looking forward to. So I enjoy having a list and it doesn’t intimidate me at all.