Starry Night #4 * Star Christmas Tree * DIY Advent Calendar

star christmas tree

Have you already ordered Christmas presents? So you do have those cartons cluttering your apartment/house. Good because we’ve gonna need them.

Today’s advent calendar DIY is great for the kids too.

So let’s get started right away with making a Star Christmas Tree

star christmas tree

♥ 10 sizes of stars as stencil – I used a cookie cutter set
♥ card board
♥ string, ribbon or something like that
♥ wooden beads

Cut your stars one of each size.
Now cut your string with a length of approx 30 cm.
Attach your wooden bead to one end and add a knot to hold it in place. Now start beading your paper stars and wooden beads.

star christmas tree

Add another bead on top and leave a bit of string so you can hang your Star Christmas Tree.

Get a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy you advent.

Happy crafting, Tobia

P.S. I’ll add it to the Nina’s upcycling link-up.

Let it snow * Snowball Tutorial

snowball made of cotton pads tutorial

Hey Holidayers,

it’s 8°C outside while I am writing this post. Can you believe it? It’s winter! Not only in our hearts but also meteorologically. So come one Petrus, wake up!

But I do have a back-up plan in case he’s just not on time for Christmas. A snowball tutorial. Those snow balls will not melt. Isn’t that great? And while I’ll be working you have all the time to make yourself some. Here is how:

snow ball tutorial

1. Try to find cotton pads without any imprint and especially without sewed edges. Look at the upper one how fluffy it is. That is what your are looking for. I got mine at Rossmann.

2. Fold them to quarters and glue the tip.

3. Glue four of the quarter pieces together. Important to only glue the tip not the outer edges. Otherwise the snowball will not fan out as nicely.

4. Now bend them so you have a circle. Don’t let them dry. You get a better shape if you do this step right away. Now you have two halfs of the snowball. You can use them as gift decor too.

5. Glue two halfs together. You are done. Let’s have an indoor snow fight.

I’ve done a few last year and decorated them with pine cones and little gifts in a big glass jar. This year I need lots more. It will be part of my wedding decor. So if you are bored send some my way. I am about 300 short…

Have a wonderful day before Christmas, Tobia

Mein erster Fotowettbewerb – Adventskranz

Weihnachten ist ja nu mittlerweile schon eine ganze Ecke vorbei.
Aber ich ♥LIEBE♥ diese Saison, daher gibts noch einmal Bilder.

Ich habe im Dezember bei der Living at Home den Adventskranz-Fotowettbewerb entdeckt.
Da kam es ganz gelegen, dass auf meiner To-Do Liste von 2012 stand: 1 Foto beim Fotowettbewerb einreichen. Sozusagen gleich doppelt glücklich ;-)

Naja, eigentlich dreifach. Ich habe zwar nicht gewonnen aber ich wurde im Newsletter erwähnt − schau mal bei den weiteren 25. Ohhhhh war ich stolz und das Grinsen ging gar nicht mehr aus dem Gesicht. Ich habe kurzerhand die Nr. 18 zu meiner neuen Glückszahl erkoren.

Adventskranz aus dem Walde