Avocado Tree Growing #2

Hey there,

it’s time for an update on my green thumb experiment.

As you can see I didn’t trust myself much with only one pit so I bought a couple more, ate them and put them right next to my wedding pit. Now can you see the difference in size?! Crazy huh?

avocado pit

What I’ve learned so far:

  • They need a lot of water. I easily add 1 drinking glass of water a week to keep them hanging the the water
  • I peeled off the skin of the pit as suggested in some post I’ve read online
  • However I am not sure if that was such a good idea.
  • I am impatient to see some sprout by now – but it’s been only a little over 5 weeks…

avocado pit

So hopefully next round of avocado pit pictures we can see some sprouts.

See the story behind: Part I

Avocado Tree Growing { MMI }

avocado tree growing

Good Morning!

Today I Love Avocados!

I got a really funny wedding present: an avocado! Actually two! My new relatives in the DR know I love avocado and they also know we never really get any ripe ones here. So hence the wedding present. And let me tell you they are huge! I mean not the tiny things we got. They were at least the size of a big mango. Really. Anyways I already ate them so no pic here.

But I figured it’s kinda sad to get an avocado, eat it and then it is gone. So I figured: I GROW A TREE. Now you need to know I am somewhat of a plant killer. During summer time I might manage to keep my balcony plants alive for 2-3 months but either I am on vacation or weather isn’t so great i don’t go to the balcony daily and tada: dead.

avocado tree growing

So here it is. I just put it online : my tree and report back once in a while. I hope this way I am eager enough to actually water it. Right now it is easy – it sits in a glass of water. It will take up to 3 months until I get some sprouts. Well, I keep you posted. But now I better hurry to work.

Cheers, Tobia

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