Things I am thankful for

Things I am Thankful for cup of coffee with milk foam and a heart

It is Thanksgiving today and while here in Germany it’s a day as any other I decided to take some time and think about all the things I am currently thankful for. In no specific order…

Things I am thankful for in general

  • Having my own room in our apartment.
  • Having enough food on the table.
  • Not having had Covid (yet).
  • Warm choclate pudding.
  • A husband who picks me up from the train station.
  • Snow days.
  • My best friend.
  • A bed at night.
  • Access to health care.
  • The husband.
  • Laughing.
  • Books.
  • Vacuum robot
  • Family.
  • My brain.
  • Clients who give me work.
  • My curiosity.
  • Having found blogging as a creative outlet

Things I am thankful for in 2022

  • Waking up after the surgery.
  • My parents surviving that car crash and while both having long term injuries it could have been so much worth.
  • This NaBloPo community 2022 – I am far behind in catching up but I will get there (165 posts to go)
  • Living in this new apartment.
  • A wonderful birthday party.
  • Spending short but sweet vacations with Mr. ♡
  • Trying my hand in golf.

I am sure there are many more things to be thankful for and I might keep adding they pop into my mind but for now I hit publish.

I am again my way to Hamburg. Not quite to my liking since hosting Friendsgiving on Saturday but it is what it is. I am just hoping my journey home is uneventful. Fingers crossed.

Happy Thanksgiving


14 thoughts on “Things I am thankful for

      1. We have Thanksgiving, but it’s in October (the second October of the month). I LOVE this timing. The weather is beautiful, there is still a lot of daylight. The kids only get a single day off school, so it’s not nearly as big a deal as it is in the US, but it’s a lovely time to eat good food, see family, and spend time reflecting on all the things we have to be thankful for.

        And then, the next big, big holiday is Christmas! I’m a huge fan of this timing.
        Elisabeth recently posted…This (American) Thanksgiving: Recent Awesome ThingsMy Profile

        1. Yes definitely better timing. Our thanksgiving – which. really is just a church thing one Sunday – is also in October. But no one gets off scholl or work.

  1. Since I know the answer to that question, I can tell you that Canadians do celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s much earlier- I think at the end of October.
    This is a nice list! I can’t believe you haven’t had Covid. Maybe you’re immune? And by the way… I know NaBloPoMo is overwhelming this year with all the participants. I’m trying my best but it’s really hard to get to every single post. If you skip some of mine I won’t be offended : )
    I hope the Hamburg trip goes smoothly!

    1. I wouldn’t mind being immune to Covid but I’d rather not test it.
      Yes NaBloPo really does take so much time this year. I do not want to complain. I love it. I just wish I had the chance to read on a more timely manner. I will read every post. I want to know what happened and be supportive.

  2. I love that you took time today to write about the things you’re thankful for.
    Your own room in your apartment sounds absolutely wonderful (does E have his own room, too?)
    I am so glad you still haven’t had Covid – keep it far away from you ;)
    San recently posted…24: GratefulMy Profile

    1. I really can hardly believe Covid has not been here yet. But then maybe I did have it without symptoms who knows. It could be that the husband had it in early March 2020.
      We do both have our own rooms. Especially since both working from home so much now it is almost mandatory.

    1. Agreed! Very good reminder. Also very good to circle back to when you feel your life is a mess. And I also think it lets us see a bit more about the person behind the blogs of what they list on these lists.

  3. My husband and my daughter both had COVID, but I have not. We did zero isolation from each other. I wonder, am I immune? Or did I have it and was asymptomatic? I haven’t had the test you can take to tell you if you have ever had it. I have only had the one that tells you whether you have it right now. And actually, I just heard the other day that the tests we take at home, antigen tests I think, you have to get to a certain level of viral build up before they give a positive result. So I suspect a lot of us have flown under the radar.

    Oh goodness, are you trying to read every post of every blogger for NaBloPoMo? That sounds overwhelming. Though I can tell my looking at comments that a few people have been able to do that. I’m nowhere close.
    J recently posted…Asmara Ethiopian FoodMy Profile

    1. I am trying to do it. In the past years it was just three or five bloggers so totally possible. This time around it is a bit overwhelming. But getting comments is half the fun of blogging so I try to do that and spread some joy.

      As of Covid I am sure many have flown under the radar. My sister must have had it early on and the on a routine blood test was told she has very high antigenes. This was pre-vaccinations. I am very careful and usually work by self at home so the chance for me is already somewhat reduces. But the husband goes too the office… so maybe not so much…

  4. I love this list! It’s really a lovely collection of things!
    And I’m impressed at your commitment to the November challenge. I was wondering how you kept track of the posts to read, but I’m guessing you must have a blog feed/reader that lists everything? I used to use one but haven’t in years. Unfortunately, that makes my NaBloPoMo reading a little inconsistent!
    Tierney recently posted…I will never eat again…My Profile

    1. Yes I do use a feed reader. I have it organized a bit with topics, favorites, loch to check out and then this challenge. However that doesn’t mean I get to read it all in time…

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