Who would have thought that time flies by like crazy. It feels like we are skipping the whole winter and head right into spring – at least on my part of the world. Not a single snowflake in sight but oh so many tulips, crocuses and snowdrops. While I love them all I think they could stay in their supposed season. Anyways, since the weather is nice lets get ourself a hot cup of earl grey with a dash of milk and stroll around the park. I also have some Omenakakku to snack on the way.

seeking creative life coffee date with friends

While sipping tea…
I’d tell you about last weekend. It was my anniversary weekend and we spend it in Oslo. I have never been to Norway before and it was a trip I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately the weather was rather sad just below freezing, paring rain and strong winds. One day we were not able to be outside at all. We still made the most of it and had a wonderful weekend. Do you plan something special on anniversaries?

While sipping tea…
I would tell you that I had to inject myself for the first time with this new migraine medication. I was a bit hesitant about it and really didn’t want to do it but than you grow with your challenges. And it was rather easy and did not hurt. Now hoping it will be more effective than everything else I had tried. Just the last two days were another struggle.

While sipping tea…
we need to chat about books. Obviously. I’ve read so many in January and then picked up “Uncle Toms Cabin” and it is so very very slow. I really want to read it as it has such a historic relevance but I already know it will only be a 3* read. How do you handle such readings?

While sipping tea…
I’m wondering if you ever feel so terribly tired. Recently I could just sleep and sleep and sleep. Many days I take a nap in the afternoon and it messes up all the things on my to-do list. I really don’t know why I am always so tired. I usually do sleep 7 hours a night too. What is your wake-up remedy?

While sipping tea…
and before going our separate ways I want to hear how life has been treating you. What have you been up to since our last chat? Are you still working on your New Years resolutions?

We have walked the entire park, I showed you my friends the grey heron and climbed the “Bunkerberg” and looked through the barren trees over Berlin. For now it’s time to head back to our to-do lists and errands. I am already looking forward meeting again next months.

Happy day


8 thoughts on “VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE | FEBRUARY 2020

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Sorry the weather wasn’t great for your special weekend but glad you made the most of it and enjoyed yourselves.
    I love celebrating anniversaries and special occasions :)

    Hope that the new migraine medication works for you and helps more than what you tried in the past.

    My wake up tip is having a nice cup of tea or coffee to look forward to :) Sometimes we stop off for a take away coffee on the way to work – it helps me!

    1. Yes my cup of coffee in the morning is very precious too. Recently I have six cups a day – I think I need to cut back a bit.
      Anniversary are fun.

  2. It’s been like spring here too. I’m really sad because I enjoy snow so much, but I’m okay with hopping to spring if it means I get to see flowers blooming again. That cake sounds delicious. I’m going to need to try to make that. I’m so glad you were able to get away for your anniversary. Norway is on my bucket list. It looks so pretty in all the pictures I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry the weather was poor but glad you guys still had a good time. Being that I’m single again, I don’t celebrate wedding anniversaries anymore, but I definitely celebrate other types of anniversaries. It’s always a little scary to inject yourself. I’m glad this new medication is giving you some relief. Migraines are the worst! My best friend just finished Uncle Tom’s Cabin and he also mentioned how slow it was. I do my best to work through slow books and try to pair them up with other enjoyable reads so I have something to look forward to. I have times when I am always tired. Right now is one of those times. I’m iron deficient, and that makes me very tired, so once I get my levels back up, that should help. Exercise is usually what helps me wake up and have some energy to tackle my day. Tobia, I’m so glad you were able to join in on the coffee date this month. Hope to see you at the next one! <3

    1. I love snow too. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll see it this year around anymore. Enjoy the cake. I’d love to see more of Norwegian countryside too. Compared to the other Scandinavian cities Oslo was not on the top. But than it could have been the weather. I was thinking about iron deficiencies too but last checks said all is fine. Maybe have another look. Thanks for the book advise. I think I am trying switching this one to the German translation.

  3. I agree that time goes so quickly! For us, we’re nearly through summer and into autumn. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! Norway must have been lovely even though the weather was cold and wet. I hope your new migraine medication works and hope your energy levels pick up soon. As for slow books, I’m very reluctant to quit reading a book but I usually start skim reading if I’m finding it boring. Sometimes though I think it’s better to quit and move on to something more worthwhile. Lovely to have coffee with you today, Tobia!

    1. I am getting better at quitting boos I find boring. This one however is one I want/need to get through. It one of my mom’s most remembered and I want to know why. Thank you for your wishes.

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