Winter Bucket List 2017

It’s gotten really cold. Not below zero yet but it’s this wet cold that creeps in every layer of clothing and leaves you shaking. While it is not very comforting it has a message. Winter is coming. So i figured it is time to write down my winter bucket list 2017.

creative winter bucket list

  1. Spread some “Random acts of kindness” in the upcoming season where everyone is just hectic and stressed. I currently think of: smiling to the cashier, meeting the postman half way, let an old lady in front of the line in the post office, etc. something like that.
  2. Dance in the snow
  3. Ice skating. It was on the list last year bit it wasn’t cold enough. Fingers crossed.
  4. Sew a lot: finish the dress, make two sweaters and there is this tote idea in my mind for ages.
  5. I want to read a few more books this year.
  6. There will be some binge watching over the holidays. Definitely GoT, any other recommendations?
  7. Starting my vacation with a spa day all by myself.
  8. Write Christmas Cards and then our newsletter.
  9. Bake two new cookie recipes. And maybe finally tackle the Stollen recipe.
  10. Enjoy the season. Take a few minutes in the morning while drinking coffee and just look at the decorations, the snow, people watch from the window or admire the Christmas tree.

I am sure there will be added a few more things to the list. Right now I am a bit tired so I leave it at this.

Happy winter start,


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