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here is a new edition of my “10 Things series“. Today I am taking you out for dinner. I show you my 10 favorite places to eat in Berlin Berlin has a crazy lot of places to offer and one hipster spot is quickly changing to the next one so that I hardly keep track. I have a few spots who have been around for some time and I consider them my favorite go to places. I tried to include a variety of them, stylish, super yummy, quick eating…

Kneipe Berlin

But let’s get started:

1. Miyabi

My most favorite place to have sushi in Berlin. They do have a great selection of sushi. And a ton of other dishes too however I’ve never had anything else here.
ambience: not too fancy but not shabby either. Compared to other Asian restaurants it’s not overly kitschy.
prices: pretty good for sushi! you always have happy hour meaning double amount of sushi e.g. salmon maki 3,20€ for 12 pieces… I usually leave very stuffed and with two drinks for 30-35 €/2 people.
location: two restaurants one close to Friedrichstraße with nice outdoor seating directly opposite of the library and the other in Uhlandstraße
⊗ Georgenstraße 195 * 10117 Berlin * Uhlandstraße 104-105 * 10717 Berlin * www.sushimiyabi.de

2. Schönbrunn

I have spent the last birthday dinners here because it’s just great for such an occasion. It is a nice restaurant, good cuisine and great surroundings. It’s a tiny vacation within Berlin.
ambience: there is a great patio to sit in the sunshine and for colder weather there is a winter garden
prices: main dishes come around 15-20€ but the Schnitzel is always worth the price. They also have a biergarten and a little take-away kiosk with moderate prices.
location: located directly within Volkspark Friedrichshain, one of Berlin’s famous outdoor recreation areas overlooking the little lake with fountain
⊗ Am Schwanenteich im Volkspark Friedrichshain * www.schoenbrunn.net

3. Alpenstück

Now this is the most fancy restaurant on this list. Very design and stylish and a very slim menu due to high class cuisine. The Schnitzel is great, Applestrudel also, ervythings else I’ve seen here looks good too.
ambience: very white interior and a wall with billets of wood. A few outdoor seatings as well.
prices: expensive but not gourmet
location: in a quite neighborhood with mostly apartment buildings and a few businesses but close to downtown Berlin Mitte.
⊗ Gartenstraße 9 * 10115 Berlin * http://alpenstueck.de

4. Asian Take-Away Restaurant VIET HA

This is our go to place when we are to lazy to cook. It seems very wallflower like but you will be surprised. There are a few tables to sit but you can also call in and order take-way. I say give it a chance.
ambience: not a real fancy Asian restaurant but not a shabby take-away either. It doesn’t smell of frying oil or anything disgusting (as you might have in other places).
prices: A main course is not over 7€
location: It’s also in a quite neighborhood with apartment buildings around. However Volkspark Friedrichshain is around the corner so why not pick something up and have a picnic?
⊗ Lebuser Str. 13 * 10243 Berlin * http://www.vietha-goldenerkarpfen.de

5. Shiso Burger

This is the current hot dpot in Berlin and by no means a secret anymore. People will pile up outdoors (even in freezing winter times) and stand munching burgers in front of the doors. Be prepared to wait or call in for reservations or skip dinner and go for lunch – less crowded and menue options.
ambience: there are a few tables and a lounge area inside. Outside there are picnic tables. It’s a place to grab food and leave. Hanging out long won’t work. But it’s a vibrant place and you get a fun Berlin hipster flair.
prices: burgers 4,20-6,90€, sides 2,20-3,50€
location: downtown Berlin close to Hackischer Markt with lots of boutiques, galleries and bars around.
⊗ Auguststr. 29 * 10119 Berlin * http://shisoburger.de

6. Chén chè

This is another place I visited first on my birthday. When coming in during the afternoon (I think until 3pm) you can celebrate a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony where there is served a variety of foods too.
ambience: Located on a backyard I have past it for years until finally looked it up online because I’ve heard of it. I always feel a bit like entering the Tiger & Dragon tea pavilion. There are birdcages (yes with real birds) and a great counter with tons of tea caddies. There is just a lot to see there – it’s eye candy…
prices: it is a bit more expensive than you might expect but it is worth it. However you pay a bit extra for ambience.
location: located in a backyard in the pulsing center of Berlin, easy to miss so I believe it is still somewhat of a insider tip. But make sure to reserve a table or be there before 7pm because it quickly fills up with locals (and expats based in Berlin).
⊗ Rosenthaler Straße 13 * 10119 Berlin * www.chenche-berlin.de

chén chè Viatnamese Tea House Berlin

7. Schneeweiß

I’ve only been here once (haha on another birthday…) but ever since wanting to come back. The food is good (awesome Kaiserschmarrn) and I loved the ambience. I felt comfortable here.
ambience: all in white as the name suggests (snow white) and they even got an design award for it. It is cozy and stylish.
prices: moderate to a bit expensive depending on the dish (main dishes 10-25 €)
location: in a backstreet not really looking like there would be such a restaurant. No outside seating when we visited in June but wouldn’t be too great anyway.
⊗ Simplonstraße 16 * 10245 Berlin *www.schneeweiss-berlin.de

8. Mädchenitaliener

This one is actually a recommendation by my sister. But once again I have spent my birthday here. It is a tiny little restaurant with bistro tables. It is packed and you will definitely need to reserve a table. They offer smaller
ambience: smaller tables inside and a few outside. Everything is small and tight and bursting with life and chatter.
prices: I believe pasta is around 8,00-12,00 €
location: In Berlin Mitte not far from Alexanderplatz and Hackischer Markt. Lots of shopping around.
⊗ Alte Schönhauser Strasse 12 * 10119 Berlin * Facebook Page

10. Barcomi’s Deli

Cynthia Barcomi – a New Yorker who ended up in Berlin brought the coffee shop culture to Berlin – I believe in the 80’s. Later she opened the Deli. And it’s a wonderful great relaxing spot with yummy food and delicious cake. Also you can buy her baking collection here and hand sighed books!
ambience: quite a lot of tables (on weekends all filled) and sometimes maybe a bit hectic. You want to catch a booth in the entry area. Quite a bit of outside tables in the shade.
prices: not on the higher end for snacks sandwiches, salads 7-9€, cake 2-5€
location: located in a quite backyard, entrance can be missed easily. Close to Hackischer Markt
⊗ Sophienstraße 21 * 10178 Berlin * www.barcomis.de

Pastrami Sandwich

Now I realize there is quite a lot of Asian and South German/Austrian cuisine in here – well that’s what I like…

And they are all downtown Berlin because that’s my hood. That’s were I grew up before it was all hipster and that’s were I feel home!

Now let me know when you visit one of those places.

Happy munching,


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