What is happiness {Schreibzeit #6}

Happiness is a hard word. Everyone using it, everyone says I am happy or unhappy, you make me unhappy, I am happy when you do this… But honestly do we know what we are talking about? I usually don’t think twice if something makes me happy or not and most of the times I rather know when I am not happy.

This is the reason why every once in a while I do my little happiness review – to be mindful of the things happening around us.

Most the times (at least for me) happiness is quiet. Happiness comes suddenly. You are feeling content maybe even smile to yourself and suddenly realize … Ahhhh it’s happiness!

happiness at the lake Spitzingsee

So I tried to collect a few of those moments:

  • Listening to rain while sitting on a roofed balcony or patio
  • Eating a yummy cake and really enjoying and tasting it (not just inhaling it)
  • Being on vacation and finally being there in the moment – no worries, no thoughts about work, no tax-laundry-email-to-do-lists
  • Cuddling on the couch with Mr. ♥ when watching a movie
  • Laughing
  • Sitting outside listening to the wind in the trees
  • Hearing nothing
  • Being at the sea/water/river
  • Driving without a destination or a place to be
  • Coloring with the godchild
  • Making jewelry
  • Going on a photo walk just with myself and forgetting everything around

I am sure if I think about it more and be more receptive for quiet moments I would come up with many more. Its all about hearing them.

What is your quiet happy moment?

Happy day to you,


Bine has collected more thoughts about happiness in her series “Schreibzeit”.

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