This little series is kinda fun and so i figured after part I in 2014, part II in 2016 its time for another one. So let me re-introduce myself:

1. I have read Anne Franks Diary six time during my teens.

It was just very captivating for me. And I really want to visit the house they lived in Amsterdam. However I have not managed to go there. My first job ever was actually being a tour guide in the Anne Frank house in Berlin. And I had the chance to meet some of the people who survived and were mentioned in the books.

2. I am really annoyed when people talk about Christmas when it’s actually only Advent.

I mean come on! Its not that tough. Same thing goes for Easter. It is not called Easter Saturday but Holy Saturday (Karsamstag). We not yet celebrating.

3. I have never finished a bottle of nail polish.

Does anyone ever?!

4. I’m the biggest looser in gift wrapping.

I’d say I am pretty good when it come to DIY and handy work BUT I really can’t wrap presents. I need a whole roll of tape and people always laugh when they have to open them… Anyhow I like looking at pretty packages so check out my Pinterest board.

5. New Year’s Eve is the worst day of the year.

I hide, I don’t go outside, I am scared. While New Years is the best day, all is calm so much promise, everything is possible!


6. I don’t comb my hair.

My hair is so straight there really is no point in doing so. Maybe I do it twice a year but thats about it. If it is a bit tangled I just wash it and it comes out fine. However I do need conditioner. Oh and I hate blow drying my hair. I really don’t see the point in it. Makes it look messy or even straighter.

7. When I was young I wanted to become an archeologist and an astronaut.

But than people told me the needed skills weren’t my strong suits.

8. I am a color person.

I think in color and shapes but I don’t think I have synesthesia. However I really don’t feel any connection to yellow. And while I love greens in nature I would never really buy any green interior or clothing stuff.

9. I’ve always had a severe respect for dogs leaning towards fear.

I purposely tried to loose it during my stay in the U.S where almost everyone had hunting dogs and my host family had a German shepherd. Unfortunately when I felt comfortable around dogs and started to like them I got bitten by dog on a leash going for my neck. Now it’s actually worse then before specially when there is rash movement.

10. I make my own advent wreath.

For the last 15 years or so I have been doing at least one advent wreath. It is my own personal tradition. And I challenge myself to come up with new ideas and use materials that are not too common. I have my inspiration board. And since I write my blog I try to document all my creations.

Well, that is it for now. Will you share a tidbit of you with me?

Happy Friday,



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