Morning Thoughts

Good morning,

I feel tired today. That might have to do with that I only slept 6,5 hours. That is not enough for me.

I just made myself a coffee. Unfortunately it is pitch black and instant. Not what I usually like but what has to do right now. Better than nothing.

Now I am back in bed with my laptop typing away. Rambling. All the thoughts that come to mind. I heard about the concept that you just dump all thoughts in the morning before doing anything else. Its supposed to clear your head. So I try this. Haven’t looked at my phone yet. Ok, did to check the time. There were some Instagram alerts but I didn’t check them yet. And there is a blog comment that I read when I am done typing here. But are there going to be any deep thoughts?

morning thoughts bed

Lately I am not happy with my hair. And I mean not happy as in I do not like the cut or the color. No it is more that I feel like it is getting very thin and frizzy. Might have to do with me dying it very blond. But it does look healthy it just feels so light and thin. I never had that problem. Makes me wonder if I should keep going dying. But I really want to try this granny gray color. Or at least very ashy color. I know it is trend but I really do believe it would be something fitting me.

It is going to be a long day. Won’t be home until midnight. Currently in Düsseldorf on a business trip. Like every other week. Only one more week this year. So glad to be home for a stretch of time.

Looking forward doing lots of Christmas crafts. But than I probably have way too many things in my head again and I am overeager and get nothing done. Like so many times. Why is that? So many plans. But not following through. Why not sticking to one project and finishing it up. Why start a gazilion and then have them all unfinished in every corner of the room and mind. It is exhausting. But I guess that is how I am wired. On the other hand I can be really structured. It is a weird character trait I don’t get about myself. Mostly I am ok with it but sometimes I am annoying myself. You do not want to know my December list… Or maybe I just write it. It is brain dump after all: sew blue sweater, sew rosé sweater, make advent wreath for us, make rosé advent wreath for mom, make advent wreath for sisters?, send St. Nicholas package to godchild, clean craft lab, work on business website… well thats the once i can remember right now. there is more.

I also need a vacation. The last real vacation was in May last year when we were in Croatia. That was amazing. So rallying. One week and I read 7 books or so. And the ocean directly in front of the window. Could hear the waves all the time. I mean yes I did go to Lviv in September but as fun as it was it was not relaxing.

Oh this coffee is awful. Time to get going.

See you tomorrow,


6 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts

  1. I have a long list of projects and I do the same thing, I get so overwhelmed by everything I want to do that I end up doing nothing or I start 5 projects at the same time. Sigh. I need more hours in the day, especially around this time of year!

    Happy Thursday, friend. Say hi to Düsseldorf. It’s so close to home for me.
    San recently posted…8: A Day in the LifeMy Profile

    1. Good to know I am not alone. But even better if we had a solution. And yes specially this time of year.

      I guess Düsseldorf is close to home for you. I have to admit I haven’t seen much of the city. And I’ve never crossed the river….

        1. I’ve heard that. I don’t care about right or wrong :-) And I have been to the “good side” a couple years back but never for fun. Just thought about convincing hubby to come for a weekend and spend it in Cologne. Then I will milk you for tips ;-)

  2. I call that unloading of thoughts first thing in the morning a “brain dump.” Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. It almost never does if I do it when I am tired, since I just end up somehow convincing myself that if I have enough time to do that, I can probably work in a few minutes to go back to sleep. Hours later, I finally get to work. Oh well. It’s worth the effort.

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