My 2013: color me happy – photo challenge

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The big eating battles are over, time to gather your strength for New Years and getting ready for 2014. Those days in between years – as I call them – are somewhat special to me. I love end of year reviews.

This is a post I’ve been looking forward and working towards since the beginning of the year.

The color me happy photo challenge by Bine & Andrea was somewhat a tip over the edge to start my blog. I was planning to spend more time on taking photos in 2013 and so my goal was to have a picture up for every color. Always having in mind the overall overview picture at the end of the year. And here it is. And I am loving it.

my 2013

However I have to admit I didn’t take every picture this year. My white advent wreath in January was shot on a lovely winter day. In February I struggled with the color scheme – no red in the middle of winter. So I took an older picture and wrote a blog post quite important to me. I felt like a blogger for the first time. I spend lots of time researching for this post and it is probably the one I spent the most time on this year. My March pictures were taken just for this post. But I just realized it is the only post on jewelry – and I consider myself a DIY jewelry maker. I need to change this in 2014 and show you more on that topic. For the April picture I had to go back and dig through my archive and relived a bit of our Vancouver vacation in 2012.

The sparkle blue May picture is a jewelry project. I haven’t finished it yet. Never got around to it. So sad. In June I took you to a stroll through Tierpark Berlin and was reminded how much fun I had there. You got a glimpse of those flamingos. The fruity orange theme in July was a fun little project. For a few days I had my camera always in my purse and realized how much orange this city is showing. It sure opened my eyes and I think I need to make more of those trips through Berlin with a topic in mind. My August picture told you about a wonderful idea. I was really hooked and surprised how long and well it was being used.

In September I showed you an archive pictures of an abandoned place. This was my very first photo excursion and I just got to know my camera. My friend and I felt quite adventurous climbing through those buildings. When it gets colder outside I love hot chocolate and in October I shared my Grandma’s recipe. In November I started my first little blog series and showed you advent wreath ideas. And the in December we were right in the Christmas topic and you also got a glimpse of Mr. ♥.

This was my little review. I have been thinking about a new challenge I want to participate in in 2014. I really love the idea of 12tel Blick and hope it will be hosted in 2014 again. But I will look around a bit more. If you have a suggestion let me know.

Have a great Saturday, Tobia

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