GLITTER GOLDen Christmas Time {color me happy}

glitter gold

Time is flying by, today is already the 2. Advent. My apartment is sparsely decorated. We have an advent wreath made by Mr. ♥ (not the one I showed you – that one was for my parents).  And I dumped all the remaining decorations in big glass jars. Well I put a bit more effort in it but it’s decorating for slugs… That’s it. The rest is still laying on the floor… I might show you a pic another time.

Well you would imagine the December theme of the color me happy challenge would be easy. No not really. This is no golden girl. There is hardly anything gold here. No jewelry, no decorations no candle sticks. Good thing I am such a magpie and keep everything for crafting purpose.

glitter gold

So here is my version of glitter gold (minus the glitter) – little jingle bells collected from chocolate easter bunnies and santa clauses. Took me quite a few years to come up with this collection (I would NEVER eat sooooo many at once… tststs).

glitter gold

Do you have a lot of gold in your household? It seems like my generation is more into whites, silver or popping colors. Or is it just me and my environment? I would never consider hanging golden christmas ornaments on my christmas tree. Or buy myself golden candles. Or even jewelry – it’s just a no go for me. Or maybe I just think there is not a lot of gold in my house… Note to self: open your eyes and find more gold in your life. Yep that’s what I do. What are you up to?

Enjoy your Sunday. Enjoy the season. Enjoy the weather. Tobia

4 thoughts on “GLITTER GOLDen Christmas Time {color me happy}

  1. Gold gibt es bei mir auch nicht so viel, auch wenn ich es als Schmuck echt schön finde! Weihnavhtsdeko in silber mag ich irgendwie gar nicht… aber ich dekoriere selber auch echt wenig zu Weihnachten! Bei meinen Eltern gibts dafür immer den Klassiker mit gold und rot! Hab einen schönen Start in die Woche!

    1. Mhm kein Silber, kein Gold, welche Farbe hat dann dein (bisschen) Weihnachtsdeko? Jetzt bin ich neugierig…
      Hab auch einen guten Start, Tobia

  2. I don’t have a lot of gold at home, because I tend to save it for the holidays; but I do have a gold lightfixture and I am looking at a gold-framed antiquated mirror… so there’s something :-)

    I cannot believe you saved all the little bells! That’s brilliant!

    1. Yeah I sometimes sit here and shake my head because of the stuff I can’t get rid of. I believe my grandma had a huge impact. She even saved the coffee package inlays (the gold ones) to make us princess crowns.

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