Just around the corner I see { 12tel Blick }

Oh I was fearing and jittering and anxious but I am a lucky girl. Tabea is once again opening a round of 12tel Blick 2014 (12 views). All through last year I have been watching the photos of other bloggers. How the seasons changed a certain spot, how different the light was… and I was fascinated. I wanted to commit and go out and take a pictures every month. An while I was silently envying last years participants I stumbled upon my view:


What do you think? It is the street I live in. How fun would it be to see it over years? Well let’s not get carried away. I’ll start with a picture a months.

While I was at it I figured it would be interesting to have another view. So I went over to the church. I’ve taken pictures of this brick building throughout the years already because the light just hit’s it so beautifully in springtime. I think I go with those two views.


Are you participating? Let me know. It’s so exciting.
Cheers, Tobia

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