A new home – a story that is to be continued

new home the island

I mentioned in my latest posts that we have moved. But its not only story of joyfulness topped with stress of packing up a household. It is more a continuing struggle and some legal issues on the horizon. So what happened you may wonder. Well, grab a coffee of coffee or tea and continue reading.

When we returned from our vacation in summer 2021 from the Baltic Sea we were hit with a loud city, a real reality check. Within just a few hours I had developed a migraine, Mr. ♡ was anxious because of the noise and we fled the city around dinner time to enjoy the evening at the lake. It made us think and we figured it’s time for a change.

The following weekends we drove through neighborhoods and tried to figure out where we would like to live. Pretty soon we realized living in the north of Berlin would be our preferred location. Within 30 minutes Mr. ♡ can be at work while the infrastructure of public transport allows me to go places and be at main station for business trips. And its also close to a few bodies of water. Here is a fun fact: its the part of town the husband grew up in and where I went to Highschool so it kind of felt familiar to move to “Reinickendorf”.

We looked into a certain area of new houses that were build on the “Port of Tegel” on a new island. It was our preferred location. In late January we looked at the fourth apartment here and knew before seeing it: this is the one we are going to get – and if we have to move heaven and hell to do so. And we did. We canceled dads birthday present. I took this image before seeing the apartment telling Mr. ♡ we need to document the moment of finding our new place. And a week later on our way to our anniversary trip we signed the contract on a parking lot with our new landlord.

So much happiness. So much joy. We had made our dream come true. We would live where others would go for the weekend to relaxe. I would see a a library from the balcony, I would have little coffee shops and restaurants around the corner, a pretty church just 5 minutes away, a forest for biking just a few more and then the lake right as our back yard.

new home sunset view at Tegeler See

Fly high falling deep

Me as a former event planer went right to work and made a project plan and schedule on what had to happen when. We were really killing it and were even ahead of packing boxes. Our moving day was set for Monday April 4, 2022. Then not two weeks prior we get a call from our landlord saying that the apartment owner now wants to sell the place and doesn’t want us to move in because he can get a higher selling price without tenants. Yep, you read that correctly.

We were speechless. Not only had we the washer delivery for the next day but also IKEA had a direly scheduled with 88 items. The movers had their contract and just a few hours after the call we were meeting with the new tenants of our old apartment to discuss what items they wanted to keep. Oh and of course we already paid rent since March 15th and had keys since the 5th and had already moved some stuff into the new place. After giving it a deep clean because – wow that was necessary. But that is a story in itself…

The following three days we were on the phone with a ton of lawyers and the landlord and tried to decide what to do. I think in those 4 days I have aged a decade. The stress was surreal and soon it became comical. Then I was devastated that our dream would end before it had started. Then I was thinking “kiss my a**” just to be bursting in tears mere seconds later. What a rollercoaster of emotions. And of course all that while working full-time and getting ready for a surgery and having to take care of my parents.

Fortunately German law is really strict when it comes to renting and the relationship between landlords/owner and tenants. Everyone telling us that its not that easy to get rid of us and they don’t see any issue for us moving in. Even if they did cancel our lease to the first possible date (March 14, 2023) we could impugn that and most likely it would be ruled to our favor. So we decided to move. Knowing that if all goes wrong we’d have to move out in a year. Our landlord also let us know that the selling process would start no earlier than August after we pointed to him that a cancelation of the contract is not possible before March 2023.

We decided that our main goal would be to get the apartment set up as quickly as possible so we don’t waste any time enjoying it. Also because I had my surgery scheduled for the 19th of April and wouldn’t be able to lift a finger after that for 4-6 weeks. And to make the pressure real I invited my family for Easter. Just let me tell you the two weeks between moving and Easter has been so stressful. I was at the desk work at 8-2pm and then we would do apartment stuff until midnight. Every muscle I had was sore. Sleep was deep and short but we got a lot of things done. Only my home office is not set up at all as of now. I am fearing that I will not get that done anytime soon and become petrified again.

new home wild sage on a hill

Now you may think well, here is a bit of breathing room now until Augsut when buyers are showing up to view the apartment. Well, no such luck. Early in May the husband discovered the offer online. Of course we have not been informed. But it get s even better. May 14th he looks at the images again and realizes that they have been taken AFTER we were already official tenants. Even after the info that selling won’t start before August. After we had moved things into the apartment. Now we did officially hand a key to our landlord because he had to do some work on the kitchen and bathrooms but we definitely did not allow him to take images of our stuff. Saying we are furious is an understatement.

So far the story for now. For weeks we are waiting from our landlord to fix some other issues – not sure this ever going to happen now. Once he shows up here we will ask him about the images. I want to see his face when asking. But one thing is for sure now. We are going to be the tenants that will not move out willingly.

But I do have a question: When we learned of the option of selling we immediately made an offer. Of course it was way lower then the asking price but all we were sure we can handle. Now living here we realize we really really don’t ever want to move ot. We never wanted to buy a place because we won’t have anyone to leave it to. And it just doesn’t make sense for us with the upkeep and tying money to a property. Now the option of secure this home is shifting this mindset a bit. Staying here has become a priority. We are probably checking if we can offer a bit more but at the same time I really don’t want this owner to get anything from me. It’s a dilemma. How would you handle it. Or the whole situation for that matter. Does anyone has similar experiences? And how would you evaluate what this home is worth for you – cost wise but also for mental and happiness reasons?

Anyway, so much for now. ill keep you updated.

Happy Sunday


6 thoughts on “A new home – a story that is to be continued

  1. Oof. That sounds like a nightmare, Tobia. I am so sorry. I was so excited to hear about/see glimpses of your new place, right on the lake. So, so lovely. I can understand that you’re trying to buy the place, even if buying was not your first choice. I hope it will work out. Fingers crossed.

    1. Thank you San. It sure is a rollercoaster of emotions. I am getting myself comfortable with the idea of buying but its so so much money and a bit scary. Specially as a freelancer – and banks don’t like to see this. Your thoughts are much appreciated

  2. Oh Tobia. This sounds infuriating AND heartbreaking. And on top of everything else you’re dealing with…and now to be moved in and still have so much continual stress about the next steps.
    I hope that your legal team is able to help as you navigate the best course of action and that the way forward soon seems clear.
    I’m truly sorry you’re going through this and wish I had a magic wand I could wave to make it all better! <3
    Elisabeth recently posted…Abandoning Books, TBR Lists, and Other Reading MiscellanyMy Profile

    1. Thai you so much for your encouragement Elisabeth. It truly is a bit nerve-racking. We are evaluating our choices right now and trying to enjoy everyday here in case we need to move out sooner than we want.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that your move has been so stressful :( Moving is alot of work and to have added issues doesn’t make it easy.
    Those views look so beautiful, I can understand you wanting to buy it so you can enjoy it after your lease ends. Wishing you all the best with this decision.

    1. Thank you for your supporting words. It is really been a rollercoaster. As of now it doesn’t look like we will be able to buy/afford so we enjoy as long as possible and try to live in the moment.

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