Around the corner #4 { 12tel Blick }

Oh my it’s the last day of the April first day of the new month and I haven’t shown you the 4th round of pictures around the corner.

I took the images a couple of days weeks ago and just loved how everything looked. The greens are crazy bright don’t you think?


I love it when after a long winter (yes I do love long winters too) the green makes it’s way to the sun and everything gets a fresh start. I could never live in a country / area where there is no season! I mean, even though I might like a certain season a bit more I still like the other ones a lot too. I wouldn’t want to have only one! How about you?


When I climbed up the stairs I was wondering if the trees in our street actually bloom. I live here for more than 8 years now and I really couldn’t tell you. I think it’s strange that I only focus on those things when I plan taking pictures. But that is exactly why I wanted to take part in Tamara’s photo project: to sharpen the look for my surroundings.

Berlin streetSo maybe next picture will with blooms.

Have  a wonderful holiday, Tobia


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