August Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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This post is brought to you by procrastination. It is the middle of the day and I should be doing some work. But I don’t want to. The software is buggy and my established work flow a mess. So I guess I am kinda forced to do something else. Writing this post I try to get into a better mood by writing down my August celebrations.

August was full of fun things and also lots of stress. But it was a great month and I think I would repeat. But read yourself…

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in August

Lots of time for myself, some family and overall a lot of sunshine.

  • I celebrated our vacation at home. Post to come.
  • I celebrated the school enrollment of my nephew and a fun weekend in Munster.
  • I celebrated looking at art and found a new interesting artist.
  • I celebrated lots of delicious ice cream.
  • I celebrated reading on the balcony.
  • I celebrated waking up at 8.30 am.
  • I celebrated my first harvest from my balcony herbs.
  • I celebrated the second bloom of the rose my dad gifted me in June.
  • I celebrated trying something new.
  • I celebrated a neighborhood wine gathering.
  • I celebrated a lot of sunset.
  • I celebrated freeing my bike from a sturdy lock and finally being able to take a ride.
  • I celebrated new knowledge.
  • I celebrated my fellow bloggers by leaving 33 comments.
  • I celebrated 27 migraine free days.

My goals and intentions for September

September is another months of lost of celebration and so this will be a big part of it again. After that is getting a bit more quiet. Promise.

  • I will celebrate my sisters birthday with a “French Party”
  • I will celebrate my mothers birthday with an overnight party at the country home.
  • I will celebrate the move of my penpal Jana from Prague to Berlin.
  • I will celebrate reading books and hopefully catching up on my yearly goal.
  • I will celebrate getting back to drawing.
  • I will celebrate when I managed to clean my office a bit.
  • I will celebrate a fresh breeze in the morning and a hot cup in my hand.
  • I will celebrate my new bucket list auf 101 things before I deeply dive into it.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you.

Enjoy your last summer days and get ready for fall.

Happy September


2 thoughts on “August Celebrations – Monthly Recap

    1. Thank you Elisabeth, I am currently struggling a bit with this word to be honest so it’s great to hear that you find I do a good job. That does motivate again to really do celebrate the Amal things even though they may repeat themselves…

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