A new start – 101 things to tackle in 1000 days

101 things in 100 days project zero

I remember the first time I sat down to write down 101 things to achieve in the following 1000 days. When I started out in summer 2019 a pandemic was the last thing I had on mind in terms of obstacles that kept me from achieving what I had set out to do. So a lot of my goals where just im possible to reach. But that did not discourage me. The opposite. And so I have compiled a new list of 101 things to tackle 1000 days.

Not being an amateur in compiling this sort of list I only needed about a week to come up with my goals. The first time around I needed 6 weeks to decide what was worth pursuing in this a challenge.

For part II I added a few more categories that I found important and helpful to stay on track:

  • Adult Things (7 goals)
  • Home Things (4 goals)
  • Work Things (7 goals)
  • Travel & Explore Things (17 goals)
  • Fun & Random Things (12 goals)
  • Blog Things (4 goals)
  • Craft & Make Things (12 goals)
  • Relationship Things (8 goals)
  • Personal Things (9 goals)
  • Secret Things (2 goals)
  • Health Things (6 goals)
  • Mental Health Things (4 goals)
  • Kind Things (8 goals)

Read the full 101 things in 1000 day – my personal bucket list part II with goals and if you are interested how this works. I am really excited to start on my 101 goals. I am sure I will loose momentum on the way. This is why I decided to do a checkup on August 28, 2023 and 2024 and share here on the blog. It’s already a reminder in my calendar.

Have you ever done a project like this? Are you planning on doing something like that? I would really like to hear, find a partner in crime, cheer each other on and keep each other accountable.

Happy list making friends


6 thoughts on “A new start – 101 things to tackle in 1000 days

  1. So ambitious. I set myself quarterly goals, but I’ve never done anything to this extent with a longer timeframe. It’s an interesting idea, but it seems like the planning part would be SO HARD. Good on you for starting and I look forward to your updates.

    1. I can totally understand the hesitation. It really does take some time to compile such a list but I find it is a different approach as I put more dreams and vague things on here. The monthly or quarterly lists feel more like to-do lists.

  2. Okay, I read your list. This is an interesting concept- I like the 1000 day timeframe! I’ve never heard of this but I can see there’s a whole community of people doing it. I agree that setting monthly goals can feel more like a “to-do” list, while taking a long-form approach gives you a little more freedom.
    I’m planning to do NaBloPoMo again this year- are you?
    Jenny recently posted…My Favorite Peloton ClassesMy Profile

    1. Yes I will definitely do the NaBloPoMo this year. Already started gathering some ideas. I am just really struggling to read all my subscribed blogs this year so that will be my true challenge in November I fear.

      Would be interesting how your list would look like. This used to be such a hype among bloggers around 2001-2004 I think. Now there are only a few who are doing it.

  3. Girl, you know I love these types of lists/goals… I should really get on that. I need to go back and look at your list and come up with my own. I’ll bookmark this. Thanks for the inspiration. I love how “ambitious” you are.

    1. Yes make your own one. That would be so fun to follow along and cheer each other on.
      I’ve put some goals here knowing I most likely won’t be able to cross it off but I am shooting for the stars…

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