August Reflections and September Intentions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

I have just gotten back from my vacation on the Baltic Sea and decided even though I am still in vacation mode I will switch on the laptop and start typing my August reflections and September intentions. Because let’s be honest if you don’t do it in the first few days of the month it will not happen.

But as always we are starting with a favorite quote to set the mood.

I have a lot of proof that the world is conspiring to make me happy. 

Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey

AUGUST Reflections

Reflection in my set intentions

  • I will continue my Spanish learning streak of 84 days and finish level 2 in my app.
    I did and I am very proud I powered through – however I was not able to finish up level 2. For one I was a bit too ambitious and second there was an update that had me end up with more lessons in said level raising the bar even higher. So I haven’t been able to cross it of but I did work on this one quite a bit.
  • I will continue to do 3 trainings with at least 15 minutes every week.
    Mhm, I am assuming this was a bit of a fail. There was one week I didn’t hit the goal, the other I managed to achieve and also do more than three days. However my plan was to do them by actually doing some exercise and not semi.cheat by just walking around the block. So nope not really.
  • I will cook two new recipes from this new cookbook.
    I definitely did one. I am not sure if I made another recipe bit I have shopped to make one. So almost?!
  • I will take my breathing exercise in the morning more seriously.
    Nope not really, started out strong but ever since being on vacation I actually relaxed and tried to not be so strict about routines. I did breath more deeply and was in the moment more. Counting this one as a win.
  • I will spend a two week vacation with Mr. ♡ hopefully by the coast.
    YES… we spend such an amazing 9 days away from Berlin. I twas so great that I actually cried a bit when we had to leave. Should I tell you a bit more about that vacay?
  • I will look for a good moment to do some of the self-confidence exercises I have collected.
    Didn’t happen. ‘nough said.
  • I will order my reading chair and put a few more things for sale online to make space. 
    Yes. Chair is ordered and will be here end of November (soooo long) and I have put up some more stuff on eBay. Lets hope it will be picked up soon.
  • I will call the customer service and inquire if my food processor is repairable.
    I did but that didn’t find time to put it in the box and send it of. Label is printing, box is found but it was just too much before vacation. So I’ll finish it up within th next few days.

How did I incorporate my word of the year GRACE

  • I ate more times at a table in the last two weeks and I enjoyed it.
  • I appreciated the landscape a few times.
  • I lived in the moment more times than I hoped for.
  • I had a couple of wonderful flavorous pots of tea.
  • I admired the view in the morning and felt the air on my skin.
  • I appreciated the privilege I live in.

SEPTEMBER Intentions

Having a hard time to wrap my mind around that we are already in September. This month is always a bit more busy with two birthdays coming up and lots of things to get ready for winter. So for September intentions I do:

  • I will integrate small dance breaks to get more movement into my days.
  • I will do a trip to the dump and get rid of things I won’t be able to sell.
  • I will read a book about self-confidence.
  • I will take an hour and look through my closet finding things to donate.
  • I will drop off the clothes I want to donate.
  • I will celebrate some lovely birthdays after we had to skip them last year due to Corona.
  • I will invite my sisters to dinner.
  • I will say grace more often.
  • I will spend 15 min a week to clean up my desk and craft room chaos.

So sushi just got delivered. Gotta run. Now, let me know what intentions you set for yourself.

Happy September


2 thoughts on “August Reflections and September Intentions

  1. HOW is it already September???? I cannot wrap my head around it.

    It sounds like you had a successful August. I am so glad you got away for a few days and were able to relax. What kind of reading chair are you getting? (Do share!)

    Hope you have a great September, friend!

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