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Did you realize I skipped last month currently? Probably not. For some reason I wasn’t in the mood to write. Or better my head was and still is filled with so many thoughts and random task. It’s a loud noise. Very distracting and I feel so tired. But whatever is going on I think the currently in August m ay be the best thing to get some clarity.

The Olympians. I love love love watching the Olympics. I admire every athlete for his or her devotion to the sport. To struggling through the tough time. To surviving injuries and still to keep going. To making it to the Olympic team. To breaking personal bests and records. It is so freaking inspirational.

Vacation! Yes I have booked us some time at the Baltic Sea end of the month and I could not be more excited. Seriously, I haven’t felt so jittery for a vacation in the last decade or so. With everything going on we have been hesitant if traveling is the right thing to do but after 1,5 years being more or less confined to the own apartment we really really need a change of scenery. We ended up only feeling comfortable traveling within Germany and found a wonderful small little place. I’ll probably show a bit on my Instagram.

having the apartment to my own again. Now that does sound a bit mean but hear me out. I have been working from home since 2017. With Covid Mr. ♡ obviously started working from home. While I love having him around I also had to realize that I am not as freely doing what may be good for me. I had started taking naps spree-covid because it felt right. I couldn’t do it when he was around. Not because he said anything but because I felt guilty when he worked and I didn’t. Now I have taken two naps already and it felt great. Also I was able to cook more of what I liked. However I have to admit my procrastination levels are also rising and the to-do list gets longer. I am not quite able to balance it out. I need to figure it out.

Time, money and most of all energy to change my current lifestyle. Due to some medical reasons – that finally – gave me the last push I decided I need to get a grip on a few things I have been struggling with for many years. I gave myself until the end of the year to see if I can manage and avoid a bigger surgery. If not, I hope I have at least moved toward a more healthy way of living. And I hope it will stick. So it can only be a win or a win win.

Not sure if I do any saving currently. I am more on a little spending spree. I usually don’t buy myself a lot of things. And even the ones I’d like to get I often don’t always saying I don’t really need them. Often that is true. So my struggle is more with allowing myself to purge in thinks I would like but don’t need. This weekend I bought a book that is on my wishlist and I saw it in the bookstore and bought it. Just to realize I could have saved 3€ if I hadn’t bought it there. So I a m struggling with not having saved that money instead of being happy I own this book now. please tell me I am not the only weirdo having those thoughts. Better even if you can tell me a healthy way to accept / acknowledge or handle those kind of feelings. Much appreciated.

Now I’ll spend the next few minutes reading through all the currently posts on Anne’s blog before I need to tackle the to-do list and keep catching up. Had a slow start into this week and I am behind. hoping today is an energy filled one.

Happy Wednesday


12 thoughts on “Currently in August

    1. I hear you and hope future naps are on the horizon for you. Yes a vacation is really needed. Do you have some time away planned?

    1. Thank you. I really can’t wait and already planning on doing a bit more of photography. It always calms me down and I am very much in the moment when taking photos.

  1. I worked from home for years before Covid hit, and I can totally relate to the difficult transition to having someone else in your space all of the time. I’m glad for you that you have a bit of your own time back :) And we have been so into Olympics here too – very compelling, all of it!
    Anne recently posted…five things Friday: nesting editionMy Profile

    1. Trank you for stopping by. And yes it is nice to have some me time again and yet it was also nice to work from home together. I guess balance is all.

  2. I don’t know why I am commenting so late on this one, I feel like I read it before but apparently never commented LOL Anyway, I do hope you had a nice vacation. It sounds lovely to get away. I am still waiting for the right moment where this is possible.

    I also TOTALLY understand that it’s nice to have the apartment to yourself (is your husband back at the office?) – I never have the apartment to myself and since I started working from home I’ve craved some alone time even more than before. Alas, Jon hardly ever leaves (other than for a walk LOL)

    I hope you get your health issues sorted out. I am sorry you’re dealing with something. Fingers crossed.

    1. I know the feeling of having read but then wondering why there is ni comment. A little bit of alone time is such a healthy thing. Hope you find some. The husband is back at work for about 2 days a week. But now after vacation he will stay home 2 weeks to make sure he didn’t catch any virus.

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