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october book talk

October has probably been my busiest month work wise in a a while. So reading really was a challenge at times and then a live savior in other moments. Leaving it all behind and diving into the story. Again audio books became a thing since. I can listen to those while trying to stay in top of household stuff and maybe taking one of the rare morning walks. Glad in the end there is something for the Book Talk October to post.

So let’s go and see with what kind of books I spent my days.

The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams | ★★★★✶

What it is about: When widower Mukesh arrives at the library, desperate to forge a connection with his bookworm granddaughter, Aleisha the anxious teenage library assistant t passes along a reading list she just happened to have found herself… hoping that it will be a lifeline for him too. Slowly, the shared books create a connection between two lonely souls, as fiction helps them escape their grief and everyday troubles and find joy again.
What I thought: What a gem. A colleague handed me this book because she didn’t feel it. Well I felt it all. It s been a while since a book made me cry but Mukesh and Aleisha managed to get to my heart. A book about heartache, grief and hope. The power of books and that the right story at the right time can change your life. I loved everything about it. However I didn’t need the big gathering at the end. For me that dulled the otherwise perfect atmosphere of the book.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: Only saw translations to Spanish and Portuguese
Recommend to: Everyone loving books, books about books, friendship and another take on love.

The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett | ★★★★☆

What it is about: Goodreads says: It is 997 CE, the end of the Dark Ages. England is facing attacks from the Welsh in the west and the Vikings in the east. Those in power bend justice according to their will, regardless of ordinary people and often in conflict with the king. Without a clear rule of law, chaos reigns. In these turbulent times, three characters find their lives intertwined: A young boatbuilder, a Norman noblewoman and a monk. And each in turn comes into dangerous conflict with a clever and ruthless bishop who will do anything to increase his wealth and power. 
What I thought: The kings bridge Universe is one of my favorites so of course I loved this book. Easy to read, lovable characters, creepy and malice ones as well. I loved how at times you got glimpses into the next book. And I know finally know why it’s called Kings Bridge. A book I was able to totally dive into and be sucked out of this world.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: German title “Der Morgen einer neuen Zeit” hardcover, paperback, ebook and many more translations
Recommend to: Everyone loving the kings bridge novels and everyone loving a good historic fiction novel. Everyone loving Ken Follett. Just everyone…

october book talk the evening and the morning ken Follett

Goodbye things by Fumio Sasaki | ★★★★☆

What it is about: ‘There’s happiness in having less. If you are anything like how I used to be – miserable, constantly comparing yourself with others, or just believing your life sucks – I think you should try saying goodbye to some of your things’ says Fumio Sasaki.
What I thought: This was an unintended discovery. I listened to this book because I was wanting for another one to become available. So going into it I had no real clue what to expect and I also didn’t have too high hopes. This was a present surprise. I liked the pragmatic approach and the 55 tips to get started right away. Most self help books only talk about the journey the author has taken but this was practical. I think a more in-depth post is coming here. So much good stuff.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: German title “Das kann doch weg!” paperback, ebook and many more translations
Recommend to: Everyone wanting to get rid of some clutter and needs food for thought on minimalism.

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner | ★★★★☆

What it is about: Goodreads says: Hidden in the depths of eighteenth-century London, a secret apothecary shop caters to an unusual kind of clientele. Women across the city whisper of a mysterious figure named Nella who sells well-disguised poisons to use against the oppressive men in their lives. But the apothecary’s fate is jeopardized when her newest patron, a precocious twelve-year-old, makes a fatal mistake, sparking a string of consequences that echo through the centuries.
What I thought: I loved it. Again an audiobook. I enjoyed that the story was narrated by three different voices to illustrate the three POV. This was great entertainment. I would have loved to visit that apothecary shop (not necessarily to buy any poisons). Only downside I would have loved a bit more historical background of such shops in the referred time. Also I found the current day story line a bit unbelievable regarding the academic career. But than its for entertaining and that is what this book got done.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: German title “Versteckte Apotheke” hardcover, ebook and more translations
Recommend to: Everyone enjoying London, historical fiction, strong female characters and a bit of mystery.

A Song for the Missing by Pierre Jarawan | ★★★✶☆

What it is about: A story about Lebanon and its people, about a boy growing up in postwar Beirut and the same boy as a grown-up. A story about family, love, friendship, memories, and the history of a beautiful city that has been the location of so much sectarian violence, even nowadays.
What I thought: A good book that at times overwhelmed me. I know little about the time (1970-early 2000) and the area (Lebanon) and my biggest struggle was that I had little knowledge on how to read the story. I believe it would be easier to understand if one does. Specially the nuances that I only understood by the end of the book. Throughout the story I had the feeling I am missing something. Like a piece was missing I didn’t get earlier. Maybe that was an intention maybe that was just me. In the end though it all came together. It is a slow book. It is a book all over the place – the fractured time lines really have been a challenge and I’d say I actually prefer multiple timelines. This was tough though. Nevertheless the book left an imprint and I think it is worth reading.
Original Language and Title: German “Ein Lied für die Vermissten” hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: English “A song for the missing” paperback, ebook
Recommend to: Everyone wanting to know more about the Middle East and particular Lebanon, who is fond of historical fiction and enjoys slower books.

Counterfeit by Kirsten Chen | ★★✶☆☆

What it is about: Goodreads says: the story of two Asian American women who band together to grow a counterfeit handbag scheme into a global enterprise–an incisive and glittering blend of fashion, crime, and friendship.
What I thought: Yawn. I just wanted to get through this audiobook and I really considered stopping multiple times. I guess I hoped for a big reveal. It was just not my kind of story I guess. Also I had a feeling that there were lots of stereotype. And I hated that kid. Wow so annoying. I guess there is an audience for it. I am not one of them.
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: I couldn’t find any translation yet
Recommend to: Not sure I would.

The Last Library by Freya Sampson | ★★✶☆☆

What it is about: Goodreads says: June Jones emerges from her shell to fight for her beloved local library, and through the efforts and support of an eclectic group of library patrons, she discovers life-changing friendships along the way.
What I thought: I hoped for a great library based story and while it all happened in and around the library I found the whole story rather boring and predictable and at times too far fetched. I could have spend my money on anther book. And. the title is so misleading. Its not the last library its a small country library in the middle of no where…
Original Language and Title: English hardcover, paperback, ebook
Publications: German title “Die letzte Bibliothek der Welt” hardcover, paperback, ebook
Recommend to: If you have too much time and need a simple story that isn’t romancy.

New books on the shelves

I decided in 2022 I will also share how many books make it to my TBR list (only books I own otherwise we would sit here in years) and occupy my shelves right above the reading chair and also on my digital home on the kindle. Feel free to ask me in a few weeks if I have read it yet. HA

And this was my Book Talk October.

Happy reading,


16 thoughts on “Book Talk October 2022 – What I read

  1. I think we are kindred souls re: reading. I have read all of Kingsbridge except this one and you loved it so much and I’m immediately ordering it from the library! I didn’t love The Lost Apothecary, but I did love hearing about the history and how women lived their lives. One woman in my book club was so mad about the modern storyline with respect to the academic aspect, but agree with you that it was supposed to be entertaining, not necessarily a real-life exemplar of how history programs work.

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is hands down my favorite book ever. I read it as a tween, a twentysomething, and in my forties and I take something different away from it each time. It’s a delicious novel.

    1. Oh thank you for making “A tree grows in Brooklyn” so exciting. However I feel its a book for spring. Not sure why. How great that you a re a fellow Kingsbridge lover. Pillars of the Earth is my favorite in this serious but the prequel is fun too. I hope you can get it soon and then I am excited about what you think. Hope it holds up.

  2. I am so impressed by how much reading you all get done right now… I am like barely hanging on to the bandwagon (haven’t fallen off completely, but since I am still working on the Outlander series, progress is slow).

    I have read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and I LOVED it. I haven’t read any of the other books but am intrigued by The Read List and the The Lost Apothecary. I’ll be putting those on my-to read list.

    1. Most of those books have been audio books to be honest. Reading is tough right now. You are the second one saying A tree grows in Brooklyn is great. So its moving up on my list… I think you would enjoy the reading list. Its a feel good book but also not shallow at all.

  3. Yes! I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn years ago and loved it- I should re-read it now. i hope you enjoy it!
    Sounds like you had (mostly) a lot of good books last month. I haven’t read any of these, although I’ve read others by Ken Follet. I would enjoy a more in-depth post on Goodbye Things.
    Jenny recently posted…Wednesday WanderingsMy Profile

    1. I feel like if you enjoy one Ken Follet all the other are good too. Even if one is not as great it often is much better than a lot of similar books. And again A tree grows in Brooklyn. This one really seems to be a favorite. The POOst about Goodbye Things is coming. Promise.

  4. I even can’t remember when I got a decent amount of reading done but I am always open for suggestions. I requested some books for my birthday but the 3-5 I get usually last me a couple of months. Since I can do some of the things at work in my sleep now I go through quite a few audio books that I usually get from the library. That’s also how I got to The Lost Apothecary and I completely agree with your verdict.

    1. Yes audiobooks are a good way to keep in the book-loop even though you are not reading. I have decided its part of reading just a different experience. I wouldn’t want to listen to every book. Some need to be read. Others that are purely for entertainment or I have low expectations to but still want to know what they are about are a great audiobook choice. Glad you get those in while working. Something you get out of the odd hours.

    1. I read The Evening and the Morning last year and I loved it too! I haven’t read any of the others on your list but I like the sound of The Reading List and The Lost Apothecary.

    1. I believe there are seasons. Some times it is necessary to watch a lot of tv or play on the phone and then there are times when you can’t get enough books. I bet you’ll find time reading again.

  5. I tried reading The Reading List but couldn’t get into it. I think I wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy and I needed something a lot more light-hearted at the time I tried to read it. I do want to try it again, though!

    I haven’t read The Lost Apothecary, but the author is local to my area so I need to give it a read to support a local author!

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all-time favorites. It’s such a great novel. I hope you love it!
    Stephany recently posted…Ask Stephany Anything | Round 1My Profile

    1. Yes I understand the feeling with The reading List. I wasn’t expecting it too be so heavy. But I really loved it. Maybe there is a right time for you to pick it up again. I think the Lost apothecary was a fun way to entertain myself.
      And a Tree grows in Brooklyn really seems to be a favorite of everyone. Definitely moving way up on my TBR pile now.

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