Dressmaking for the Godchild

I’ve got a gazillions kids clothes patterns and tons of cute stuff and fabrics laying around. So when my sis announced my niece into the world I was happy.

knot dress with tilda fabric

She turned two and I have only sewn her a ‘welcome pack’ so far. And a garland for her first birthday. High time for some dressmaking.

I won the fabric in my early blog days and picked it with my god child in mind. I was looking for a pattern that’s cute, a bit different, matching her personality and also fits as I couldn’t take measures. I ended up with this cute pattern from The Sewing Rabbit.

The hardest was probably cutting the pattern. I should have taped the sheets together (as instructed) and then cut out the size. Well I went the hard way and it still worked.

knot dress back and knot tilda

Sewing with only cotton was a nice change. It is so much easier than jersey or other fabric. I don’t know how long it took me overall but it was not that long. It’s the ironing in between that’s time consuming.

What I learned:

  • ironing is important and actually helps sewing however it is a boring task
  • you should always buy more fabric because it might not be enough (happened almost here I just pivoted the fabric for the skirt)
  • didn’t quite understand how the professional method to attach the skirt is better as you can see the rough ends. would not do it again this way

Well I think she liked it. Haven’t heard back if it fits only she’s gonna wear it for a summer wedding.

What are you giving for toddler birthdays?! Spill it. Have a boys 2nd coming up and 3rds too.

Happy sewing,


Oh and since it’s creadienstag link-up party time check out the other geniuses.

New Year :: New Purse

This year started out quite enthusiastic with making my big list of 2015 resolutions and then breaking it up into my January tasks. But to be honest once that was done I kinda felt drained.

After my December marathon of blogging I feel I need to step back from blogging for a bit before it becomes a task.

It’s not that don’t do anything with my time – on the contrary. We finally got our new wall closet installed this weekend and I also spend tons of time writing eBay ads to get all the clutter out of the apartment.

And I also finally got around to sew a new purse.

new year new purseThis was planend to be my new fall purse – hence the colors. I came around this ribbon and it reminded me of the Alps, a nice late summer evening where it’s getting really cold.

However I didn’t really know what to do with it. But of course I bought it anyways. (I had a major shopping spree and bought a boatload of ribbons that day. Seriously it’s been a bit scary what money I spent that day.)

purse with hearts

Anyway a bit later I was going through my pile of old clothes to good to throw out and discovered our old throw pillow cases in the pile. Jackpot! Don’t those colors match perfectly?!

purse with hearts

I used the Penelope Tote pattern I had sewn before and what has proven to be a good size for me. I found it here – but I think it’s not on the blog anymore. However there are ton of other patterns worth browsing. The instructions with the pin tucks throw me off every time and I really don’t think I sew them the way they were supposed to but I don’t know any other way.

purse with hearts

I am quite happy with the result. Do you have a favorite purse pattern? Or do you try new ones every time? Please share because a girl can’t have enough bags and purses, no?

purse with hearts with pockets

I also added a few pockets – it’s all about decluttering, right?
And since I sew it for myself I will join todays linkup RUMS.

Happy day to you,


Birthday Present for a 1 year old

I am invited to a birthday party. I like birthday parties. Especially the ones were family comes together and sits around a table to have cake and (hello I’m German) coffee. It’s one of those traditions. In my family we always had the table decorated with smarties. And we usually ate them all before the cake was served. It is such a cute look when you come to the table – like eatable confetti.

birthday flowers

When being a guest it is almost mandatory to bring a little something. As much as I love birthdays and cake I really have a hard time finding the presents. I always want to give something meaningful, unique to the person, cute and not too expensive. But being invited to birthday party for a one year old almost gave me a headache. You can’t just come along with candy (nowadays no sugar and all that) but giving toys is not really necessary either. Kids do have it all it seems.

birthday toys

So I came up with my idea of a birthday garland. Now give me some shoulder tapping and hand clapping. Isn’t that such a great idea? I mean come on every birthday party from now on can be easily decorated! You can even hang it in the kids room (in case anyone forgot who’s living there). And not to underestimate – you can just throw it in the washer. Take it out for a picnic in the park…. oh the possibilities.

birthday garland

Here is my how too:

1. Gather your materials: I cut up an old jeans to have my triangles. For the other side I used scraps of fabric I had lying around.

2. I used gift wrapping ribbon to make the letters. This is a bit of a puzzle to get the letters all one size and I believe names with S, O and G are a pain. Luckily didn’t need those. Once arrange on the fabric sew them tight. I used a zigzag stitch and white yarn to have them pop out a bit more.

birthday garland how to

3. Sew triangles together (right sides facing each other), turn inside out and press.

4. Now comes the part I hated the most. Add bias tape to the triangles leaving enough ribbon on both sides to tie it somewheres e.g. a tree (remember that picnic!). Be sure to catch the fabric on both sides. I didn’t. It’s really just a pain. Or I am no good seamstress. Or I am too impatient. Anyway I got it done.

Now I hope my present will bring lots of joy and can be found on many birthday photographs to come.

What is your present idea for a one year old? I would love to hear more ideas…

Have a wonderful sunny weekend, Tobia


Baby Outfits für den Familienzuwachs oder Happy Mothers Day

Seit ich im regelmäßig im Netz unterwegs bin, füllt sich mein Nähliste mit Baby-Sachen. Die sind einfach so hübsch klein. Man kann sich am nähen üben ohne Mengen an Stoff zu versauen verbrauchen oder man kann aus alten Klamotten noch etwas hübsches zaubern. Bisher hab ich nur nie gewusst wohin danach…

Vor einiger Zeit nun gab es Familienzuwachs. Also nicht bei mir. Ich bin jetzt nur Tante… ABER ich bin ne Tante, die jetzt einen Grund hat kleine feine Dinge zu nähen. Also habe ich mich an mein Maschinchen gesetzt und mal einige Willkommens-Outfits gezaubert.

Ever since I read a lot of blogs I get hooked by all the cute little baby clothes which are sewn all over. I just never really knew what to do with the sewn pieces. Well a while ago there was a family addition. Not me. No I’m just a brand new aunt. BUT I’m an aunt who now has a reason to sew all those cute little things. So here is my welcome-on-earth-outfit.


Der Stoff stammt von einem geliebten Wickelrock. Also die Mutter liebte diesen Rock – damals mit 16. Eigentlich hatte ich mir den Stoff ergattert, um daraus ein Tascheninnenfutter zu nähen. Die jetztige Verwendung finde ich aber noch viiiieeel passender. Mal schauen ob er erkannt wird. HIHIHI

Und weil die Mutter eigentlich ein Grün-Kind ist, gab es noch ein grüne Hose. Ich war ja grad eh dabei ;-)

Der Schnitt für die Hose (Bloomers) stammt von Kate und ihrem Blog see kate sew. Der Blog ist eine Sammelstelle für Tutorials (Kleidung, Babysachen, Accessoires…). Ich les den unheimlich gerne.

I used an old skirt which actually belonged to the mother. Highly loved back when she was 16. I originally wanted to use the fabric for a tote bag but I love this use even more. I wonder if the pattern will be recognized… Well and since I was already sewing I made one pant in green too. The bloomers pattern is from Kate and her wonderful blog see kate sew. It’s full of tutorials (clothes, baby stuff, accessories…) I love visiting her.


Das zweite Outfit ist etwas weniger bunt. Hier kam der aktuelle Eulentrend durch. Den Eulenstoff habe ich aus der Restekiste einer Freundin erstanden. Der beigefarbende Hostenstoff war in seinem früheren Leben ein Polohemd von Mr. ♥.

Den Schnitt für die Hose habe ich von Rae und ihrem Blog made by Rae. Auf dem Blog gibt es eine ganze Menge an Schnitten für Baby und Kinderkleidung.

Ich find das ist eine ordentliche Ausbeute für die kleine Madame. Habt ihr einen tollen Tip/Schnitt den ich unbedingt auch noch nähen sollte?! Immer her damit.

Es grüßt

The second outfit is not as colorful. I got caught by the current owl trend. The fabric is from a friends scrap basket. The beige fabric used to be a polo shirt from my Mr. ♥. I found the pattern at Rae’s blog made by rae. There are quite a few patterns for baby and kids. Do you have any patterns worth sewing. Let me know. Thanks Tobia

Getting ready for summer ♥ Neon Shirts ♥

NEON ist die Trendfarbe. Und ich bin ihr erlegen. In meinem letzten Post habe ich ja schon angekündigt das es wieder etwas gibt. Zum Anziehen. Nach den Ohrringen werde ich also mutiger.

Neulich war ich bei Hüco Stoffe in Berlin. Während meine Freundin und ich durch die Gänge schlenderten, fiel unserer Blick immer wieder auf die neonfarbenden Stoffe. Beide hatten wir diesen Drang auch ein bisschen mehr neon pink in unser Leben und unseren Kleiderschrank zu lassen – waren uns aber auch schnell einig, dass es irgendwie albern aussehen könnte. Wir haben DIE Lösung gefunden – T-Shirt Applikationen.

Was ihr braucht:

♥ T-Shirt, alt oder neu | schwarz oder grau | ganz wie ihr mögt
♥ neonfarbendes Stück Stoff oder einen anderen Rest
♥ Motiv | ich habe die Bildersuche bei Google nach Silhouetten durchforstet
♥ Kreide, Nadel, Faden, Nähmaschine

1. Motivsuche
Das war für mich der langwierigste Schritt. Ein Schriftzug? Live Life, Happy, PINK, Ein Bild? Fee, Augen, Beides? Ein Logo? Völlige Überforderung… Irgendwann hatte ich mich dann entschieden.
Das Motiv auf ein DIN A4 quer Blatt bringen und ausdrucken. Ans T-Shirt halten, um zu schauen ob euch die Größe gefällt.

2. Schablone vorbereiten
Jetzt das Motiv ausschneiden. Wichtig: schaut euch genau an, was ihr wegschneidet. Es sollten keine Elemente auf den ausgeschnittenen Flächen sein. Wären die Lippen verbunden und die Zähne würden wegfallen, wäre das Motiv nur noch schwer erkennbar.

p19_sneak peak_neon_b2

3. Motiv aufs T-Shirt
Das T-Shirt bügeln. Schablone auflegen (Achtung: mittig!) und mit einem Kreidestift auf das Shirt übertragen.

p20_neon shirt_b2

p20_neon shirt_b3
Das passiert wenn das Motiv nicht mittig liegt – alles zurück auf Anfang.

4. Stoff positionieren
Neonstoff bügeln. Faltenfrei zwischen Vorder- und Rückseite des Shirts legen. Wichtig: die rechte Seite zur Vorderseite. Alles ordentlich mit Nadeln feststecken.

p20_neon shirt_b4

5. Outlines nähen
Jetzt mit einem Zickzackstick (Höhe mittel, Breite niedrig) die Linien nachnähen – je nach Motiv ist das ein wenig Fleißarbeit.

p20_neon shirt_b5


p20_neon shirt_b6

6. Farbe ins Spiel bringen

Vorsichtig das Shirt innerhalb der genähten Flächen ausschneiden, so dass euer druntergelegte Neonstoff zum Vorschein kommt.

p20_neon shirt_b7

7. Sauber machen

Jetzt noch alle Fäden abschneiden, ggf. den Stoff auf der Innenseite des Shirts nah an der Naht zurückschneiden und fertig ist euer Neon-Trend-Shirt! Total selbstgemacht!

p20_neon shirt_b8

Viel Spaß beim Nachnähen und zeigt mir doch eure Werke. Ich würde mich freuen.