Holiday Craft Ideas

house lantern for christmas craftaliciousme seeking creative life

I love me some holiday crafts. Over the years I have done a lot and shared a few on my blog here. And since we are few new people here this time around I figured it is time to dig deep and show you some of the hidden gems on the blog. Maybe I can inspire you with these holiday craft ideas to get the glitter, glue and paper out and have yourself a little craft session. I am still dreaming about hosting a crafter noon with friends. One day. Ohhh I just had the craziest random idea. Maybe next year I put that in moment. (sorry for that teaser but that is how my ideas come and go).


Wildlife at my doorstep

wildlife_gray heron peeking

I have always enjoyed my walk through the park or the regular strolls around my favorite cemetery. Those where the green spots around my house when we still lived downtown Berlin. And I sure miss them since I was so familiar with. all the hidden corners, some of the wildlife inhabiting the spaces and I knew the flow of the seasons. But living at the water now I have a whole different wildlife at my doorstep and its is fascinating to discover and experience.

Today I want to share the things I have discovered in the past seven months living here.


Mourning myself

mourning myself

In Germany today is the Sunday before Advent on wich the dead are commemorated or as we call it “Ewigkeitssonntag” (Eternity Sunday) or “Totensonntag” (Sunday of the Dead). I have briefly written about the meaning behind it when I mourned celebrated my late grandparents and what they had taught me. Lately I have this feeling that I – at times – are mourning myself. The old version of me. The younger one. And I wanted to explore those half thoughts today. As it only seems fitting.

I was 29 when my life changed in 2011. I could have seen it coming but as you often do, you push the signs away, keep going, trying to be strong. This was not going to slow me down. It did.


Trying something new – Hosting Friendsgiving

hosting friendsgiving

For years the husband and I have talked about hosting Friendsgiving. We more or less decided to do it in 2020 but than the world changed. Obviously it wasn’t going to happen. A bit sad but also a bit relieved. I have no freakin clue how to do a turkey. I am not so familiar with hosting a dinner. A potluck buffet thing no problem. A dinner puhhh. But you gotta leave your comfort zone. And just like Jenny hit the button on something big, we hit the button sending the invites without really having a plan.