Goal Check-in to my 101 things 1001 days bucket list

photo of lighthouse in evening sun for my goal check in for the 101 in 1000 project also called project zero

One year ago I started a project. I wanted to cross off 101 goals in 1000 days. And to stay on track I have already decided to do an annual goal check-in. Today is the day: I want to see how far I have come. And maybe you also like to have a look. Then follow along:

Checked goals on the bucket list

Let’s start with all the goals that have been successfully been crossed of the list.

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Summer Bucket List – Enjoying Summer 2020

enjoying summer 2020 staying home craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Remember that I believe summer starts with June 1st? With that logic we are already a few days into the season. Nevertheless I decided to make yet another list. A list to help enjoy summer 2020 to the fullest. Because let’s face it: there won’t be any long distance vacation coming up anytime soon. We are definitely not planning on traveling anywhere this year. So sad but even more important to seek out some fun in the home town:

  1. ✔ Bake a sugar free cake.
    Apparently this didn’t happen in spring so let’s do it now.
  2. ✔ See the water front.
    Spend as many moments as possible with some water close by.
  3. Finish #the100dayproject
    I have taken a break as life and the worlds happenings have clearly overwhelmed me lately. I am hoping to picking up the habit again and crossing off a few more of my projects on the list.
  4. Read one book with more that 700 pages.
    There is a challenge (#dickebüchercamp) I might join. I have a couple contenders.
  5. Take a boat trip.
    Since there won’t be a vacay I am thinking about renting a boat (maybe with friends) and spent a day on the river.
  6. Enjoy my dads garden party.
    If the pandemic allows my dad is throwing a big party celebrating his lifes pivot point of living longer in a united Germany than in the former GDR.
  7. ✔ Meeting some friends again.
    I have been putting off meeting friends. I miss my dear friend A. lots as we haven’t seen each other since February. I have had a couple dinner requests but was reluctant.
  8. Have a movie night at home.
    We watch a lot of movies. Basically every time we have breakfast and dinner on weekends. However I want to have a more planned one. With a cool meal, popcorn in buckets (a birthday present) and a pre-picked movie.
  9. Enjoy my balcony daily.
    It’s the time for morning coffees outside and an outdoor office until the sun hits the screen.
  10. ✔ Make ice cream.
    I think I haven’t used my ice cream maker last year. This year I try one or two new recipes.
  11. Celebrate 15 years with Mr. ♡
    Yep, this July we have been dating for 15 years. Crazy how time flies.
  12. Going swimming.
    It’s been on my list last year. And I already had the itching to jump in a lake and take a swim. I am not the girl who needs a swim to feel a live and I don’t consider myself a good swimmer but something is calling me.
  13. Visit the Drive-in Cinema
    I want to do this for so so long but I can’t quite convince the husband to join. And the movies selection hasn’t been that great… But maybe this year.

And this is how I plan on enjoying summer 2020. Don’t always need to travel far to have some fun. What are your plans? Travel or #stayathome? Now let me know what’s on your list because I am sure my days are not completely filled yet.

Happy summer time


P.S. if you need inspiration for your own summer list check out my archive 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.


coffee date craftaliciousme seeking creative life

What has happened to this year? I mean seriously I feel like I have lived life twice or more already and we haven’t even done half of it. I need some quiet and that is why I suggest grabbing our to-go cups and go to the cemetery. We sit on the bench close by the chapel overlooking the blackberry trees. The sun is hitting the spot and the trees are whispering in the wind. After we enjoyed the silence a bit we start chatting.

Sipping our coffee…
we’d talk about the current happenings and how they effect us. I want to know how you are doing. How you are handling the situation in your town. If you are effected by riots, by racism, your experiences and all. I did have a few deeper conversations with the husband. As he is a POC it came up once in a while throughout the years but I have to admit that I might have not understood him completely. And might have hurt him with my misunderstanding and misjudging of situations. It’s not a good feeling and so I need to learn more but I really need to listen and that has always been a hard one for me.

Sipping our coffee…
I admit that everything going on has me mentally struggling. The whole corona thing all started out quite ok for me but now with rules bing lifted and exceptions of friends, family and society being high to get back to previous lifestyles I am struggling. On top the political situation. And we are heading towards summer which always has me in a weird mentally space and I can feel depression knocking on my mental firewall. And I am so terrible sleepy all the damn time…

Sipping our coffee…
I wonder if you have ever made yourself an herbal tea from collected wild herbs and plants. I recently started getting into gather some plants and drying them to make my own selection of teas. I have so much to learn but I feel like it is something I enjoy. I would love to hear more if you have similar passions.

Sipping our coffee…
I’d share about my last weekend. I went to the country side to spent a few hours with family in the garden and celebrate my birthday. It was nice seeing everyone and it’s not often that all my siblings and parents are in the same spot nowadays. So we had lemon bundt cake with elderflowers and later we BBQ. It was a nice day. And I am really glad this years birthday was so much more fun that last years.

Sipping our coffee…
we talk about what we wear. I mentioned that I tried to wear self-made outfits in May (check out the challenge #memademay) but was not able to do so daily. We also talk about our clothing style. I still struggle with finding enough things to wear that make me feel good. How do you know what fits your personality. And what happens when all your clothe never fit because weight underlies such fluctuations. It’s so annoying.

Sipping our coffee…
I’d ask you what your summer vacation plans are. Are you planning on traveling somewhere? Will you spent this summer in your neck of the woods? We decided there won’t be much vacation going on which involves long distant traveling. Maybe a weekend in an airbnb but even that we are not sure. As most of Germany will spend time inside the country all the interesting spots will be so crowded that I believe it will not be very relaxing. So maybe we do a vacation in Berlin and do a few day trips. But I am open for my input und ideas.

We empty our cups, look at the darker clouds crowing the sky and decided to head back home. Not before agreeing to check in next month and to agree to pay Lecy a quick visit.

Have a great month of June


At the Moment #6

It’s my birthday today. And for a few years I take a minute (or two) to do an annual check in. It puts the year in perspective. It shows all the good things that happened. And it helps me realize to what I wish for. What I hope for. And this time around hoping and wishing is much needed.

at the moment craftaliciousme seeking creative life

.I think:
… 2020 will be a very peculiar year. So much is happening – half of what we are probably not (yet) recognizing. Most we are missing and still it’s effecting every single person on this planet one way or the other it seems. Pandemic, civil war like situations in the U.S., refugees in camps, horrific fires in Australia, earthquakes… You name it. And this year is not even half over. So much living we have to do…

.I like:
… not having migraines as badly anymore. Just this morning I had an aura but usually they pass without any pain now. The shots seemed to really have helped.

.I don’t like:
… myself a lot of times. And that is a very sad realization.

.I feel:
… Weltschmerz. I don’t know any other way to describe the current wariness. The disillusioning of what is happening to this world. So much pain. So much hate. So many egocentric people.

.I wear:
… my Apple Watch daily now.

.I learn:
… Spanish and should pick up a regular routine again. Also trying myself to read faster.

.I need:
…more self-confidence

.I’m annoyed by:
… people being egoistic.

.I want:
… to be able to read faster. Imagine all the books you could devour.

.I hear:
… my favorite playlist called “my happy place”.

.I’m making:
… all the things. This years 100 day project is finishing up all those projects I started, never finished or never tackled. I have made quite a few things lately. Right now I am working on doing our wedding photo album. It drags on. I am not good at editing out.

.I eat:
… asparagus. As long as it is still in season.

.I drink:
… a lot of coffee.

.I gather:
… herbs and wild leaves to make my own herbal tea for fall season. At least that is my plan.

.I smell:
… the neighbors cat litter box. The disadvantage of a balcony in an apartment building.

.I miss:
… my best friend. Our monthly date has been canceled three times and I haven’t seen her since the beginning of March. I hope we soon will.

.I regret:
… not being able to listen closely. Not being able to express my thoughts correctly. Causing pain.

.I enjoy:
… my quiet mornings where I read and learn new things and drink my coffee. And finally I can do it on the balcony again.

.I appreciate:
… Mr. ♡ taking the day off even though he is drowning at work because I had such a crappy experience last year being all by myself all day on my birthday.

.I trust.
… we will see better times. I trust we will come out stronger as a society. I trust that history will not repeat itself and that the human race is actually able to learn from its mistakes.

.I dream:
… of house or apartment by the water. Still. Forever. Probably.

.I read:
… Pippi Longstocking. It seemed like the right time to dive into my favorite children’s book.

Well, this has been a bit gloomy. Didnt want it to be but apparently that is the feeling at the moment. I love checking back and comparing with previous years once I am done writing. Feel free to also have a look: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Happy birthday to me and happy day to you