Corona Diaries – Month 10

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How have you been lately? Are you ok? Things look grim wherever you look. Numbers are rising – of case numbers and death. Currently in Germany every 2,5 minutes a person is dying due to Covid19. And still there are people out there not giving a sh**… What more needs to happen?

Number of days at home? Current situation.

48 days – more or less. I had to go to my quarterly neurologist and it happens to be close to my best friend. So we decided to meet for a walk in the park. She brought tea and we met for an hour outside. Other than that I only decided to go to my annual charity volunteering because I felt it is worth the risk. Other than that it is grocery shopping or a walk in the park or cemetery to get some exercise done and battle back pains from sitting too much.

How is the political situation?

Lockdown light kinda failed. People need strict rules otherwise its “I just do this thing it’s not so bad and I hardly meet anyone”. Well here is a secret – everyone is defining that individually and apparently many are defining it as “I do whatever I want and behave as there is no pandemic”. So schools are back in digital teaching mode, kindergartens are closing up and employers are encouraged to have their staff work from home. Some states are even implementing a curfew. It looks like that we are facing a new lockdown coming week. Which closes all shops not necessary. I think it’s the right move. However I am sorry for the businesses that I are again on the loosing end.

How is the work situation?

Slowing down. And I am glad. I am still waiting for the new contract for one of my clients and I am bit annoyed to not have it finalized yet. They tell me it comes through but there are some bureaucratic issues… Well I am keeping my options open and check other offers. Nothing panned out yet but I might have a small new client.

Looking back on my business year I can be proud and grateful how it tuned out. So I am not complaining.

How is the mood?

I have mentioned it back in June that “I feel Weltschmerz”. It is what describes this feeling best. I am emotionally scattered. I am annoyed by inconsiderate people. I am sad for how this makes our society so unkind. It truly hurts me and brings tears to my eyes. I may be too sentimental and too emotional but that is the current mood.

And at the same time I feel so grateful. I am still healthy. My family is still well. I have a nice home, a loving husband I can “still stand” after all this look-down time, enough food and I do not freeze. And on top I have books to read sweeping me away.

Any favorite moments?

  • meeting my friend for a tea-time-walk in the park on my way to the neurologist.
  • my afternoon spent with my sister volunteering for Operation Christmas Child
  • the winter morning light hitting my face when I sit in my favorite spot
  • winter air when being out in the park and cold cheeks when getting back home

What was the worst moment?

Accompanying the husband for a drive to the office to pick something up. I figured a good way to see a bit outside of my radius I kept for the last weeks. We wanted to pick up some food on the way back and we ended up in some sort of outdoor Glühwein party. An entire square filled with groups of people drinking, chatting and having fun. I almost wished Corona on all of them. How can you be so freekin egoistic?

And then the next day I had a row of contacts with people being very rude. One topped it of when he kept coming closer and closer while I was at the grocery cashier. I put my cart between us while piling stuff on the counter. When I paid he stepped closer again. And again – he was almost touching. When I told him it will not be faster when he keeps coming closer he told me I should be friendly. Excuse me?

The worst thing is I hardly ever say anything to those kind of people because I am shy and scared. So when I finally do and get such a reaction it is not doing much for self confidence.

What is stressful right now?

The Christmas Present organization, people who “need” to come to our house for repairs and maintenance issues. Why now when we try to isolate?

Any makes/DIYs this month?

I painted a few colorful leaves. Created a lot of content for work in a short amount of time and feel proud of. However I hope I will be able to craft a bit the coming days. I had plans to sew and make a few gifts but time is flying and post delivery is long these days so I am running out of time.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

Mr. ♡ has been home most of the days and so I started to cook a bit more but we also order take-out a lot….

  • his: fish fingers | her: salmon with mashed potatoes and cucumbers
  • grilled cheese sandwiches – a lot of them
  • sandwiches homemade or from the local bakery
  • bread with fried eggs
  • omelette
  • pasta with pesto
  • Leberkäse with potatoes salad
  • potato soup with hot dogs
  • him: lots of pizza | her: one pizza
  • her: potatoes with spinach and fried eggs
  • her: chicken fricassee with rice
  • Indian, Asian and Turkish take out

This was my last Corona update for this year. Unfortunately I will be back with the Corona Diaries next year. We are still not through this pandemic. Hopefully when we see each other again we are all still safe, healthy and in good spirits.

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 10

  1. I feel you on the “mood” situation. Just before Christmas, despite being in a lockdown, I saw a gazillion people descend on our neighborhood to see the Christmas decorations. There were cars bumper to bumper and so many people walking around. IS THAT REALLY NECESSARY IN A PANDEMIC?? But yeah, I guess they all comply 95% of the time but still thought they’d make one exception and see the Christmas decorations on the Saturday before Christmas. I just can’t… :(

    1. Yes it is very sad. Even sadder when similar behaviors appear within family and close circles. You kinda understand but *sigh*… Here is to more understanding and brighter days in 2021

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