A gift in the neighborhood

a gift for the neighborhood painted leave

Have you ever wondered who exactly lives in your neighborhood? Living in a big city such as Berlin you just don’t know your neighbors. You might have seen one or two faces and recognize them but you never pass words. If continuing to meet each other at random places and the recognition is mutual you may nod to each other.

I have to admit, I don’t really need to know them all. I am happy I have nice neighbors within my apartment complex and we are exchanging words when meeting on the stairs or when picking up mail We have had the occasional coffee chat and even a New Years party together. But once neighbors move we have hardly stayed in contact. It is ok, those people are in the live for a season as the saying goes.

And still I sometimes wished there would be a bit more… More kindness, more beauty, more connection in a anonymous way, more joy and more happiness.

The other day I went for a lunch walk. Before I left the house I decided to put a few little craft pieces in my purse. As you may recall from my 101 goals in 1000 days there is goal #95. Spread a bit of kindness by leaving art or craft pieces for people to find. It was the day I started to work on that goal. So when I walked through my usual rout over the cemetery I placed a painted leaf on the bench near the entrance. I know a lot of elders sit there to catch their breath when taking care of loved ones gave. Sometimes the lunch crowd does take a break there.

The next leaf I placed in a bush on my way to the grocery store. Lots of people go that rout to run errands, to pick up children from day care or to head for work. Maybe one of them had a rough day and was blessed with a smile when seeing the dotted leaf peek out. Another one was left in my street at the planter in front of a business. People gather there to play Pokemon or have a cigarette. And the last one I left in my hallway by the mail boxes.

It felt good leaving a gift in the neighborhood. It is so easy to do. I painted the leaves anyways and would have just thrown them out after a while. tI believe this way I made someone smile. I am sure I will continue that practice. Maybe I add my Instagram handle one of those days and maybe see if someone found them and wanted to reach out.

Did you ever do something like that? What else could I leave behind for people to enjoy?

Happy day to you


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