Corona Diaries – Month 8

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Over the summer you could almost forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. Almost. It felt normal and then normalcy and carelessness creeped in. I would like to say I wasn’t part of it but I have to admit I often had to remind myself we are still in the midst. Maybe even just at the beginning. I still didn’t meet many people and if I kept my distance. But things are changing again and so I figured it’s time for a little check-in:

Number of days at home? Current situation.

Since we are not in lock-down mode anymore I switch this one up a bit. I do leave the apartment for grocery shopping, walks in the park or cemetery and we took a few drives around Berlin on the weekends. I also went to family birthdays but we usually had an open air gathering or some open window situation. I did meet my best friend in person after 7 months. It was so goo. We did hug though. We also had some friends over for dinner but as mentioned only with open windows and social distancing. I am not sure how this will be now that we are heading into flu season and colder weather.

How is the political situation?

Well, what can I say. Restrictions are back at least here in Berlin as we have rising and alarming numbers of new infections. We have a curfew for bars, restaurants and clubs meaning no opening and no alcohol after 11pm. If you know Berlin this is a major thing as party people usually don’t start their clubbing before midnight. Also Berlin citizens have been banned from traveling to other parts of the country as we are from a risk region.

How is the work situation?

Amazingly good. My previous project ended end of June. I interviews for a new project July 2 and was hired by the end of the month now lasting until end of the year. This was a really good thing and I couldn’t be happier.

It means also traveling to Hamburg a few times per month which I was a bit anxious but is only a 1:45 train ride away. However I will probably stop going to Hamburg as they are no longer accommodate people from Berlin – as I had to learn the hard way this week. When I wanted to check in to the hotel they told mea they would do it as I was from Berlin. It was not mentioned in the media or their website and I was slightly angry about it. However my brain went into solution mode and I called my client and she covered her couch. It was a really bad feeling.

How is the mood?

Overall pretty good. After my initial shock and first time being in the midst of corona restrictions that directly effected me I am ok now. Nevertheless I am a bit annoyed with people being too carefree. When going shopping no one keeps a distance at the cashier. On the street people squeeze by you. I have seen too many cough and sneeze into their hands.

Any favorite moments?

  • Hugging my parents and sisters after 7 month
  • Facetime with my niece and nephew
  • Letters from my new penpal in Prague @astar_again.
  • Letters from my niece
  • A few nice evenings in Hamburg walking along the harbour
  • Balcony living – being outside, chatting with neighbors while social distancing
  • Reading time

What was the worst moment?

Probably the closed door in the Hamburg hotel last week. Also the anti corona demonstrations and the growing self centered individuals.

What is stressful right now?

Being at my computer 9 am sharp. I am not used to having regular meetings this early in the morning and the new job does mess up my morning retinue a bit. Also I am having bad back pain from so many desk hours.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

Letter writing, a bit of baking and arranging some flowers. Other than that it was a bit low key. Many the continuing blogpost. That reminds me of some summer wreath making and avocado dying.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

Since the husband is back at work daily we are no longer having many meals together. So I just eat whatever I feel like.

  • backed zucchini with salmon
  • Milchreis (rice pudding)
  • pasta in all shapes and varieties
  • many many salads in the summer
  • Quarkkeulchen – favorite childhood meals

Mid October and the pandemic is here for almost all the months of 2020. The husband lately said this year feels like 300 years but at the same time it still feels like February. Oh man how true is that. Usually I would say a new year brings new beginnings but I don’t feel that our situation will be mich different in 3 months. I guess we will see.

Take care and stay safe


4 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 8

  1. Gosh, it definitely still feels like spring, although we’re marching towards the end of the year.

    Germany has – overall – done pretty well (or so it seems from afar and in comparison to how things played our here), but I am sorry to hear that numbers are up and that you were actually denied your hotel room, when you traveled to Hamburg without informing you about the new rules. I do hope things won’t get worse again this fall.

    1. I totally agree – compared to other countries Germany is doing rather good and we shouldn’t complain. I wouldn’t want to switch sides with you right now. I do hope it’s not getting to bad here in fall but it’s definitely looking more grim than a few weeks ago.

  2. I’ve loved your Corona diaries, Tobia. I’ve also been journaling about this crazy, crazy year, and it’s going to be such a landmark year in so many ways.

    And your favourite moments sound amazing. :) :)

    1. Ah thank you Shirsha. Yes those thoughts we are currently writing down will go down in history in some way or another. Glad you find journaling through this time also helpful.

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