10 things you don’t know about me :: part VI

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It is November again. Time for the annual NaBloPoMo and I will again (try) to participate. And as tradition has it I will start the daily posting with “10 things you don’t know about me”. So everyone is stumbling in here today might get to know me.

1. I love canned pea soup.

A soup lover through and through – that’s me- I eat them in all shades and variations. A really good “Eintopf” aka stew is high on my list. However making them takes time. I am often too lazy. I discovered this brand at my local grocery store that makes the best canned pea soup. It can be eaten unheated and still tastes great. I have never cooked pea soup myself but I don’t need to. Ha!

2. I don’t much like yellow flowers.

I have developed the habit to buy flowers every week. But for some reason I don’t like yellow flowers that much. I like the view of a good field of sunflowers – but wouldn’t put sunflowers in my house. I like blooming trees of golden rain but would never plant one. I guess yellow is just not my color overall as I don’t own a yellow piece of clothes either.

3. Reading magazines in a weird way.

When I receive my new copy of Flow magazine (the only one I have a subscription to) I always start by shaking out all subelements and advertising and check if any are interesting. After I sorted that I start the magazine by reading the editorial note. Then I start to browse through it only to stop at certain formats to read those immediately. After that the magazine sits for days sometimes weeks before I pick it up again when I am relaxed and have time and I usually read it cover to cover. Now done with it I put it on a shelf.

4. My first online bought product.

Do you remember what yours was? I vividly do. It was a pair of asics volleyball shoes. I needed new ones and I wanted some with blue as our uniforms were blue (I used to play in a semi professional team here in Berlin). But it was hard to find ones in store. I was just dating Mr. ♡ and he wondered why I don’t buy them online. I had no idea I that was done. And I was scarred of them not fitting, of being cheated out of it as it was quiet a sum of money for someone during an apprenticeship program. Anyhow I found them in a store, tried them on, had them old the shoes, while I went home and ordered online (saving some money). Crazy how things change…

5. This song always makes me cry.

Ok, now this is a cheesy one and I might regret putting it out here. But you may know I have a thing for country music. So I have the soundtrack of “Nashville” on my phone and the song “Sanctuary” always makes me teary. Please tell me you have one of those songs too!

6. I never used an electronically toothbrush.

I am one of those people ho never had an electrical toothbrush. I haven’t seen the use in them yet. I can brush by hand, it doesn’t use up as much space and it is even more ecological – as we tend to make this an argument lately. And my dentist confirms or is rather surprised how I manage to brush so thoroughly. So why change a winning team.

7. I moved 5 times.

I am not counting the place and the first six weeks of my life really because then it would have been 8 times. But after the first weeks with me as a newborn my mom moved back to her actually place of residence at the time Leipzig. After that we moved to Forst/Lausitz a small town at the boarder of Poland. In the early 90’s we moved to Berlin. Within the city I moved three times.

8. My oldest piece of clothing is 28 years old.

I am still wearing and loving a pullover I bought in 1992 in some store in Rome. It was huge back than and hardly fitted but I loved it so much that I didn’t care and really needed to get it. Therefore it wasn’t much worn in the following years but I kept holding on because I still loved it. Over the the last years I have worn it rather often as it fits and seems indestructible. What piece of clothes do you own the longest?

9. My heartbeat wakes me up.

Every once in a while I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if someone is shaking me or if there is a earthquake or someone jumping on the mattress. It usually tales me a while to realize that I woke up to the heartbeat and blood pulsing through my veins. Does anyone else have that experience too?

10. Apparently I am an Architect (INTJ-T).

I am doing those personality test about every year and see if things change. I like the 16 personalities the best because they give so much insights on different parts of life. According to that test I am an Architect. And phrases like “These personalities can be both the boldest of dreamers and the bitterest of pessimists.” or “Architects question everything.” definitely hit home. When diving deeper into those analysis it is scarily correct. Have you ever done a test. It it true? And what are you in the 16 personalities?

So that was fun – but I have to admit it gets tougher each year to come up with new fun things you don’t know about me. If you want to read more things about me check out the previous posts: part I in 2014 , part II in 2016, part III in 2017, part IV in 2018, part V in 2019.

Now let me one thing about yourself in the comments!

Happy November


4 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about me :: part VI

  1. I am so excited you’re joining me – once again! – for NaBloPoMo this year. Let’s make it fun.

    I always love these kinds of posts, because there are so many random things that nobody would ever know if we didn’t share these kinds of posts… haha.

    That is so funny: I also still have a sweater from the 90’s that I still wear (and love!, because I bought it in Boston!).

    I am also a soup lover and will eat many, many variations this winter. however, there are only a couple of canned soups that I like … but it’s awesome that you’ve found one that is so tasty!

    1. I know those posts are fun for sure.
      Soups are the best during cold weather and real comfort food. I would say I only love that special pea soup all other canned soups are not that great. How cool you also have a 90s Sweater.

  2. I see you and San are doing the NaBloPoMo this month! I look forward to reading your posts and maybe next year I’ll join in :)
    I like the story of your first online purchase! How nice to have a sweater from the 90’s.

    1. It would be wonderful to join us next year. It’s challenging but also very interesting how much you can come up with to write about. Yes that story is a bit funny

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