Corona Diaries – Week 3


Another week has gone by with our new normal. Here are my corona diaries for a quick recap and saving all this craziness for the generations (HA!) to come.

Number of days at home?

22 days so far, only left the house on Tuesday for groceries shopping. Tried to go have a walk but it was to crowded for me so I cut it short and went back home. Also the cemetery – where I was going to have my walk – was closed and only open to very limited hours.

How is the political situation?

Nothing much has changed. The contact ban was extended until April 19 so another three weeks at least. But that wasn’t really surprising. Currently discussions are made if a face mask should be required if walking in public. So far it is recommended at some places.

How is the work situation?

I was able to write some invoices. But I haven’t been able to earn anything more. Also I was able to receive financial support by the government. This makes me very happy and gives a bit of breathing room. Worked pro bono a lot. If the company makes it to the other side I will be able to charge. That’s our deal. And I attended a webinar or two.

How is the mood?

Actually pretty good. Most times I am ok. No problem with being at home, no real stress being home all day together. Currently I don’t really miss much. However I would have gone for more walks on different circumstances.

Any favorite moments?

  • Snowflakes dancing in front of the window
  • Long, deep, good talks with Mr. ♡
  • Being creative one afternoon

What was the worst moment?

Sunday night I sat down and thought about my living will. This made me quite emotional.

What is stressful right now?

Organizing food and toilet paper. I was trying to find toilet paper in over 5 stores but no such luck. And it’s been like that for two weeks. Luckily my neighbor was able to grab some and brought it up.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

Wrote 10 postcards and letters. Also crafted some envelopes. Started cutting pieces for a face mask to sew together.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

  • lots of Knäckebrot (crisp bread) for lunch
  • pasta with wild garlic used this recipe
  • rice and prawns
  • grilled cheese sandwich and fruit salad
  • Tomato soup with mozzarella cheese
  • ordered pizza

And this was another week. How have you been doing? Any struggles? Anything amazing happening?

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Week 3

  1. I am sorry about your work situation but I am glad you were able to get some financial support from the government.

    I love Knäckebrot – so glad I can get it here (although it’s expensive)

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