In times like these it is especially important to have something to look forward to and plan a few fun moments. Even though we are not being able to roam outside, enjoy all the spring air and go on adventures I will not shy away from making yet another spring bucket list.

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But as always we quickly check the winter list to see how things went:

  1. 𝗫 Take a walk in the snowfall. – no snowfall until March 30th 2020 this season.
  2. βœ” Go to a Christmas concert. – Did go, liked it a lot.
  3. βœ”π—« Get into Holiday spirit. – not quite sure if I can cross this one off. Yes and No.
  4. βœ” Celebrate our 6. Wedding Anniversary – We went to Oslo for a long weekend. Who would have thought this is going to be the last trip for a long time.
  5. βœ” Visit Roncalli Christmas Circus – we did, was fun to be in a circus again.
  6. 𝗫 Plan vacations for 2020 – good thing I didn’t make much progress here…
  7. βœ” Unravel 2019 and find a word for 2020 – yep! always do.
  8. 𝗫 Go ice skating – did we even have temperatures below zero this year?!
  9. 𝗫 Try to catch a snowflake on camera. – see 1
  10. βœ” Spend some cozy days with Mr. β™‘. – definitely
  11. βœ”π—« Be kind – mhm, tough one. I guess there is always room for improvement.

Ok, who is ready for some spring vibes?

Spring Bucket List 2020

  1. Starting the 100 Day project.
    I am a bit torn if I want to do it. Well I know I want to but for some reason I don’t have a clear idea yet on what to do. The project starts Tuesday, April 7th. What ever I decide follow along on Instagram.
  2. Write letters or cards to every birthday person.
    Just a quick and easy way to let people know theyr birthday is still important even though know one is showing up.
  3. Buy flowers every week.
    If I can’t enjoy the spring outside, get it inside.
  4. Family Reunion first weekend of May.
    if this will not happen as it looks like maybe when can at least meet one evening for zoom call with everyone.
  5. Take a walks in the park as often as possible.
    If running errands outside take the long walk through the park to see the world and get some exercise.
  6. Cook three new dishes.
    With all those dinners to cook maybe try out a few new recipes.
  7. Sew a garland for the next big party.
    I will not tell you how long I have that planned or even cut ready to sew together…
  8. Do some SEO optimizing for the blog.
    I recently learnt that I have quite a few things to optimize. Let’s do that.
  9. Clean and pretty up the balcony.
    This will get a lot of use again this year so better get it ready. Some cleaning and then a few more plants. Some survived from last year. *happy dance right now and some shoulder padding*
  10. Read a lot.
    There is a (German) kindle unlimited offer (sign up until April 30th ) and get one month for free. Of course I snatched that up. My reading list still has quiee a few books to cross off.
  11. Have a first Easter only us two and make it good.
    All my life I have celebrated Easter with family. Even the year in the US I spent it with a Christian family (as the Morman family I was staying in did not celebrate). This year will be the first just Mr. β™‘ and I.
  12. Bake a sugar free cake.
    I am still on my lent thing (no sugar/cake/candy and no phone in the bedroom) and I decided to keep the sugar thing going to cross off #74 on my “101 things in 100day list”.

So this is my spring bucket list for the pandemic season. Do you want to write your own. You should. And share here so I can add a few more things. If you need a bit of inspiration check out my previous list (spring bucket list 2019 and spring list 2016).

Happy Sunday


2 thoughts on “SPRING BUCKET LIST 2020

  1. I am not a big fan of VideoCall, but FaceTiming with my parents and sister has been a lifeline.
    I am impressed with your 100 Day Project (I’ve been following on IG!)

    1. Not much of a video call girl myself. This years project is different and I think it looks much different from the outside than it feels like doing it

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