Creative Weekend :: 12 von 12

Good evening you all,

I have spent this weekend in a little bubble. The blogst bubble. When in January boldly deciding and announcing that November would be my blogging months I only half hoped to snatch another ticket for the blogst conference. However I was lucky and so I was able to attend the conference this weekend here in Berlin for the second year in a row.

I share this Sunday with you in photos as it is the 12th of the months and Caro is collecting day recaps.

Last night was long so it all starts with coffee.

creative weekend coffee

On my way through Berlin. Of course I see lines, structures and patterns again. The station of the color fits my outfit. Photo didn’t turn out to good though.

creative weekend ubahn

While getting right into chatting lets have a bit of breakfast. “glück” was one of the sponsors and I can really recommend their jams. And I am usually no big fan of store bought ones. But the black current one… really good.

creative weekend blogst 2017 glück

Than we start the sessions. I found them all even better then yesterday. We started of with “How private is private”. It seems like this topic is an evergreen. And while I often wonder just about that it was more entertaining because of Jette than the content itself – at least for me.

creative weekend blogst 2017 pink

I really enjoyed the next session by Ricarda. In a way the things she said spoke to me. Not only did she say “who cares about having a niche, I have many interests and I want to explore them all” she also left us with some interesting questions to think about.

creative weekend questions

1. What is success for you? 2. What makes you happy? 3. How do this two connect? 4. What hinders you? 5. What is your fear?

After that a quick lunch break before heading for workshops.

creative weekend food rice

We had the choice between Newsletter and SEO and I first stopped by the first one but soon switched to the latter. I guess I do know quite a bit about both already but SEO is always much more complicated.

Obvisiouly I had to take one of the obligatory photos of the blogst letters:

creative weekend blogst letters

And then all the magic was over and I am on my way back home.

creative weekend Berlin

Back home I first needed a cup of tea. While I drank it I discussed SEO with Mr. ❤︎ and dived right into optimizing.

creative weekend tea

Then I remembered the goodie bag.

creative weekend blogst 2017 goodie bag

Now it is time to relax and couching just waiting for food to be delivered.

It was a wonderful weekend. But I am really tired, emotionally drained and my head is spinning with ideas, lists and to-dos. While I didn’t learn as much as on my first conference it is still as inspiring as ever. Treating myself to two days just thinking about blogging and allowing myself time to just dwell in what could be.

It’s me-time. And all worth it.

Happy Sunday,



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