Empty mind going crazy

I am cutting it close today… oh heck who am I kidding. This post will go up after midnight. So whatever NaBloPoMo police there is please be kind and let me still participate.

What happened… I don’t know. There is just nothing on my mind today. Well that is actually not quite true. There is a lot on my mind. But it is all just so fleeting, moving by fast, like clouds in stormy weather. Nothing stays all moves. I can’t grab a thought and keep it for long.

Deadlines, pressure and goals. All self-made. I’ve been sitting behind the screen all day. Only a quick walk to the copy shop and then back to the laptop. My eyes feel tired and I can hardly keep them open while typing. No time to get into the blogging groove and find inspiration. Not even helpful to have a list of post ideas.

So I will live with my unofficial blog motto: “if you don’t have anything to say, keep quite”.

Good night


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