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Another month around the sun and I am happy to join Anne again. Today we are talking about appreciating, getting, making, sharing and wearing. I have come to like this little series. It’s not always easy to answer but it does make me think, wonder and reflect and that is half the fun about it (the other half would be commenting and getting feedback). So let’s see what Currently in November is all about.

Quite a few things.
I am trying to remember how lucky I am. That I am privileged to live in a wealthy country such as Germany. That I have a roof, a job, enough food and a lovely husband. That I have time for things I enjoy doing such as reading, crafting, walking in the park, calling my mom, seeing my friend. I can take a slow day when I am not feeling too good. I have money to buy things. Even things I do not need. I can dream. I am vaccinated and live safely in the midst of a pandemic.

When I sometimes look at the world I fear that life is treating us too kindly. We are living in abundance, we don’t know hunger and yet many of us are still asking for more. Are not satisfied, envy the next person and don’t want to share.

I am not saying I am immune to it. I have my weaknesses. But I do try to remind myself how lucky I am.

Tired very early in the day and then I want to go to bed around 8pm. I sometimes do, but then I wake up around 5am. It is so annoying. That I do have some sleep issues I have mentions before. Now the day-light-saving might have something to do with it. I actually like switching the clocks back and forth but maybe my body can not handle it so smoothly anymore. I guess I am not getting younger. But then it might also just be that I am exhausted. Many days. Not all. Today I am. Yesterday was different. So I guess I suffer energy imbalance. I used to do naps and was getting pretty good. But with all this pandemic stuff and the home office I don’t do it anymore. So I go to bed early telling myself I will just get cozy and read my book. HA I never really get further than a page or two.

This is the season I am making a lot of things. Especially lists. Here is a shortish list:

  • lists for Christmas presents
  • lists for Christmas cards
  • lists of blog post ideas
  • lists of crafting projects I want to do
  • lists of recipes for baking
  • lists of to-do items for all my clients
  • lists of potential words of the year 2022
  • lists of quotes
  • lists of eBay things to sell
  • lists in trello
  • lists in calendars
  • lists in my brain

As you can see I am functioning on lists. Anyone else in the game of list making?

A daily blogpost with the world. As I mentioned previously I have started yet another year of daily blogging in November. My friend San has introduced me to the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) years ago and its become a nice tradition to kick of the holiday season, get back into creativity, enjoy the challenge and meet new people online.

And also I have been getting back to Instagram. I took a unplanned break from July to now. I. guess when you are in the content creation business for work it is just no fun to also post for your private thing. But that is exactly why I don’t follow any goals with my blog or personal social media – only to have fun and do what feels right.

New clothes.
I am not a big shopper. It stresses me out more than I enjoy it. Probably because nothing really fits and I usually don’t feel too comfortable with myself. However I have decided to go on a little shopping spree and have gotten myself some new things. A lot had needed replacement and so I can report that I have gotten 3 new jeans, some new underwear, a new purse, a lovely sweater, a long sleeve shirt and some slippers. I desperately need a new coat for winter but that is a struggle for another day.

And yet, when I put it all away the other day I felt like it was all crammed. There is just so much stuff. Granted a lot of things I might not wear but they are still fine and could be worn. I have a hard time getting rid of things that are perfectly fine and I just don’t like anymore. Probably one reason why every time I put “cleaning out the closet” on my intentions list its not getting crossed off.

Thank you for doing my rambles again. I am looking forward stopping by at your space and read how you are doing.

Happy Thursday


16 thoughts on “Currently in November

  1. I’ve been pretty tired most days as well. I’ve dealt with fatigue for awhile now though, so I think it’s a mix of things. That’s great you got yourself some new clothes!! I don’t really like getting new clothes either, because it’s a struggle to find things that fit and make me feel good but when you do, it’s a wonderful feeling. :)
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…{A Very Harry Potter Christmas}: Grave Boudoir’s Christmas Hats + Coupon CodeMy Profile

    1. I hope you can find some rest soon. Sleep is such a luxury. I am glad I am not alone in my dislike for clothes shopping. And I agree it does feel nice when you finally found something and enjoy it.

  2. I love what you wrote about appreciating what we have. It is so true. I try to remind myself daily, because I am not stranger to the comparison game either (even though I really try not to play it!).

    Expert list-maker over here. I can’t function without them. :)

    I have to reiterate how very excited I am that you’ve become my No.1 NaBloPoMo buddy over there years. Way to stick it out with me!

    1. There are moments when it is tough and the it seems like the world is all against you. but especially then I think it is important to understand how much we actually have. I figured you run on lists too. And I am so glad you infected me with this NaBloPoMo-things. It is such a fun thing to do.

  3. This looks like a fun series! I read a couple of the other posts on this topic- a lot of thoughtful responses.
    I like your “appreciating” category. I guess all of us who have the luxury of blogging in our spare time should appreciate how lucky we are!

    1. Yes having free time is such a luxury. And still we are complaining how much we have to do. I just did it a few minutes ago. So important to always remind ourselves how very lucky we are.

  4. I love how you are appreciating your every day life – there really are so many things to be thankful for. I’m a big list maker too, especially as the Christmas season approaches!

  5. I loathe clothes shopping too. I have a curvy body-type that is just…hard to find clothes for.

    But I’m trying to embrace the journey of it all, and appreciate all that my body does for me. I’m healthy and strong and just because I can’t squeeze in to the pair of jeans I see on the rack doesn’t have to define me! I actually find that clothes I find second-hand at thrift stores tend to fit me better? I’m not sure why? Maybe because there are such a wide variety of brands that I wouldn’t find at a regular store?

    I am also a HUGE list maker. In fact, sitting down with a cup of coffee this morning I made a whole bunch of lists! I have lists on my phone, on my computer, and scattered around on my favourite scratch pads.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Saturday Bonus I Need to Heed My Own Advice – On Adding BuffersMy Profile

    1. I hear you on your shopping and body experience. It’s very frustrating and then it may effect the self confidence. I am trying to feel better about myself but it is a tough journey. I used to be very athletic but somehow in the last decade I took a “wrong” turn somehow.
      Maybe I start a list of all the great things my body does for me.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. It was a very heartfelt paragraph I wrote there. It just came out and then I dedicate to not edit it. Those are the best pieces and nugget of wisdom to me. I already know I will keep coming back to read and remind myself.

  6. I also like making lists! Especially this time of year when things can be extremely busy.
    Well done on doing National Blog Posting Month – next November I’d like to try it too!

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