February Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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Just typing the title feels wrong when you look at the last few days and what is happening in Ukraine. How can I celebrate? How can we be happy? How can we carry on? Not sure but we will somehow. And maybe to keep living is especially important and that we keep on celebrating and enjoying life. Here is my attempt of February celebrations and the monthly recap.

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in FEBRUARY

February started out with a bang and lots of check boxes celebrations. I couldn’t be happier.

  • We celebrated our 8. Anniversary with a trip to the Baltic Sea. And while we drove up there we decided to extend the stay for two more nights because why not?!
  • We celebrated signing the rental contract to our new apartment at our dream location by the waterfront. 
  • I sent messages and made phone calls but missed the chance to sent confetti filled letters.
  • Celebrated the start of the 100 day project in 2022. After two days of trying to come up with an easier version I happened to drift into. the idea I had from the beginning. You can follow through my Instagram or this #100daysofcraftaliciouscircles.
  • I can report that I am in the midst of throwing this out and reducing clutter. But.it.is.overwhelmingly.many.things.to.go.through. I quit the planned challenge because I won’t be able to do anything daily but I do a lot. And lots of things are online for sale and gifting eBay Kleinanzeigen.
  • I wasn’t particularly focused on the task of celebrating Mother Earth. However instead of throwing things aways we sell, find use for reusing and recycling as advised. Hope that does count a little towards the goal.
  • I send out my save the dates for my milestone birthday celebration. So excited.
  • I celebrated my online friends my leaving 27 comments on their blogs.
  • I celebrated the privilege to go to the clinic and have excellent medical advise.
  • I celebrate peaceful moment in a world of turmoil.
  • I was able to celebrate 20 migraine free days.
  • I celebrated my best. friends 40th birthday with a pizza party and a few drinks.
  • I celebrate Mr. ♡ for being so kind and picking me up in the middle of the night because I didn’t want to call a taxi.
  • I celebrate all Ukrainians being hopeful and fighting for their right of living in a democratic system.
  • I celebrate all the people in Russia brave enough to stand up to the Putin regime.
  • I celebrate everyone empathic and helpful towards the Ukrainians.
  • I celebrate everyone who has still enough energy and thought to keep other places with heartache and disaster in their mind.

My goals and intentions for MARCH

I am a bit overwhelmed with what March will all bring and put on my table. And that is not the world in turmoil that is on top and can’t be planned. So I am fearing for what is ahead to be honest but I try to find good motivation on what is ahead.

  • I will celebrate packing up the entire household and hopefully leave a lot more behind.
  • I will celebrate another milestone birthday from afar.
  • I will celebrate having a job even though it is very demanding as of right now.
  • I will celebrate nights when I can finally lie down and relaxe my sore muscles.
  • I will celebrate life by taking a morning walk once a week.
  • I will celebrate moments – breath, discover little things, smile.
  • I will my neighborhood for the last four weeks and try to discover three more new things.

This year I want to celebrate the amazing people on the internet by sharing a few links every month with you.
This month’s links are solely focusing on helping people in need

I hope you are having a wonderful start into the next month and with all the heaviness that is enveloping us you still find little pieces for celebration and joy.

Happy March


One thought on “February Celebrations – Monthly Recap

  1. I’m so glad to hear about your anniversary trip and the new apartment. Moving is a big stressor, but I hope you are thrilled with the final destination.
    The news is so bleak in the world right now; I struggle with the guilt of worrying about my own insignificant problems in light of what others are experiencing. But, aside from donating/praying about the situation, I think the best thing most of us can do (that are removed geographically and politically from Ukraine) is to spread love. Love is what the world needs and the spreading of love starts with each of us as individuals. It sounds cliche and maybe too “easy,” but it’s so, so true.
    Elisabeth recently posted…February 2022: Favourite ThingsMy Profile

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