Friday the 13th – hello superstitions

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When sitting down for my daily writing I realized todays date is actually Friday the 13th. It’s the “scary day” that haunts us every once in a while. We get special deals in the stores and we laugh about it. It’s Friday the 13th – hello superstitions! But when honestly thinking about it I do not think I am superstitious…

Friday the 13th

First of I had to inform myself a bit about this day in general. There can be one to three Fridays a year that fall on the 13th – making it 20 within a decade. That is if you go by a Gregorian calendar. There is some crazy math behind – if you like that kinda stuff you may wanna read up. I don’t… Why Fridays on a 13 have such bad reputation though is not so clear.

And I just learnt, that the number 13 is actually a lucky number in the jewish tradition as well as in Japan.

Hello Superstitions

Ok so in order to know if your are superstitious you gotta know what that actually it is. As just stated above it does differ from region and country. I guess you came across a few things that are supposedly bring bad luck. Here is a list I came up with – things I actually heard one way or another:

  • when a black cat crosses your path from left to right
  • a broken mirror
  • walking underneath a ladder
  • spilling salt
  • hearing a tawny owl
  • opening an umbrella indoors

Now there are plenty more things out there and if you are superstitious this won’t scratch the surface.

However I really don’t truly believe any of those things. Sometimes you just joke a round and say something “oh now I have bad luck” but it’s never serious.

Superstitions in sport

But I have to admit that back in my athlete days there was some sort of superstition involved. And I know I am not the only one who competed and had them. From amateurs to professionals you can hear it.

I had a few actually.

  1. I always wore a tiny tortoise bead at the lace of my shoes when I was playing a volleyball game or running track & field. Funny enough I carry that turtle in my wallet now. And it is with me for over 20 years. It was a gift by my best childhood friend – a way of saying she is with me when she physically can’t be.
  2. I always wore knee-length socks when playing sports. Specially during my volleyball days. It was born out of practicality but I kept doing it even when it was too hot or unnecessary. Funny though.
  3. My team always toasted with a special sparkling wine from the region my coach was from when we celebrated birthdays or season wins. Well maybe that wasn’t too much a superstition more a tradition maybe.

Now thinking a bit on it, it’s really interesting how we come up with those random things and believe we need to them in a certain order otherwise the outcome is not to our liking.

Do you have any those superstitions or quirks? Loved to hear them!

Happy Friday


2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th – hello superstitions

  1. Oh, that’s so funny… I usually don’t call myself a superstitious person, but then again, I also have some superstitious rituals around sports and travel… when I used to play tennis in a team, my doubles partner and I always had certain drinks/snacks that we brought to the game. I also wear my “road id’ bracelet when I am out running (it’s more of a safety thing – it has husband’s phone number, etc.) but I also believe that I’ll be safe because I am wearing it.
    I also always travel with a little ‘guardian angel’ that I got from a friend years ago.

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