Tired, hungry and productive

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I was planning on writing a wonderful post today with 12v12 photos of the day. I started taking about six and then the day was over. So its only half done and I am a bit in a tight spot. I can’t write my days in pictures now. And to be honest they weren’t that great either…

So let us just chat a bit. I had a rather busy day today and just worked for almost 10 hours. I haven’t stepped outside once – not even the balcony. I am tired and hungry but I had a really productive day. I actually could keep working for a bit longer… I love those days. It makes me feel happy.

Today I was shooting content for one of my clients. It’s a stationary and gift shop and I was doing all the Christmas things for the next weeks. I am not yet done but it is always a lot of fun but also involves planning and gathering all the little probs and tidbits to make the picture. And the most time consuming for me is always clearing space to actually be able to shoot. My office is such a mess. Today I got to open all the windows on the Advent Calendar. I do not think I have done that since I was 10 or so. HAHA.

I also had a chocolate-pudding-FaceTime-break with my sister. We talked a bit about our volunteering for the “Christmas in a shoebox” charity. We do that every year and we are going next week Friday. I am a bit anxious because of Corona and all. They do have a very good hygiene concept and I have had no exposure to anyone so I am not infected for sure. My sister just tested for anti bodies so she is save for now. I hope I don’t catch anything there but I believe in times like these we should take care of people who do not have it as good as I do. So I am going know it will probably be the riskiest situation I put myself in since Corona broke out. Well maybe not quite as I traveled by train but the was only for 2hours. My shift there will be 4 hours.

Ok, I’ll make this short today. Its 9pm here in Germany and I really need some food. And then I will hopefully finish my current book “My Lovely Wife in the Psyche Ward“.

How was your day? Anything beautiful happen?

Good night


2 thoughts on “Tired, hungry and productive

  1. This is so great that you’re participating in the “Christmas in a shoebox” charity. What a great thing to do during the holiday season.

    1. It is something I really look forward to every year and it’s my pre-Christmas thing I do with my sister. Unfortunately we had to postpone to early December.

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