Fun and Random Christmas Q&A

Are you in the Holiday Spirit yet? While I was all hyped end of September when I started this article I have a hard time getting into the right mood now. So music is playing, candles are burning and I finally finish up this post. By the end I hope I will be ready.

I came across this little game last year on Emily’s blog (or was it somewhere else?) and already knew I had to go ahead and share some version of it with you.

Real or Fake Tree? Always and forever a real Christmas tree. I take it even further and say only real candles too. Who is with me?

craftaliciousme seeking creative life Christmas survey
Favorite Christmas cookie? 
Oh this one is a tough one. But I believe the one recipe I have been doing the last years is the one I posted here: Spicy Chai Cookies . Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to making some this year. Maybe I find time to do so today.

Home or Travel for Christmas?
 Home-Travel. I have only spend 2 Christmas away from family: 1999 when I was in the USA and 2006 when I spend Christmas Eve with my new Boyfriend (now husband). After that we always spend it with my parents t my grandpas estate. So it’s kinda travel home.
But I feel like we should start our own little thing.

White or Multi-color lights? 
Never ever coloured. But electrical lights are rare in this household. As I said I am a real candle kinda girl.

Christmas cards? 
Yes. I always take time to make and write cards. Usually about 20-30 cards depending a bit. I love sitting down and doing this. It gives me time to reflect but I also see it as a tiny Christmas gift to people I otherwise wouldn’t stay in touch with.

Favorite gift received and/or given? Oh man, this is hard. I really don’t know. I guess all photo-related stuff is good. For over 10 yers I am making a calendar to give to my parents. And one of my favorite presents was a lens i got by Mr. 🖤.

Stockings or No stockings? 
No stockings. However we do have some stocking decorations we sometimes put up.

Christmas pajamas?
Is that a thing? Thinking about it I now want one.

Favorite Christmas song?
“Joy to the World” and “Hark the Herald Angel Sing” This will be on repeat throughout the season and I might sing a long very loudly when no one is a round. One song I can not stand is “Silent Night” – no matter if German or English.

Favorite holiday tradition?
Check out last years post where I wrote all about it. On top of that I also like the entire Christmas Eve tradition at my parents house.

Early shopper or last minute?
No shopper – if I have a say in it. To be honest Mr. ♥ is the better shopper so I hope he does it. And he does it online and slightly in advance. I pick stuff up in between if I am totally certain someone love this. But usually I am not certain. I don’t like giving gifts.

Favorite Christmas movie? 
Oh this is tough. Mhm probably “Love Actually” but I am always on the look out for new ones so please spill.

Favorite holiday beverage?
Hot Elderberry Juice.

Now join the fun and let me know your answers.
Happy holidays, Tobia

3 thoughts on “Fun and Random Christmas Q&A

  1. Hello Tobia,

    verry merry Christmas to you and your family. I just read your post. And, uh, yes, a real tree is even better than a fake one. Even if I only use the fake one. Because in our family it is the tradition to put the tree in the apartment and decorate it on 24th of December. Since I mostly went to my parents on the 23rd of Decemeber, I’ve decided to use a fake one, which I put into my apartment a bit earlier. But don’t want to spend money on something I don’t really have or see. I can’t remember, that we used real candles. We always have white electric candels. At least, I guess it is better, I just remember one year, when I set the living room twice. First, one of our candle houses burned the cotton. While I tried to fight it, I burned myself. Then few days later, I decided to burn the advent wrest instead of the candel. ^^ I am with you. Silent night is not the prettiest christmas song. Even if I heard few days ago, that 90 % of the Germans named this one as their favorite. I can’t understand. But, I have to be honest, my favorite one is actually “Last Christmas” from Wham.

    Enjoy the last day of Christmas.


  2. Christmas pajamas definitely is a thing in the US because of Christmas morning… but we don’t have any LOL

    Do you actually have a real tree with real candles? I remember my parents used to do that but it’s been a long time, because you have to be so careful with real candles. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    1. Yes I do as do my parents. Nothing ever happened. Of course I have a look and you don’t have the tree lit all the time as you probably would with electrical ones. I like it more. Hope your Christmas was good too

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